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    Ponies. Nothing else.
    Jk, I do some traditional art, drawings and paintings. I also write some fanfics and do photography.

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  1. Well it was fifth grade, and we both had no friends. So she just came up to me asking me to hang out. Of corse, we both expected it to not work out, but here we are, 3 years later, still best friends! Nothin too special, really.
  2. PegaDash1

    Link to the new episode?

    I don't have Discovery Family, and i missed all the livestreams. I NEED A LINKKKKKK
  3. PegaDash1

    Craft Flower Crowns

    @@Venomous, Thank you! But no, These types of flowers don't grow where I live, and they'd dry out, as I plan on wearing them to school ^^
  4. PegaDash1

    Craft Flower Crowns

    Well, this is the result of a bored Breanna, too much Tumblr, and my love for pastel colours.
  5. PegaDash1

    Things you dislike about your country.

    The stereotypes. No, Canadians (by default) don't say 'eh!' after every word, and don't play hockey (by default). Some people in the States were also making fun of my Canadian accent when I took a visit, asking me if I rode polar bears around -_-
  6. PegaDash1

    Favorite Species of Pony and Why?

    I like earth ponies. They're hard working, and full of energy.
  7. Princess Celestia. I don't like her more then Luna, but equally as much.
  8. PegaDash1

    Among the Mane 6, Who Are the Best Friends?

    Rarity and Fluttershy. Not sure about the other main 6, however.
  9. My iPad, because I always use it right before I go it bed. One day it fell out of my bed and onto the floor and cracked, but I still do it ^^
  10. PegaDash1

    General Why did you choose your username?

    I loved Rainbow Dash at the time, and I'm a Pegasister, so I thought, why not make it PegaDash1?
  11. PegaDash1

    Mega Thread Your favourite pony and why?

    My favourite main ponies are a complete tie between Rarity and Fluttershy, but I chose Rarity because Ive liked her longer. I like Rarity because I can relate to being the stylish pony out of her friends. I like Fluttershy because she's cute ^^ My favourite side characters are Luna, I can actually relate to her out of every character in the show, Celestia because I have respect for her. She had to go on for years with nobody with her, and she probably had to face some evil alone, too. Lauren Faust said Tia's character is a lot more deep then it appears to be in the show, which I believe. By favourite background characters are Flitter and Octavia. Not even sure why I like Flitter so much, I just do, and I like Octavia because I like music.
  12. PegaDash1

    Things you love that everyone seems to hate

    The people on YouTube I watch. For example I watch Jenna Marbles, and everpony at my school thinks she's just some no life drunk.
  13. PegaDash1

    Favorite Word

    I have a few favourite words. Windmills: Because I watched a Michael Rosen video and he said it funny Whisk: Because of this And the 's' word, because you can pretty much say it in any sentence you please.
  14. PegaDash1

    Things that used to scare you as a kid.

    I was scared of oxen for whatever reason. Haha.
  15. PegaDash1

    Original Character: V

    @@ooBrony, Thanks ^^ I'm glad you like her!