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  1. Omega Centauri

    Southern USA

    I'm willing to bet that most of the people bashing the South in this thread would get up in arms if you highlighted the overwhelming amounts of religious fanaticism, misogyny, racism and general backwardness that is exhibited by people in Middle-Eastern/Islamic countries
  2. Omega Centauri


    20 Degrees and around 15 inches of snow here in Kentucky. Back's still sore from shoveling the sidewalk and driveway. It's not normal for us to have this much snow, though the same thing happened about this time last year.
  3. At face value? they're a good looking style of hat. But since I can't help but associate them with pretentious, pseudo-intellectual douchebags? I hate them.
  4. Omega Centauri

    Grey or Gray

    iirc "gray" is how it's most commonly spelled in the US, and "grey" is how it's most commonly spelled in Europe. I personally prefer "grey".
  5. I like both, but hamburgers make me sick a lot, especially the shitty fast food ones. I've not been eating as many burgers for this reason. Pizza has only made me sick on a few occasions. In general, pizza has more variety, is easier to store and eat leftover, and is much less strenuous on my digestive system.
  6. It's not just the MLP fandom that's tired of it, it's just about everyone I know. I think we can all agree that it was among the most iconic cartoons of the early 2000's, and I absolutely loved it as a child. Even as a kid, though, I started noticing a major decline in quality a short while after they made the movie. I later found out that the movie was supposed to be the end of the series, and that the original director, Stephen Hillenburg, had left, but that was released when the show was near the peak of its popularity, so, naturally, they kept it going. Overall, they've run out of
  7. Omega Centauri

    Technology Build or bought computer

    Building a computer definitely gives you more bang for your buck, especially if you want a gaming PC, but there is a moderate learning curve if you're new to it. Among the main reasons you save so much for building your own PC is that most pre-built PCs are very under-equipped with their graphics card. So to get one with a graphics card fit for gaming, you'd have to spend more on all the other parts than you need to. And while there are pre-built PCs intended for gaming, they're still way over-priced. If you know how to build a PC, or know a friend who wouldn't charge you an arm and a leg
  8. Here's to hoping that DOOM 2016 is way faster than the E3 presentation made it look. If not, well, DOOM 1 and 2 still have loads of user-created levels and mods that I haven't played yet.
  9. Pinkie pie is my favorite of both the pies and the main 6, so since that was a bit of a given, I gave my vote to Marble Pie instead.
  10. I thought the episode itself was pretty average, but good God, this pony is adorable.
  11. Currently in college, with a part-time job making dental appliances. I'm an aspiring musician, but if that doesn't work out, or I just don't make enough from it to live on, I should have a Computer Science degree to fall back on.
  12. Off the top of my head, the only two words I can think of that disgust me on their own are "smegma", and "polyp".
  13. I miss going to LAN parties and playing massive Halo CE matches with my friends. LAN parties are seemingly an ancient practice by now.
  14. So, "broad taste" is synonymous with "good taste"?
  15. Like I said, I can see where you're coming from, but I believe, no matter how many variables and statistics you consider, someone's musical taste cannot objectively be considered better than someone else's. Unless if the other person likes modern country music :^)
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