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  1. -:Fluttershy:-

    Younger Bronies

    12 Years old. Still winning youngest brony on the forums so far! It would, but I'm pretty sure 9/10 of us bronies are young at heart. Hmm, can I trade for a 16 year old? I need the extra power to take on the next dungeon. I'll give you 500 gold, plus your 13 year old back!
  2. -:Fluttershy:-

    Younger Bronies

    Hmm, so you're 16? (jk) MLPForums, why must you force this age of opression onto us? Of very lax character limits and respectable filesize limitations?
  3. It depends. Well, no. There is one.. CUUUPPPCAAAAKKKEEESSS! Just hearing the name makes me queasy... I hate clopfics (or anything clop) with a vengeance. Not to say I'll hate you just because you clop, but If you utter a word in the name of clop around me ...
  4. He was joking! Stupid character limit, forcing me to write this sentance... Was wondering why no- one was replying to you.
  5. So I saw the older bronies thread. Then I thought, why not make one for young bronies ? So here we are. Reading a thread about young bronies. Just wondering how many bronies of the ages 10 - 16 there are here.
  6. Shipping? No thanks from me.
  7. If only I wasn't the only brony I knew... Maybe discuss favourite ponies? And why? But I dunno...
  8. Oh, these guys still exist? I thought they'd given up and gone home. Oh well, if they can't realise we don't care - it's their problem.
  9. -:Fluttershy:-

    Confession Time!

    Ah, right! I thought s/he meant alicorns on a whole. Another Confession(ish thing)! - The fact that one person in England (where I live) has ebola geniunely terrifies me, even though he is in the best quarantine unit in Europe... I hug my pillows too! I suppose I just feel embarrassed having a toy sheep (yes, sheep. After watching a guy play Five Nights at Freddy's - I'm such a wimp I don't want to play it - I'll never look at my toy bear the same way again) in bed with me. So... Pillows become the substitute!
  10. -:Fluttershy:-

    Confession Time!

    Oh well, I haven't been banned yet. xD Oh no...It's an admin. Hide! HIDE! And I doubt 1/4 of a year will make THAT much of a difference. Alicorns are hated? Why? They're supposed to be the sentinel-type species... Maybe if they were like pegasi, unicorns and earth ponies (EDIT: I mean, like them in the way of being plentiful.) I would understand - but thus far there are only, what, 4, 5 alicorns in existance? Sure, Princess Twily was a bit annoying - and maybe a bad design choice by hasbro - but it's not THAT BAD.
  11. -:Fluttershy:-

    Confession Time!

    I pretty much break every stereotype possible. I'm an aspie, but I'm socially outgoing. I'm a man, but I like My Little Pony (not like this is a forum for men and woman who like my little pony or anything. Pffft. Nah!) I spend a lot of time on the computer, but I'm perfectly capable of doing other things all day if I must want to. Trust me, I tried. I'm twelve years, I play video games a lot - but I don't scream down the mic because someone killed me on COD (I hate COD ).
  12. -:Fluttershy:-

    Fluttershy Fan Club

  13. -:Fluttershy:-

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    Got a fan club up for flutters on steam, join if you want. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/FluttershyFansURL
  14. -:Fluttershy:-

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    Fluttershy is amazing, one of my favourite characters - certainly my favourite of the mane 6. I can't see any pictures either.
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