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  1. Thats it :3 Oh and... I AM SUPER EXCITED :D:D:D:D:D:D
  2. You can play with me and my buddies, we are currently trying to start off a cool clan called Kitten Party.
  3. Hey I just got Warframe and ITS A BLAST! I played it a while ago and it was boring and repetitive but it has gotten a lot better, but playing solo can get lonely or just REALLY hard (especially on the bosses) so I went on the forums to make a thread looking for people who want to play Warframe with me. If you don't know what warframe is a game in which you are a Parkour, Space Ninja and kill aliens who have taken over the solar system. You use a multitude of weapons to kill them from bows, and sword to pistols and space guns, you can get it on steam for free and probably other places on the internet. SO IF YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH ME OR OTHER PEOPLE ON THE FORUMS POST BELOW: 1) Your username in warframe (SirBlazinGames) 2) Your steam name (SirBlazinGames) 3) Your warframe clan (Kitten Party) 1) SirBlazinGames 2) SirBlazinGames 3) Kitten Party
  4. Listening to a lot of SPOOOKY stuff lately XD

  5. Everybody get up, it's time to slam now We got a real jam goin' down Welcome to the Space Jam Here's your chance, do your dance at the Space Jam, alright Come on and slam and welcome to the jam Come on and slam, if you wanna jam Hey you, watchagonna do Hey you, watcha gonna do Hey you, watcha gonna do Hey you, watcha gonna do Hey you, watcha gonna do Hey you, watcha gonna do Hey you, watcha gonna do Hey you, watcha gonna do Hey you, watcha gonna do Hey you, watcha gonna do Hey y...

  6. I thought that Tom and Jerry, Loony Toons, and the Flintstones were on Boomerang, bot CN?
  7. If you like Cartoon Network's old shows or even some of the new ones then there use to be an MMO called Fusionfall just for you! It was amazing, it almost all the cool franchises, characters and universes made by Cartoon Network! But they stopped advertising it so everyone forgot about it and then they shut it down, BUT there is a petition trying to get it back up here: If you want to know more about the game or are now craving getting nostalgic about old Cartoon Network stuff I would suggest looking up Fusionfall OR BETTER YET READ THE NEW AMAZING COMIC Super Secret Crisis War! Super Secret Crisis War is a comic crossover between some of the greatest (and not so great, looking at you Ben 10, you started out cool but turned bad) Cartoon Network franchises ever, including Ed, Ed, and Eddy, The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, Ben 10 and Samurai Jack. It is a great comic and I think all of you should read it. Here is there cover art. Oh and one last this: if you signed the petition, have any feedback or want to talk about the awesome of old or new Cartoon Network or Fusionfall reply to the post, so then more people will see this!
  8. I found it through a link in the Everfree Northwest "guidebook"
  9. Granted: You get into drugs, alcohol and gangs. I wish that I could live in Equestria.
  10. Have you started yet? If not I would like to join If you have no big deal