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  1. I'm not the creator of this contest, but it should be pony related or songs from the show. Yes, yes you can.
  2. mares to turn into colts
  3. WHAT? IT'LL CANCEL? Noooo, I'll hand mine soon, I promise!
  4. Pinkie. (Solid) Wings.
  5. Twilight: BUT SHE'S THE MAIN CHARACTER! WHYYYY? (And my fave pony.) Rainbow Dash: Well, she has been getting hurt a lot. Pinkie Pie: NO MORE HAPPINESS. DUN DUN DUN. Fluttershy: Well. RIP. With animals. Rarity: ...Meh. I wonder how Sweetie Belle would react. Applejack: NOOOOOO, SHE'S NEEDED IN THE APPLE FAMILY. What I would worry about the most is how the other characters will think of the death. They're not going to be happy best friends anymore since they're still reminded of the gone member. That and the Elements of Harmony. What happens then?
  6. Wait, how many characters so far cried? First Pinkie, then Rainbow, then Spike, then Fluttershy, right?
  7. Some predictions are wrong. Would a show that still wants to look good in front of kids have Luna X Somepony? Fake horn, maybe, but Luna disguised as Cadence is unlikely. Then again, since MLP does have its twists, who knows. I bet Luna's the one behind it, mad because she wasn't invited.
  8. 24. Also, the males cheated!
  9. Question: How long should it be and can we have more than one song included (especially if the songs are short)?
  10. But ponies are 70% liquid? Anyways, since the meaning of life is not visible, like most gases, so I'll just say gas. (Unless you're talking about 42... Then solid?) The Internet.
  11. Ooh~ Correct! All we need now is the OP of the picture to confirm it.