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  1. Mason had already proven that he was well equipt to handle multiple targets at once, so he didn't seem nervous about the second copy circling to his right flank. A second, shadowy head with long, gnarled fangs extended from his neck and looked at the original Rose with piercing red eyes. Topaz started backing toward the edge of the ring.
  2. Topaz huffed and turned up her nose. "Why is everyone on your team trying to tell me how to officiate my matches today?" She muttered. "So, your father is a bit of a sticking point for you, isn't he?" Mason asked. Surely he didn't actually know very much about Rose's connection to shadow, but the Tenebris was able to conjure up her worst memories of the stallion merely by mentioning him. "You've gotten a lot stronger this week, Rose. You might even be able to kill him some time soon. It's just too bad you'll never get a chance to." "Alright, combatants, it's Rose of team Lotus versus Mason of Team Rokata! The fight starts now!" Topaz announced. Mason stood still, shifting his left hind hoof. A shadowy aura flared up around his body.
  3. well, you get to choose when that happens. He did probably get his skull broken though.
  4. "You're forgetting the third possibility," Ray said, standing between Viridi and Defiant. He pointed at where Canteen was running, and he was headed straight for a section of stairs where one of Onyx's concrete projectiles landed. Canteen didn't seem to be looking where he was going, and was poised to suffer a nasty trip in a few moments. @reader8363 @dragon4111 @Unicorncob @Dynamo Pad Topaz stepped back into the center of the ring with her mic held high. "I appologize for that delay, but it looks like we're back on track now!" She announced. The ring was now fully repaired, just like it was the day they arrived at the tournament. "Would the next fighters please enter the ring so we can get the second round of the finals started!?" Mason jumped back into the ring. This time it was for real. He smiled and waited for his opponent.
  5. Mason smiled and stepped to the side, he was now standing between Rose and her friends. "Don't make things too easy for me, Dynamo. You wear your emotions on your sleeve. All of your friends here lock their feelings up tight. I wonder what they think of you when they hear you cry yourself to sleep over dear old dad every night." Mason cocked one eye at Draco when he was addressed and said, "But you've got a juicier one, don't you Draco? You act so aloof about death, but you've found yourself a sweetheart here, haven't you? And the worst part is that she's about to die and it's all because of you. You have told your team about her, haven't you?" Mason smiled at Rose. "Alright, that's enough then. I just wanted to ask you a question is all. I'll leave you to the rest of your break." Mason returned to his side of the ring, but the words he spoke still hung in the minds of team Lotus. "Alright fans! A few more minutes and the ring will be ready for the next fighters!" Topaz announced to the cheers of the crowd.
  6. @Unicorncob @dragon4111 @Dynamo Pad Mason seemed to block out Dynamo, Draco and Jade. He was focused on his mark and he was trying to keep her focused on him exclusively as well. Dynamo Pad's words seemed to ease her mind a bit, but he was still making himself hard to ignore. When Rose covered her hoof with her metal leg to stop the shaking, Mason raised an eyebrow at the metal appendage and said, "My, that's a fine tool you have, and so soon after the semi finals. Did the hag give it to you?" He shifted his eyes to look directly at Jade, and the next words he said snaked through her mind. "You'd think she would save something like that for her star pupil, but I guess Jade wasn't strong enough."
  7. "I've already been in plenty of danger during this tournament," Topaz said, wagging her hoof and closing her eyes, "I know you think you're pretty bad, but there's no need to give me an explicit warning just to make yourself sound more dangerous."
  8. Rose heard a single hoofstep behind her, and suddenly Mason was standing over her back shoulder, looking at her at eye level. "Why don't you tell them the real reason you're being so quiet. They think you have some new coolheaded additude but you're actually trying to hide how afraid you are." Mason's scare tactics were blatant, but there was something supernatural at play, an ability he had that Quill didn't find in her research. The more she listened to him speak, the more his words crept into her mind and influenced her emotions. @Arid_Blitz "That one sure likes to run his gab," Cumulus commented. "Believe it or not, there's a strategic reason that he's talking," Dai commented, "It's the same way demons are able to drive a pony to madness by whispering to them in their dreams, a yokai like Mason will have some ability to influence Rose's mind with his words. He's trying to get into her head." "You're afraid. You're just good at covering it up," Mason said to Rose, "And you're also ashamed. Shadow beast would never show that kind of weakness." His words crept into her skull and seeded into her mind. "Luckily for you, your execution's been postponed. Why don't you go and enjoy life for a while? I'd hate to leave you with any sickly regrets."
  9. @Unicorncob @Dynamo Pad @dragon4111 @Arid_Blitz @DwhitetheGamer "So, you've mastered your temper in so short a time?" Mason asked. He lowered his head and chuckled, lifting his shoulders when he laughed. Then he looked back at here with an intense, piercing glare that only a being as ancient as him could produce. "Then I suggest you say your prayers, because I don't like painless endings." Topaz glanced between the two opponents as a tournament official walked up behind her. "Okay, that's enough with the pillow talk!" She said. "Let's get this party started! Fighters, take your sta-" She paused as the official whispered something in her ear. Two unicorns in official white and green tournament uniforms entered the ring and started using their magic to mend the concrete back together. "It seems the honorable tournament officials need a bit more time to prepare for this next match than usual." Topaz announced. "The last battle was just too incredible, and there's a lot of damage to the ring that needs to be tended to by our alteration mages." Mason chuckled and stepped back to his team. "It looks like we're going to need a short recess of about twenty minutes before the fight can continue!" Topaz explained. "In the meantime, feel free to visit the snackbars or any of our many fine betting kiosks to place your bets on the Rose versus Mason match!" The referee turned off her mic and sighed.
