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  1. Nope. They really were temporary tattoos.
  2. You know I have 9 year old little cousin who has autism and I'll tell you what if I was as awesome and sweet and polite as that little dude I'd be perfectly happy.
  3. I got bored and found pony tattoos and decided to decorate my phone case.
  4. OK EVERYONE! Favorite pony and favorite quote by said pony! GO!

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    2. pinkiepartypie



    3. Jennabun


      Fluttershy: Um...I'm just wondering if it's okay if I hold you down against your will for a little bit?

    4. Renton


      twilight, "You know, choosing not to choose isn't really a decision."

  5. watching equestria girls for the 50th time. i don't care what anyone says i love this movie!

    1. Kyoshi


      Anyone, would that include yourself? That would be interesting. I liked the movie too. It didn't need a sequel, but I liked it for what it was.

    2. Deathstroke
  6. watching adventure time!!!!

  7. SugarPie91

    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

  8. anyone out there wanna talk and be friends...?

    1. N.W.


      Sure, PM me on the forums or shoot something on skype.

    2. Manonstilts


      I like talking ;)

      Sure you don't know by now.

    3. SugarPie91


      lol I love talking to you manon!

  9. 100% successful! And I'm now 20% cooler!
  10. It's rainbow inside! I'm kinda proud of it
  11. It's my best friend Mariyas bday on Monday so I made her a cake featuring her favorite pony rainbow dash!
  12. my fiance just called me and asked me to clean up the house cause his friends are coming home with him from work and are gonna hang out... I have to be up at 4 am..... fml

    1. Manonstilts


      oooo...fiance points lost...How did it go?


  13. SugarPie91

    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    Well that would explain why she can shoot herself out of the party canon with no issues lol that is a possibility but I like to see her more of a "pink" sheep of her family lol
  14. SugarPie91

    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    My whole thing is, ok, we know how she got her cutie mark, that she lived on a rock farm, and from the maud pie episode we know it's outside of pony ville.... so what brought pinkie to pony ville and why is she living with Mr and Mrs cake?
  15. SugarPie91

    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    Is anyone else kinda hoping they dwell into pinkies past a little more in the 5 season?
  16. My best friends birthday is coming up... planning on making her a rainbow dash rainbow birthday cake.

  17. Whats your favorite video game to play right now?

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    2. SugarPie91


      ooooo how is it? I've heard good and bad from e3 forums


    3. Deathstroke


      annoyingly slow but the game it self it's a good game

    4. SugarPie91


      yeah everyone was all up in arms because ubisoft kept saying its too difficult to format female characters

  18. I wish my friends wanted to hang out with me not the person i'm with....

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    2. Retired Commissar

      Retired Commissar

      That's rough... :/

      I'm not sure how I'd proceed with that specific situation.

    3. SugarPie91


      well its not like shes trying steal him shes gay so not her type its just like hes her best friend now and idk what to do.... if she comes over she immedietly is like "wheres your man?" and goes and hangs out with him while i sit in the living room by myself. i'm sorry im just frustrated....

    4. Retired Commissar

      Retired Commissar

      It's fine, you have every right to be frustrated.

      I would be as well.


  19. mmmmmmmm!!!! ^_^ ranch chicken with Franks RED HOT! So super YUMMY!

  20. I personally bounce back and forth between the two words. from what i have scene though its sorta the whole mentality that wether you are 6, 16, or 26 its "NORMAL" for females to like things cute and sparkley and pastle. and the fact some girls feel that because we wont get as much crud for it means were not deserving of the name. to put it simply some girls feel its like "Ok your welcome into our girl club! FREE PONIES FOR ALL!!" and then turn around and put up a no girls allowed sign.
  21. I feel big macs character development is sorta like a shout out to bronies. Showing it's ok the like hard work and dedication and stuff like that and to still show emotion and like soft things in life, like smartypants dolls.
  22. Mines just a piece of key lime pie!
  23. Vinyl in wubsyland? Lol to be completely honest if someone on albino black sheep or newgrounds made this I'd sooooo play it! You could make it where like she climbs platforms and and used her magic to pull out certain ones or even have some launch her in the air via wubs!
  24. Gees with all the songs in the episodes that it was already a musical lol woohoo! This sounds awesome!
  25. Sounds awesome is it gonna be free to download? If so I hope it's easier to download then freaking fighting is magic literally 14 tries later and 3tries after disabling my antivirus and firewall and still nothing! I really wanna try one of these games. I'm an old fan of arcade beat - Em - ups and arcade fighters so I really will be looking into this please please PLEASE! !! KEEP US POSTED! And let us know how development is going! Your awesome!
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