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About Me

Hello person! Welcome to my profile page! Ain't it swell? I'm Snails, otherwise known as "that guy who's always on the roleplay section and won't stop changing his username" (It's true, I've changed my user name quite a few times). I'm always open to making new friends on this site, so feel free to press on that there friend request button. If you want to find me, just look in the Roleplay World section. I'll probably be there.

Things I REALLY like:

Yu Yu Hakusho! I still maintain my opinion that this is the greatest anime of all time (even better than AOT). If you haven't seen this anime, see it NOW! It has every awesome thing you could ask for (except for ponies, sadly). It's got: sword fights, friggin fire dragons, friggin finger guns, friggin whips made out of friggin roses, and did I mention that it's set in the eighties? In all seriousness, the thing I love about this anime is how in depth the characters are.



Applejack! She's my favorite of ponies! I love her hat, I love her accent, and I love her personality. Baby Applejack almost gave me a heart attack, too. I just wanna give her all the snuggles!



Yu Gi Oh Abridged! I've met the creator, LittleKuriboh, in person, and he's just a super swell person (he's also extremely British, which is always a plus). The series itself is a web spoof of Yu Gi Oh the anime, and it inspired a whole bunch of other people to make their own abridged anime. All I have to say is that it's funny.



Q and A:

Q: You're on the Roleplay section all the time, but why do you only do adventure RPs?

A: Because romance RPs scare me. A lot.


Q: Why is your favorite pony Applejack?

A: There's a couple of reasons. She wrote the best letter to the princess ever. She took on a second job in order to keep her promise to the town in The Last Roundup. She was the first one to give up her ticket. She beat a monster with a stool. That accent. That hat.


Q: Should I trust Doctor XFizzle?

A: No. Don't believe his lies. He's planning something.

Q: Why are your fanfictions so freaking weird?

A: Well that's, like, your opinion, man.


Q: I feel funny. What do?

A: Drink lots a water!


My OC Army!:


Nice OCs:


Alpha Ray


Sickly Bernice


Captain Trench


Harold Fall


Jackson Snow




Mean OCs:




Big Shot and Shale




Jacob Longmane






I also have a webcomic now!