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About Me

So yeah, I've been into ponies for a while. I'm not really sure what to write on my profile page. I'm in the 2nd year of college and you can read more about that below in the About Me.

I typically lurk on here nowadays but you can always find me on Steam since I rarely log off.

If you wanna talk to me -- I'm open to talking about most things except really really outlandish stuff (do I need to give examples?) try to keep it semi-normal. Also I like snide/sarcastic humour about political things.


On most social issues I stand at a very vague pro-progress stance until I see the options presented, in which case I can side with one or many. Don't expect me to to always agree on every topic with you, even if I have in the past.


About Me:

Name: --

Age: 20

Eye Colour: Brownish-Grey

Country of Origin: Russia

Academics and Business: Major in Economics, minor in teaching Russian, current tutor for Russian levels A1-B1 (by the CEFR standards)

Languages: English, Russian, Spanish, German

Interests: You'll find out

Relationship: Taken

Gaming Platform: PC

Preferred Genre(s): FPS, MMOs, Exploration/Adventure, Sandbox free-roam


I am developing a few languages for my story. The first of which so far I have surpassed the 100k word count! (In theory, in actual documentation, I am quite behind)


Sexuality (thanks Jest!):eaf5221e38.png

What is/are your OC(s)?

I have 2 "ocs" at the moment. One was a legal transfer of rights and the other was one I actually made. I don't really use them anymore and I'm not good enough at RP anyways.


This is my own, and what I consider my true-est true OC.