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  1. Before: Things like Muse,Linkin Park, Daft Punk, Prodigy and Pendulum and Eminem. So rock, drum 'n' bass and some rap. After: Lot more electronic, house, club style, and I listen to a lot more remixes. Don't listen to Linkin Park, Prodigy and Pendulum, but still listen to Muse and Daft Punk, and every now and then Eminem.
  2. Metal Gear Solid:The Phantom Pain Batman: Arkham Knight Final Fantasy XV and Quantum Break look quite interesting, may have to check them out. Should probably invest in a next gen-console first though. Oh and Fallout 4 (I can dream dammit!)
  3. What do some customers do that really grind your gears? I particularly hate slow customers, as in slow packers. I work on checkouts and I usually finish scanning their shopping and wait for what feels like a while for them to pack. I understand that if they're old, they're probably not going to be as quick, but I've seen younger people who are slow and older people who are quick at packing. Another thing is when something is waiting in line at the till between two customers with huge shops with just one item. It's like that's what the self checkouts are for. Finally, where I work, we have vouchers and sometimes they come in books for the customers to rip out at home and show the relevant voucher for me to scan. Sometimes though, someone will come with the whole damn book and be like 'see if any of them work'. So I have to check through the book, seeing which one's will work and ripping out the ones that do, while there are customers waiting in line to be served. There should be rules put in place for customers to abide by, honestly. Right, rant over. Vent below, o fellow workers of mine!
  4. Zecora or Pinkie. Zecora because we've not seen any of the Zebra lands and it's strange how none of the creatures in the Everfree forest stumble onto her or attack her. And Pinkie, well it's Pinkie. 4th wall breaking, accurate predictions of future events. You know, Pinkie stuff.
  5. Sonic 1 and 2 for Sega Saturn. Pokemon Gold on Gameboy Advance, and Pokemon yellow on gameboy colour. That was seriously early childhood. Like 4 or 5 years old. God I miss those games.
  6. I think the most aggressive time was when I was getting fed up of people putting things in my hood on my coat. It was my friends because they can be prats sometimes. Anyway I shouted at them in the middle of the quad and accused them of discriminating against me because I had a hood. I didn't realise until after I could take it off. I get angry a lot. It's my way of expression.
  7. I'm lucky if I can hit 1am. It's weird, I used to be able to stay up till 3 or 4. Damn you work and college for making me tired!
  8. Happy Hearth's Warming Day everypony!

    1. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      Same to you too my friend=) *hug*

  9. Ah Jetix... my number one channel for Martin Mystery, Black Hole High, Goosebumps. Good times, good times.
  10. I threw up on a packed bus. That was pretty embarassing
  11. Diamonds-'Beautiful inside and out. Charming and refined. Brings out the best in others.' Now I know that isn't true!
  12. Gotta be Luna. She's had such a compelling backstory, and the episodes she is in I always find interesting, whether it's Luna Eclipsed or Sleepless In Ponyville. I always look forward to an episode with Luna.
  13. Fellow Ashens fan here. Love his vids, especially the poundland food specials. They've had me in hysterics so many times!
  14. I picked both but if i had to choose, it'd be Vinyl. I prefer electronic music to classical, hence why I prefer Vinyl. But when they work together and mix their music that's a different story.
  15. Does anyone know any genuine montages that do this? I really need to see one. But these parodies I do find quite amusing.