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  1. SEGASister

    Bride of Discord

    Yeah She's doing an audio series based off of it, and there's now a French translation too.
  2. BronyCon is in two weeks...and I can't go :(

    1. Cosmonaut


      I feel ya, I feel ya :(

  3. 1) Smile Song And you skipped 7 and 9...what happened?
  4. SEGASister

    Bride of Discord

    Go to FiMFiction.net and search for "Bride of Discord"
  5. SEGASister

    Bride of Discord

    I guess ;-) Check it out! You might like it (if imagining yourself in Fluttershy's place helps)
  6. SEGASister

    Bride of Discord

    Are you Fluttershy, then?
  7. Favorite movies? Least favorite movies? Why?
  8. A fanfic by DisneyFanatic2364. Basically a what-if scenario if Discord escaped being turned to stone a second time. After making his grand return, he kidnaps the princesses and demands a bride in return. Thoughts, anypony?
  9. SEGASister

    Ask the Critical Six

    To each of you: what is your favorite movie genre?
  10. I think the song you chose as #8 is called "I Have to Find a Way"
  11. Here's my list: What does yours look like? 1) This Day (Main Singers: Authentic Cadence, Deceptive Cadence; Episode "A Canterlot Wedding: Part II") 2) Glass of Water (Main Singer: Discord; Episode: "Three's a Crowd") 3) Art of the Dress (Main Singer: Rarity; Episode: "Suited for Success") 4) You'll Play Your Part (Main Singers: Twilight Sparkle, Celestia, Luna, Cadence; Episode: "Twilight's Kingdom: Part I") 5) Stop the Bats (Main Singers: Applejack, Fluttershy; Episode: "Bats!") 6) Super-Duper Party Pony (Main Singer: Cheese Sandwich; Episode: "Pinkie Pride") 7) Apples to the Core (Mai
  12. Season One: "Bridle Gossip": only episode this season where Applebloom isn't obsessed with her ass Season Two: "Dragon Quest": I like the world building Season Three: "Magic Duel" fantastic opening Season Four: "Somepony to Watch Over Me" GREAT premise
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