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  1. Dear Diary: Today, I am so angry at life because a gaming chatroom that I've been in for a year now is full of incoherent, selfish, dumb, unfun, and judgmental people. They are the worst and I haven't seen that kind of chaos ever since. What has become of that chatroom? Maybe because children and overbearing people are taking it over so the fun has been sucked out like a vampire. A very very unfun vampire. Sincerely; Me.
  2. I love being a perfectionist too and most of my friends know about it. The only thing I don't understand is that I'm a fun person but it depends on the mood of the environment and my mood for the day. The only thing that frustrates me is that people think that they are too keen and high mighty that they can't be seen by there own flaws. I am a really good person but once you target me, I won't back down. I won't go down without a fight sir. NEVER!!! So generally, people don't understand the way I do for fun or to make it fun. Sad so sad.
  3. I am back! After many months I'm finally back!

  4. MMMMMMM Thank you for noticing. TPAM is sitting right now and looking at my profile pic's face.
  5. So close. TPAM will love this music.
  6. I'm enjoying it with GLEE!!! TPAM is mesmerized with the seizure inducing nightmare that is . . .
  7. To describe myself through song, I chose the best music that really best describe me! LET THIS HAUNT YOU!!!