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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. >people not wanting to use swears all the time absolutely disgusting.
  3. i hate halloween and all the kids that participate in it

  4. i feel my warning points will never go back to 0

  5. @, 9/10 really hard song, one of my favorite songs out of oxymoron
  6. @@Royce, it takes a while to start but really awesome cypress hill song 8/10
  7. Wow there is a homestuck general?, well guess there is a place where i can say this. You know i used to think homestuck was boring, gimmicky and mud paced faster than the plot in it, if there was any plot to begin with, and yet i still think this But somehow after forcing myself trought more than the first pages i start to get this constant feeling of wanting more, of wanting to see whats gonna happen next. Like being a secret military base full of red buttons, you know you dont like whats gonna happen but you still want it to happen to know what it is. And now i cant get off this damned ride, and i got a long way to go. Also im the part where jade plays the flute and i refuse to move from there.
  8. mane, not even the people who have fully read homestuck understand it. you just dont. just embrace it. so yeah i picked it up again and i have no idea whats happening suddenly he´s insane.
  9. one of nicki's good songs (if thats even her's, she suffers from "features are the good ones only" syndrome), hook was a bit annoying. 7/10 ugh, its not linking for some reason.
  10. Versace, Versace, medusa head on me like i'm Illuminati

  11. They are actually pretty promoted on sites like complex and pitchfork who tend to gravitate towards alternative experimental rap, specially Good Kid M.a.a.d City who is wildly regarded as the best album of 2012, even macklemore who won a grammy against it thought he didint deserved it unlike gkmc. Maybe is cause you were just an outsider to the genre, which is not unheard of outsiders dont really focus on finding the gems among the crap in genres. Hell i didint even knew "good" Electronic Dance Music albums existed till i met Aphex Twin and Burial.