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  1. patricia

    dating tab

    there allot of people will want to see if any other people have similarity or live in area to make friends as this could make people more social hang out?
  2. we both are from the same area

    1. Miles


      I'm in central IL. you?

  3. patricia


    My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Fluttershy How did you find MLP Forums?: google How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: tv show 23 years old chicago IL college student computer and technology i am anime furry and mlp fan
  4. are you in any other websites like furaffinity deviantart or any other site

    1. Courageous Thunder Dash

      Courageous Thunder Dash

      Yep. You can find most of my contacts on my profile.

  5. richard j daley chicago IL i am kinda new college student and the first one i went it was kinda sad allot of student were complaining classes were allot of times recut it because of money but they was 1000 or more in remodeling the carpet and some rooms and they cut all music classes only had music intro early times. clubs were kinda bad not many music and dancing and art were shutdown lack of people and the classes were kinda bad too you need to go to 8 school to get all your work done.
  6. any one from chicago IL little village cook
  7. i do belive in god of heavens and evil and ten comments that fine but allot people notice that there legends of many famous people who lost there soul to the devil or demon to get money famoe as they still in the music. i do believe in angels and demons so am very scared i like music and i wanna learn allot more but this scare me allot there were allot more in music life and even elders and other people.but cristian don't believe that but the others do catholic as am part of familiy and others kinda do believe this so am very confused. are this type of curses effects any
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