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  1. Happy birthday! ^~^ Hope you have a great time~ ^.^

  2. hey every one srry im not on i got a issue to where i cant use my ps vita for mlpforums

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    2. djtoMm


      good crap good crap do u hav ps3


    3. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      i hav but i havent played for while =)=)=)

    4. djtoMm
  3. a high five and a cookie hahaha
  4. yep i got insomnia

  5. i am sooooo awake i think i got insomnia o.O srysly

  6. I want you to make a creepypasta in this thread. I want you to come up with one and not from the internet. I was thinking of taking a good creepypasta story from this thread and spreading its origins of it to everypony at my school so it might go viral.
  7. i luv these ideas i do !!!! keep it up i want ideas to tell me should i be a good empire or a bad one
  8. i would have a empire of robots that can have the minds of humans i would only keep a hand full of humans to repolulate in giant ships in outer space. i would be able to conquer race by race and keep a hand full of them as my prisoners to repolulate so i may be supiriour to all who may try to kill me. the war i would be in would have to be brutal and bloody. i would execute every prisoner that is old and try to be the underdog of space so the saints empire may conquer all of the space time continum.
  9. you have your own galactic empire what would your empire be
  10. so, say the galaxy has a million age galactic war against worlds what would your super big empire be (please be very specific on details) weapons, interior, and um shape if you please
  11. very good ideas i have an idea as well. a missing psvita app. a app that can sync with said psvita and make it ring loudly
  12. see i think since there are not that many people out there to support your idea i thought it would be smart to put it on mlp forums. What app would you make? you dont have to go pitch an actual app because of this but if u do ill totaly shout you out. it can be like anything. i dont care if you put a funny in the forum i have a sense of humor.
  13. go to hit the like button and be a saint :)