  10. @dragon4111 Mason's eyes trained on Pad without him turning his head. "Sick? That's an interesting word to use," he said, "Sickness kills. I feel great." "Mason is a puzzle considering what we know about Rokata's standards of character," Quill commented. "Tenebris has no sense of honor. He seems to be the antithasis to Rokata both in character and action. He must be very powerful indeed for Rokata and his gang to tollerate his presense." When Rose stepped onto the ring, Mason's eyes trained on her and he relaxed his postures, His pitch black aura receded into his body and the previously crazed look on his face glazed over in a way that could almost be called serene. His demeanor transformed to one of confident supperiority rather than manic frenzy. "So... after all that you still want to fight me?" He asked, "Do you really think this will be any different from last time? Run along and beg one of your other friends to fight me. They're all much stronger than you." He cocked a smile, showing the tips of his yellowed teeth. "That must be hard, isn't it? Couldn't quite live up to daddy and now even your teammates outshine you. Are you here so I can put you out of your misery?"
  11. Topaz started her tencount as soon as Copper fell to the ground. He landed right in front of Onyx's hooves. The minotaur barely standing. By the time Onyx was even cognizant of what was happenning, the ten count was almost over, and the crowd was in an uproar. "EIGHT! NINE!" It was clear that Copper wasn't getting back up, even Topaz's loud counting and the frantic cheers of the crowd weren't enough to wake him. Onyx stumbled forward. "A good fight, Copper. If only you were the one wh-" "AND TEN!" Topaz announced as Onyx's eyes opened wide and he clenched his broken shoulder. His eyes closed and he lost his balance. "The winner by knock out is Onyx!" The minotaur suddenly fell face first onto the ring, landing right next to Copper with a booming thud. He was out cold, just like his opponent. Topaz jumped and stepped away from the two fighters with a giddy smile. A group of six tournament personel walked on the ring and picked up Onyx's body together. They carried him to the sidelines and placed him with the rest of his team. "I love it! You couldn't ask for a better first match! Those fighters were so evenly matched that it's clear this is gonna be the most competative round yet! The score is one to zero!" The crowd cheared and hollared a mixture of chants. "Two more wins and Lotus is finished!" "I hope someone dies in the next round, I spent too much on this front row seat!" "Copper should be executed for losing!" "It doesn't matter! He'll die when the rest of his team loses." @reader8363 Mason stood just high enough for his head to be seen over the ring by the members of Team Lotus. He stared directly at Rose with a gaze that pierced her very being. She felt a chill across her back as if ice was being rubbed along her spine. @reader8363 @Unicorncob @dragon4111 @Dynamo Pad "I'll take the next one," He said to his team, and he stepped onto the half destroyed ring, brushing past some upturned rubble to approach Copper's unconscious body. "Great. The creep wants to fight next," Said Shining Armor. A shadowy hand extended from his back, and he delicately lifted Copper's unconscious form off the ring before the tournament personel could remove him. He lifted Copper and gazed at his unconscious face with a smile while two medical personel kept their distance. "It's a pitty he didn't die. Things would have been easier for him that way," He looked past Copper at Team Lotus, focusing his eyes on Rose in the center. "You still don't understand. I get a wish when my team wins. It doesnt' matter how many of you survive the finals, because I'm going to wish for the bloody deaths of any of you who survive!" He let out a shrill laugh, raising his head to the cloudy sky while he bellowed. "AHAHAHA! I've been waiting too long for this!" He haphazardly tossed Copper's body at his team.
  12. Onyx clenched his fists and darkened his expression. He was clearly unamused by Copper's words. "Sorry Copper but losing isn't in my plans!" The minotaur didn't attempt to dodge or block Copper's attack. Instead he retaliated with his own. Onyx tapped into his rage, something that Copper had unwittingly helped him with by speaking to Rokata during the fight. He curled his right hand into a glowing fist and slammed his fist into Copper's left temple right as Copper's hoof slammed into his lower chest. There was an echoing sound of cracking bones and splattering blood. The ring beneath the two fighters dripped with the warm red liquid. It wasn't clear from which fighter the blood and sounds of shattered bones was coming from, but since they'd both taken the full brunt of each other's blows, it was probably both. The arena fell silent.
  13. @Unicorncob Rose can probably go next. Would you like to fight mason or someone else. You don't have to pick him as your opponent if you want to fight a diffrent one, though you are the only one with the weapon that can kill him right now.
  14. Copper's punch landed squarely on the inside of Onyx's left arm, but the damage wasn't as dramatic as he might have expected. It left a nasty bruise on his flesh, and there was the sound of a snapping bone, but the minotaur didn't lose the use of his arm. He couldn't stop just because of some pain, not now that everything rode on this fight! He retaliated with a blow to the back of Copper's head. "It... really is just a straight up fistfight now! That's rare to see this far into the tournament and I love it!" Topaz announced.
  15. Copper was still fighting with a level head. Normally that would make him a more effective opponent, but he failed to understand the nature of this fight. Any milosecond spent thinking about a plan was another one his opponent could use to strike. Before Copper even managed to connect with Onyx, the minotaur landed a punch square in his face and attempted to follow it up with a low kick to the gut.