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  1. Where are you man? Miss ya :c

  2. Old Fluttershy

    Ask Discord

    a finally somepony with a great request, *snaps fingers as Dinky Doo becomes nice and clingy to Pip* there you go squirt, enjoy hands? Hmmm, *snaps fingers as Lyra gains fingers* oh and yes *snaps fingers again as CD's become dancing midgits covered in grape jelly* ah there we go.
  3. Old Fluttershy

    Ask Twilight Sparkle

    Oh, me and Spike still share a room, he may act big and tough but he is still a baby. I need to keep my eye on him. Oh, I've heard of him alright, those humans were looking him up on something called youtube. Of course!
  4. Old Fluttershy

    Ask Fluttershy

    oh, um...not very oh, hi Ninyn...um how have you been? um...I never seen a cheetah before, I don't think we have them in Equestria oh, um...o-okay. We can be friends *blushes* I, don't like to talk about it... *sniffs* I don't care if that was Nightmare Moon, killing innocent creatures is wrong. truth *blushes and hoofs the ground* I...um...thanks *looks down* um...animals don't really like clothes, so no. pizza? I'm doing well, um...yourself?
  5. Old Fluttershy

    Ask me Pinkie Pie

    hmmm, well you really just move them around the farm, I never did understand it. My parents always told me it had to do with something called erosion. Hahahahahahah, it seems like such a funny word now, errrrrrooooosion. huh! You'd really make me choose?! Aw, I don't know which one would be better. Oh, but I'd totally go for the chocolate milk rain! Season 5? I thought there were only 4 seasons? 1. *looks around and whispers* I got it for a top secret mission, I never did understand why it looked like Fluttershy 2. ............................................*snicker* ahahahahahaha
  6. Happy birthday, Old Fluttershy!

  7. Old Fluttershy

    Ask me Pinkie Pie

    Ooh, nope! Hmmm, sometimes I do but then I just make some best friend necklaces and I feel better. Make ponies smile silly. I did sing a whole song about it after all. I go out and make new friends!...although it's REALLY hard to make new friends when you already know everypony
  8. Old Fluttershy

    Ask Discord

    1. I don't know? I just hate drinking the actual milk 2. Umm, *thinks for a second* yes I did! 3. *folds arms* well then she can ask me herself 4. can't say I have, no 5. well Pinkie *snaps fingers and it rains chocolate milk and whipped cream* there you go! *bows* thank you good pony, I do have a certain charm about me, don't I? *top hat and monacle appear on Discord* just look at me, I'm reformed already
  9. Old Fluttershy

    Ask me Pinkie Pie

    oh my GOSH! That thing is sooo weird do you see how I cut Rainbow's wings off. Man that must hurt though I wouldn't know since I don't have wings. Besides, that doesn't seem very nice anyway why would anypony want to cut off another pony's wings? Ooh, yay hugs! *hugs* Hmm, I don't know *looks through notebook* nope I've never thrown a party for Zecora..............HUH!!!!!!!! *dashes off* WAFFLES! They are sooo good though syrup, yuk! I prefer hot sauce. Ooh, ooh I'm really good at this game um, I'll be Rainbow Dash I want to be a wonderbolt one day, I'm the best flier in Equestria,
  10. Old Fluttershy

    Ask Twilight Sparkle

    yes, I love waffles Well, I have tried to find out how to do that spell but so little is known about the changelings. I haven't been able to find anything on the subject. Me and my friends are doing very well Brainstorm Not interested in school! *sigh* I never did get ponies that don't like school. Though, I would suggest to find someway to make it fun. Maybe turn it into a game? yes, I am actually getting very good with my wings though I'm not as fast a flier as most pegasi are. I have raced Rainbow before and yes, as shocking as it is I did beat her. I guess it's cool. I'm no
  11. Old Fluttershy

    Ask Fluttershy

    Of course! Everypony deserves a second chance. Oh not really, he's much to busy helping Twilight with her new duties. Spreading friendship around Equestria isn't easy. Noooooooo! *runs over and throws him off the caterpillar* Wh-Why? *starts to cry*
  12. Old Fluttershy

    Ask Discord

    Try standing still for more than a decade. It's not a fun experience. Wait, chaos that I didn't cause! I'm losing my touch, hmm, guess that's Fluttershy's influence. Eat gemstones? Heh, I prefer seeds or chocolate milk but I can eat anything I wanted to. Well, just add in a touch of rainbow and maybe some everfree root and you have a very good chaotic potion in the making. *reaches into chest and pulls out a heart and throws it away* I don't know what your talking about. *crosses arms* hahahahahaha, oh I can turn that thing into a frog from five lunar cycles away.
  13. Old Fluttershy

    Ask me Pinkie Pie

    Oh pulling pranks is fun, however you have to be careful who you prank. Fluttershy is just too sensitive. Ooh, baking and making them smile too. Glad you enjoyed it! Twilight's new castle is amazing! Do you see how it sparkles? Oh wait how can you, hahaha, your just a voice on a screen.
  14. Old Fluttershy

    Ask Fluttershy

    Oh Spike, the little baby dragon. He's just so nice and helpful...I-I can't think of one bad thing about him. Oh...that, doesn't mean we can't be friends. Oh, woodchuck's? Well, it...depends on the woodchuck, the most I've seen one chuck is 1,000 holes before dropping from exhaustion, the poor dear I had to take care of him for a week. Um...I-I think chuck means to...um...break...or something.
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