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  1. Twilight Dirac

    If the Purge became a reality, what would you do?

    Form a militia and then find and shoot the idiot who put the purge into law during the first purge. I suspect I would find a lot of volunteers.
  2. I don't know about MrEnter of Lily Peet, but reviewing is basically a full time job for the Nostalgia Critic that actually does pay his bills. Heck, he almost built himself something of a small media empire a while back called That Guy With the Glasses / Channel Awesome but he apparently botched the management of Channel Awesome and now Channel Awesome is just the Nostalgia Critic. So yea, it can be a serious full time job.
  3. Twilight Dirac

    How do you feel about the opposite party? (US)

    I'm independent as I don't approve of either of the major political parties. I can't seem to ever find a candidate who isn't engaged in some combination of undermining people's civil liberties, running up the national debt or engaging in stupid overseas conflicts. And both parties do this all while real problems are ignored. Where are the politicians who are willing to address the War on Drugs, the massive prison population, our aforementioned mounting debts, our bizarre militaristic foreign policy, our broken health care system (I suppose Obama at least tried, but forcing us to purchase insurance from the health cartels that likely caused the problem in the first place on pain of fine isn't how you correct the situation), our hyper-paranoid War on Terror or any other problem that actually matter? Heck, even something as simple as reforming the TSA so I am not treated like a convicted felon whenever I want to board a plane would be nice. The actual platforms of both parties at present just seem to be filled with so much nothing. Not to call you out specifically but this level of Trump hatred is something I just don't understand. Trump isn't what I would consider to be a good president and many of his ideas like The Wall are absolutely asinine, but Trump has got absolutely nothing on George W. Bush when it comes horrible public policy. Bush brought us the War in Iraq, the USA Patriot Act, "Intensive Interrogations", NSA warrantless spying, extralegal drone strikes, the concept of an "enemy combatant", military tribunals via the Military Commissions Act, the No-Fly List, the TSA and probably another dozen things I have forgotten about. Remind me again what Trump has done that even remotely compares to this? Shitposting on Twitter? Honestly, the worst thing I can say about Trump is that he has run up the debt, something all of our recent Presidents have done.
  4. Twilight Dirac

    Movies/TV Movies you enjoyed that most hated.

    Another one for Batman & Robin. I honestly don't get the backlash against this one. The Burton/Schumacher Batman movies were ridiculous and cartoony starting with Batman Returns, but for some reason nobody got crossed about it until Batman & Robin. And at least Batman & Robin didn't have any of the cringey Penguin and Catwomen romance scenes. Anybody remember those scenes?



    Mine valorous pony, if 't be true thou findst that apporpriate
    and not contradicting thy ideology, please vote for the team Manehattan
    in the upcoming Changeling Kingdom vs Manehattan match!

    Rarity and her team need thy support against the Changelings as the common Enemy
    must be faced by the most capable and not corruption prone team!

    Mine gratitude in advance, regardless to thy choice. Hast a nice day!

  6. Twilight Dirac

    What's your favorite DnD Race?

    I would suggest to find a D&D group. That is how I eventually found one after I moved from Orlando to D.C. Alternatively you could always play a D&D game online through something like Roll20 if you have some online friends willing to try to play the game. Either way might take some time though. There also might be some Brony based groups around. D&D is popular enough with Bronies that it has been ponified.
  7. Twilight Dirac

    What topics really bore you?

    Anything baseball related. Or golf related. Or fishing related.
  8. Twilight Dirac

    What is 1 unpopular opinion you have on Fashion?

    Fashion is a waste of my time. Is that even an unpopular opinion though?
  9. Twilight Dirac

    Where do you fall on the political spectrum?

    We are up to 8 axes now. It appears the dimensions of our ideological models are growing at a geometric rate. Who wants to go for 16 axes? Any takers? I did the 8 axis one for fun here is what I got: And the 4 axis one:
  10. Twilight Dirac

    Gaming Game "Journalists" Should You Listen to Them?

    You need to find game journalist you can actually trust to be critical of games as they come out. There are at least three journalist I can trust to do this: 1. Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw / Zero Punctuation: These reviews are entertaining to watch in and of itself and Yahtzee does a vary good job of pointing out some of the major flaws in most big releases. There are no scores so you will just have to watch the video review. 2. Joe Vargas / Angry Joe Show: This guy does very in depth reviews and works hard to maintain the integrity of his score system, for which a 5/10 is defined as average. He tends to cover turn based strategy games like Civilization, X-Com and Divinity: Original Sin which is people like be who like turn based strategy. 3. Jim Sterling / Jimquistion: Jim is a feisty fellow would doesn't put up with any crap. Very reliable for calling out the flaws of even the most popular games, including the weapon degradation and weather systems in Breath of the Wild which was treated as above criticism by many.
  11. Twilight Dirac

    Recommended Final Fantasy for a newcomer?

    This is a good recommendation. These are among the strongest titles. I would say that FF6 is the best FF by a considerable margin, although if you start with FF6 you might find all the remaining games inferior by comparison, but that did not stop me from enjoying FF7. The good news is that except with the hyphenated series, such as FF10-2, none of the FF plots are related in any way so you can play them in any order and enjoy them.
  12. Twilight Dirac

    Gaming Bad parts in great games.

    The hacking minigames present in nearly every game that features hacking. Just let us hack the computer if it is something our character can do, don't make us play an inane time wasting minigame to do it.
  13. Twilight Dirac

    Overwatch General Discussion Thread!

    Platform: PC Offense Main: Pharah Defense Main: Torbjorn Tank Main: D.Va Support Main: Lucio/Zenyatta I greatly enjoy this game but the friends I used to play it with have gotten burned out over it. Drop me a PM if you are looking for somebody to play with.
  14. Twilight Dirac

    Web Brony D&D latest episode

    I wasn't aware there were Brony D&D episodes.
  15. As other posters have pointed out, snakes eat in the wild by either swallowing live prey whole or constricting live prey and then swallowing it. It's simply how they hunt. When you have them in captivity, you generally feed them the same way. I wasn't even aware you could feed them dead animals until Mori mentioned the frozen mice.