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  1. Let's pretend Equestria Girls was never made. What do you think the Brony fandom would've been like without it? Do you think there would've been more anthro and human content, or there being even more Pony art than their already is?
  2. You're confusing Flash Player with Animate CC. Yes Flash Player (nothing to do with animation) will shut down in 2020, but Animate, Adobe's animation software, will still be supported for many more years. Animate is basically the animation portion of Flash.
  3. 2014, just a month or two after Season 4 ended.
  4. Hate to break it to you, but those concept images were for the 2017 movie sequel project that later got cancelled in favor of the G5 premiere film.
  5. I wouldn't mind an episode about Shining and Cadence alone.
  6. The show died as soon as McCarthy, Larson, and Rodgers (later Lewis/Songco) left the show.
  7. The thing I like about the technology of Equestria is how it ranges from medieval to modern, from castles and spears to skyscrapers and x-rays. It's because of that why the show and fandom have been able to make all kinds of stories that feel as if they take place in the real world. What do you all think of how varied Equestria technology is? Do you think it's over the top or is it just fine?
  8. But hey, this is what happens when you have talented writers who are not committed and let you be stuck with writers who have no passion for the show's world and characters.
  9. This should've gone through, but it's pretty much too late now because the fandom has been at such a late stage and the show is only one season away from ending.
  10. I dunno about being just medieval, I'd certainly like it to be schizo-tech and way more diverse than G4.
  11. G5 is expected to have a universe where pony species each have their own world, all them besides a hub world. I'm honestly not sure what to think of it, I liked how G4 had a single shared world that was highly diverse. Hopefully the G5 world won't be so shallow and will inspire many ideas for the fandom. That being said, if you think G5's world isn't all that interesting to you, would you have any intention of creating your own world with (but not limited to) ponies? If so, what would it be like? If I could create one, it would be similar to the Pathfinder RPG universe with not only a highly diverse earthlike world, but also a vast cosmology, both through space and extra-dimensions. Other tabletop RPGs like Roan and Galloping Stars actually have their own Pony worlds.
  12. It's not that I hate it, it's just that I don't think it belongs in MLP. It's called My Little Pony for a reason. If it was its own original IP then I'd look at it differently.
  13. Even though G5 is more than likely going to be animated the way the G4 movie was, I'd love to see it animated with Toon Boom's frame by frame drawing tools.
  14. That's a reasonable concern. It would indeed be inconvenient for them to their first episode to watch that includes a big reveal that was built up to in prior episodes.
  15. Good point, but the entire show doesn't have to be the plot. Each individual season can have its own plot, just like the Harry Potter books.
  16. Since G4 has been an episodic TV series with some serialized elements, do you think G5 should instead be a fully serialized series? I mean being more like shows such as Avatar: The Last Airbender and Steven Universe.
  17. Correction, the experienced writers left to work on other projects, they didn't get fired.
  18. Mr. Enter made a good video about High Guardian Spice, and I actually agree with him here. I just hope McCarthy and the people involved with G5 are aware of this.
  19. I'm just hoping the show will have good writers who won't treat it just like another cartoon. I want G5 to be special.
  20. To be perfectly honest, the only reason the current show is different from seasons 4 and 5 is because it has a completely different (and less experienced) writing staff. So yeah, I'd call this thread "Early Seasons vs Mid Seasons vs Late Seasons".
  21. Hopefully Season 9 will make up for it. To me, season 5 was the show's peak. This is what happens when you lose quality writers and replace them with incompetent ones.
  22. Also don't forget that we actually had a movie that was actually remotely decent and inspired even more headcanons. Again, Jem and the Holograms fans didn't have the same luck.
  23. The fact that this show went on for 8 (and soon to be 9) seasons is extremely impressive, and isn't one of those shows that have been abruptly cancelled. For shows like Teen Titans 2003 and Thundercats 2011, the fans aren't so lucky. What's worse, they were replaced by shows that weren't even meant to appeal to them, and there is a very good chance that MLP will go that same route. FiM has certainly left one hell of a legacy and I'm sure it won't go away anytime soon. If there's one show that was so fortunate to not be cancelled prematurely, it's this one.
  24. Yeah I certainly agree. I think the best way it could be handled is to be funded on Patreon.
  25. The leaks have said that G5 will indeed have a new cast. I can PM it to you if you want.