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  1. Why do some bronies have a persecution complex? Because they're teenagers. It's as simple as that. Teenagers can be remarkably stupid when it comes to the routes they'll take in order to get attention or feel unique, and being "persecuted" is very popular nowadays. Only makes sense some bronies will turn liking a television show into a huge identity crisis.
  2. I would like to think there was even a smidge of sarcasm in this. Sadly, I don't think there is. This is so pathetic is makes me cringe to enjoy the same show as so many self proclaimed bronies.
  3. I say "I like My Little Pony." They ask, "Oh, are you a brony?" I say, "No." That's the stupidest question I recieve. I refuse to be labled with all the hateful,ridiculous, creepy, rude and immature actions the brony community is capable of that I've yet to encounter in the fandom as a whole from the older generations.
  4. I LIKE the Seapony song What is the point of this thread other than to diss various aspects of the shows that other people like and are made to feel like a complete weirdo for wanting to defend all the so called "garbage of horrors" of the previous gens?
  5. Steering the subject from creepyness... I confess that I'll probably never be able to draw cute ponies. For me, these type of ponies look best with big eyes. And I've spent the last few years trying to get OUT of the habit of drawing big animu eyes that when I attempt to draw them for my ponies, they just look really stupid and overly cartoonish. I keep practicing, but I don't want to slip back into drawing stupidly huge eyes for my people, which are more important to me. Oh well. Humanized ponies it is for me I suppose.
  6. Inky Milk

    Vinyl's eyes

    Her having red eyes was actually one of the very few fanon-pony quirks I had actually liked, so I'm a little bummed we now know otherwise. Not going to argue with canon though, purple is still very pretty and matches her color scheme quite well
  7. More numerous? Fact. More cute? Not fact. Just your opinion.
  8. It's amusing to me as my older sister, who isn't half as much into ponies as I am, actually noticed it when Twilight said "everyone" and "everybody" way before I did. When she asked me about it, I was like, 'Uhh...I didn't even notice ". Goes to show how observant I can be! But I still don't put much thought into it, I seriously doubt the writers did anyway.
  9. Inky Milk

    The Mane 4!

    Quite sad seeing as the other two are constantly at war in my head to win the place of best pony. It astounds me they're the least favored of the 6 Oh well, more for me!
  10. You mean, if it was the same show as MLP but with centaurs instead? No. Probably not. One of the biggest draws for me about the ponies is the simple fact that they are ponies. I can distance them enough form myself as a human and that is what makes them so enjoyable. If I wanted to watch half naked, super thin, gorgeous, female fairy-tale beasts then I probably would be already. But call me crazy, that aesthetic is something I can live without on occasion. Ponies aren't there to remind me how inferior I am on all accounts for not being an idealistic, modelesque woman, they're there to remind m
  11. That's not a flattering picture of the Sea Ponies since they're singing and their mouths are puckered-they really are quite cute. I'm not personally crazy over them like some MLP fans since I'm not much into aquatic creatures as a whole, but I do think they're still pretty cute and would be quite interested in seeing them in FiM. Especially if they sang! Shoo-be-doop! ...Okay, enough of that. But I DO really want to see Flutter Ponies. Like, crossing my fingers and hoping and praying. They even have a Queen of their own (Rosedust)! How does Princess Celestia not know her! I was so sad whe
  12. Absolutely brushables for me. I love brushing their hair, it's soothing and gives me a chance to "play" with my ponies. My fixed hair ponies just kind of...sit there, and I don't like how it makes them look even more plastic-like and lifeless. At least with the brushables it gives them a sort of individuality, which I like. It doesn't bother me if the hair isn't 100% show accurate. My ponies have personality, they're not carbon copies of the show
  13. I would have to be Pinkie Pie's younger sister. Even though we only saw her other siblings for a moment, I am quite a bit like them as I'm not naturally upbeat and happy. Yet she was determined to make them smile, as she is for everyone, that's all she desires. She doesn't need someone to be absolutely the best like RD or Rarity, or the smartest like Twilight would probably expect. Yet she is absolutely fearless when it comes to defending those she cares about (as she did for Rarity in theepisodethatmustnotbenamed), unlike Fluttershy. I felt like AppleJack was was a close second, but on second
  14. Inky Milk

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    3/10 I also don't get it.
  15. "Most likely" intentional? Seriously? I really hope some of ya'll aren't really that callow.
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