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    Physics, Electromagnetism, RC Helicopters, Drones, Warhammer 40k

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About Me

I am a physicist who specializes in studying the propagation of laser light and electromagnetic waves. I thoroughly enjoy all branches of physics as well as engineering. I am always interested in taking part in online discussions on topics of physics, engineering and economics.


I have more hobbies than time but I am currently trying to design an RC airplane to be followed by an RC helicopter, expand a Warhammer 40k army, learn General Relativity and learn Quantum Field Theory, all of which keeps me rather busy. I am also a sucker for any form of turn based strategy game, be it PC or tabletop (consoles don't do turn based strategy justice).


I enjoy all manner of Science fiction and Fantasy fiction including MLP. Favorite fiction authors include Jim Butcher (Dresden Files) and Isaac Asimov.