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  1. PastelPetal

    Celestia Fan Club

    Funny thing is that I'm 12 XD Thank you for this rule though X3 -hugs you so tight you almost can't breathe- THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I know I have a Nightmare Moon icon but I'm SO sick of Luna, I kinda dislike simply dislike her but I think I hate her now!) Yes just yes, Luna's is ok usually and I'm find with Cadence but I agree Your not alone, I see Celestia as a better character if we knew a little bit about her personality and backstory. They need to make a episode as a sqeul to Luna Elispe like they can name i
  2. That's it, I'm making a new account

  3. That's it, I'm making a new account

  4. Great, but I don't know exactly how a english voice sounds like, can you show me something with a english voice and I might find one of the characters your voice might be good for I just seen your YouTube channel and you were pretty good at the voice acting
  5. Who is my favorite pony? Truth be told I'm stuck between Twilight, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie

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    2. Shanks


      Applejack and Applebloom have had some pretty adorable moments as well.

    3. PastelPetal


      Yeah, and Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo's as well

    4. PastelPetal


      Now that I think about it, Pinkie Pie and Applebloom had some fun in the episode "Pinkie Apple Pie"

  6. I personally perfer my vision of her (and Colgate too) having a personality like Twilight's, also, most people seem to picture her as a tomboy but I think she looks girly in my opinion and see her as a a great musician like Octaiva really. Finally, someone else who dislike the Lyra obessed with humans thing! (I like Lyra and all but seriously, I just hate the idea of Lyra being a tomboy obessed with humans)
  7. PastelPetal

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    I got 4 songs stuck in my head at the moment XD Songs: A Man's Gotta Do What A Man's Gotta Do - from Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog the movie. Penny's Song - Also from Dr Horrible Dr. Horrible is Here - (Guess) Dr Horrible Brand New Day - DR. HORRIBLE, NUFF SAID. The one that's stuck in my head the most might be Dr. Horrible is Here.
  8. [Note: I felt the need to repost this so I'm reposting it here right now and adding some new stuff] Heya there everybody/everypony, PastelPetal here! I have a fanmade MLP G5 show called "My Little Pony:Friends of Harmony" replacing the word elements in the title like in Elements of Harmony XD Friends of Harmony is a fanfiction I'm posting on FIMFiction.Net and my FIMFiction account is Fire-Flare The Mane Six and Spike are in the G5 or G4 point something (Don't worry, it won't be bad like G3.5) but instead of a Mane 6, there's a Mane 20 (Don't complain it's too many characters
  9. Hmm, I'm sure my parents wouldn't like me to use our Skype but I searched on the internet and found this website: http://www.speakpipe.com/voice-recorder You can also post your voice acting to be in the series on YouTube or something
  10. I'm SO sorry for the late reply! SO LATE SO SORRY! And the button voice sounds great! I'm going to re-upload this topic and hold a auction and have everyone record their voices. Sounds great XD Great! Every character is still open so it would be fine and you can choose whoever you like. If you want, you can voice your own OC (I know in this topic I said I wouldn't put OCs but that was long ago so I changed my mind I guess XD I'm going to re-post this topic anyways )
  11. I'm SO sorry for the late reply! SO LATE SO SORRY! And yes, it will have need some voices and animators, I plan on to have a auction for it soon and no need to be embrassed! Besides, I'm a 12 year old pegasisetr so I should be embrassed XD Do you want to voice someone? If so, what character are you interested in voicing?
  12. PastelPetal

    Hiya Everypony

    Hello other fellow 12 year old girl! (Pretty awesome to see another 12 year old here XD )
  13. Holy Flippin' Fudge, all of my Notifications are spammed with "____ posted a new status update" like WAT, so much updates........... XD

  14. Hey guys, to those of you who know about my Friends of Harmony thing, do ya guys know any ideas for some of the elements? I'm trying to think of one for Lyra, Doctor Whooves, Bon-Bon, and Rainbow Dash's and Applejack's elements (I have a good reason why to change RD's and AJ's elements because they're not really Loyal or Honest when you think about it) Any ideas at all? (Don't say stuff like element of hands, candy, time, rainbows, apples, etc. I mean a REAL element)

  15. Sometimes I wish life had a "Undo" or "Redo" button....... GOD WHY U NO DO SO?! It'll help us learn from our mistakes ;~;

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    2. Bojo


      want to talk about what happened? if not, that's okay... i just want to help ^^


      And yes, it is :'(

    3. PastelPetal


      It didn't really happen to me, something happened to a friend of mine and I JUST thought of a soultion a few days after and I can't remember the problem but I found out how to deal with it but I was too late but I can't remember the rest -_-

    4. Bojo


      ohhhhh I'm sorry for that :/ but hey, life goes on! Keep enjoying life, Pastel!

  16. PastelPetal

    It's-a-me, Luigi!

    Yup, hate it with a burning passion, but my parents keep it for some reason (this is why I perfer going on my computer lol XD)
  17. Actallty, it's been confirmed and a book says that Princess Cadence was born as a pegasus in a village and Princess Celestia adopted her as her neice and started foalsitting Twilight after becoming a alicorn princess
  18. I have a friend who's a bug but I forgot their username lol
  19. Heya there everybody! I'm PastelPetal! I have a fanmade MLP G5 show called "My Little Pony:Friends of Harmony" replacing the word elements in the title XD which I use NO OCs. The Mane Six are in the G5 but instead of a Mane 6, there's a Mane 20 (Don't complain it's too many characters, the second episode explains it) What Friends of Harmony is about: Under Princess Celestia's instructions, Brother and Sister Twins Twilight Sparkle and Duskshine,along with their friend,Spike the dragon,must go to Ponyville to supervise the preparations for the special event of the "Summer Sun Celebrati
  20. I heard that this woman plans on to study bronies at 2014 bronycon which I think sounds fun but "We're not a species, we're humans with a fandom" I always say for ANY of my fandoms

    1. Delirium


      I honestly don't see much a point. Like you said, we're humans with a fandom. I kind of hate how much of a big deal people make out of bronies. 'OH LAWD, THEY WATCH A SHOW FOR LITTLE GIRLS! WE MUST RESEARCH THIS!'


      I don't get it myself.

    2. Julia-chan


      i dont get myself but well its all in the name of science!

    3. PastelPetal


      I really wish I could brofoof your guys replies to this right now........

  21. Hello, and welcome! You seem to be pretty cool and interesting and yes, giving them free food is good See you 'round, and have fun!
  22. PastelPetal

    It's-a-me, Luigi!

    I have autocorrect on my IPad so it corrects my spelling for me and when I tried typing Bowser it changed it to Browser
  23. PastelPetal

    It's-a-me, Luigi!

    It-a-me, MARIO! XD Welcome to the forums and glad to have you aboard MLP Fourms! Oh, and look out for that Browser who's right behind you -points-
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