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    I love God, Baseball, Skiing, and other sports of that sort! I enjoy video games with my friends as well! And not to mention MLP! Top 2 ponies: AppleJack and FlutterShy.

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  1. I be h8n on all le pics m8's here we go
  2. Thank you. That kid that was dissing this group is probably gay and doesn't like that the Bible says it is wrong
  3. I must say, there ARE corrupt Churches. But sir, i have never in my life been told that. I am the most free man you will ever know. Follow Jesus' ways and TRY to live like him and you will be happier then ever. And I don't see how people can hate someone who lived and died for every other persons own sins. Please, follow Christ, he wants to see you in the paradise that awaits. Your* Sins. And mine. He died for them all. For you. Me and everyone.
  4. No, religion has set me free. Jesus loves you. He died for me, and you. Being free is far from controlling.
  5. Oh my goodness. School is exhausting me :/ Well now for a bit! Gonna post some pictures soon!
  6. Hey guys I am back, lol been a while. But I have been caught up in studies and off season training for baseball. I look forward to being back on the poniverse!
  7. Nice... Super duper cute! lol
  8. Haha. Just my thoughts my friend! Ya. Watch this and see actually how strong AJ is. This will change your view on everything. One kick would destroy rainbow
  9. Just watch this video. And watch RD's head get smashed in In the video it says she can kick with up to 5000 pounds of force. Math doesn't lie people. This video says it ALL! Yessss. AppleJack's strength would win the fight for sure. THANK YOU!!! AppleJack would win for sure. All this thread is is a bunch of RD loving men that can't accept that Aj's strength is far superior.
  10. Ohhh I see it has actual hair! mine is all plastic :comeatus: Awesome AppleJack video! It is a bunch of math explaining exactly how strong AppleJack is!
  11. Ya i always thought the ridiculously large smile was always SUPER DUPER cute OHHHH I forgot to tell you guys... I got a AppleJack figurine!!! it is not exactly what I wanted but it is still awesome!
  12. I thought we needed some more AppleJack: