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  1. Maybe one ought to just trust the tale and not the teller. Racism is an odd accusation to level against the Harry Potter series, since one of the major themes of the series is that racism is a terrible thing. I haven't read anything of Rowling's since The Deathly Hollows so maybe the new books are rabidly pro-racist, but the original seven books make it clear on no uncertain terms how terrible racism is. The central conflict in the book is between Voldemort and his Death Eaters, which are all racial supremacist, and everybody else. Voldy & friends are obsessed with "pure blood" lin
  2. Even better question, could this support a game of Warhammer 40k Apocalypse?
  3. Twilight Dirac

    Technology You do NOT own digital media

    Ross Scott of Freeman's Mind and Game Dungeon fame has gone on a crusade against this sort of thing. Game Dungeon in particular covers several games that people who paid for them can no longer play because they were dependent on online servers that were shut down. As an added touch, any game covered in Game Dungeon that is dependent on an online server gets an icon of a man with a noose around his neck giving a thumbs up in the summary at the end of the video. There was a game I liked called March of War that suffered this very fate. It was basically a turn-based tactical diesel punk
  4. This looks really good. Does anyone know how this differs from Roll20, or what the price point is, or even what the official name of this particular tabletop simulator is? It certainly looks like it supports 5th Edition D&D rules whatever it is, as the example character sheet for Symra is a 5th edition D&D sheet. If anyone is interested in running this thing for a test, I know how to DM 5th Edition D&D. I won't be free until sometime early next year to actually do it (DMing is a time commitment), but drop me a line if you are interested.
  5. This is a rather disappointing development and in many ways feels like a dark reflection of our times. It seems more and more we are unable to simply talk to each other regarding matters of importance, and I have always believed that talking things out is the best way to resolve our differences. I understand that it's not mlpforums.com responsibility to provide the sole outlet for which the world is able to discuss its problems, but there is now one less place where people can learn to understand each other. A lot of posters seem to open revile this section of the forums, but I have alw
  6. *stalks*

    For some reason I keep hearing C&C Red Alert's "Hell March" in my head whenever I see that Avatar of yours. :P

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      Twipocalipse rreporrting!

  7. Twilight Dirac

    Movies/TV RIP Grant Imahara

    This guy was brilliant on Mythbusters. Shame he had to die so young.
  8. Twilight Dirac

    Movies/TV Ranking the Star Trek films

    I have seen every Star Trek film save Beyond. The rankings are: 1.) The Wrath of Khan: Pretty much an obligatory first place for any Star Trek fan, and it deserves the number 1 spot. It combines a brilliant character driven plot with the best space battles seen in the series and is an excellent send-off for Spock (he gets better though). Not much else to say here, other than a darn good movie. 2.) The Undiscovered Country: In many ways this is my favorite, despite the superior Wrath of Khan. It is a brilliant thesis on the nature of conflict, hatred and xenophobia wrap
  9. The board games through vassal thread got locked.  I think Bas is trying to set something up through either private messages or Discord.  You want in?

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      It won’t let me add you..

    3. Twilight Dirac

      Twilight Dirac

      Strange, what is your Discord username?


    4. Twilight Dirac

      Twilight Dirac

      So, have you made any further attempts to contact me on Discord?

  10. That I am. If we can get two more people to join us, we should be set. Hopefully we can sort out the time zone differences.
  11. I hear you there. Getting 3 to 5 other players together for a 6 to 8 hours game of Twilight Imperium is no easy feat. If you can managed to regularly get together to play games virtually though, Tabletop Simulator is probably worth the money.
  12. I'm in. I am always looking for more ways to get into board games. Also, given that this thread ways started 6 years ago, between then and now they released a program on Steam called Tabletop Simulator. Not only does it look much nicer than Vassal, a great many of the board games available on the Steam Workshop have scripted automation for the more tedious aspects of the game such as the initial board setup and the end of turn accounting that tends to crop up in the more complicated board games. If you are playing something like Terraforming Mars or Twilight Imperium, this scripting is
  13. As others have pointed out, they keep on changing the names of the summoned creatures from one FF title to the next. Given that each FF game (except the hyphenated series) takes place in its own Universe, I really don't see anything wrong with that.
  14. Electromagnetism sounds like a fun interest. I am trying my best to understand alternating current, transformers, relays (that is pretty much direct current switches), and more. As part of my old telephone collection and interests in how they work.

    1. Twilight Dirac

      Twilight Dirac

      Old telephone electronics are definitely a good way to get started.  Everything should be low frequency enough to work with.  You probably want to pick up a 20 MHz oscilloscope if you don't already have one.  You can often get those for around $20 used and the should be fast enough for the sort of stuff you are doing.

      I just started reading Collective Electrodynamics by Carver Mead, which is a really interesting theoretical approach to electromagnetism if you are interested in that end.  Haven't had that much time to read it yet because I am busy with other responsibilities though.

  15. Best games of the decade: 2010: Civilization V 2011: Deus Ex: Human Revolution 2012: X-Com Enemy Unknown, FTL 2013: Stardrive 2015: Cities: Skylines, Kerbal Space Program, Heroes of the Storm, Stardrive 2 2016: Overwatch, X-Com 2, Civilization 6, Stellaris, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Total War: Warhammer 2017: Divinity Original Sin 2, Prey 2018: Warhammer: Vermintide 2 2019: Age of Wonders: Planetfall Overall: Civilization V, honorable mentions for Divinity Original Sin 2 and Overwatch.
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