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  1. Happy birthday! c: Hope you have a lovely time~ ^~^

  2. Does the "transformed" version of Sunset Shimmer in EG count?
  3. School's out in two days. Does it matter? Why wouldn't it!

  4. 222,409 Oh, and hello SpongeTron RobotPants.
  5. The gift of being happy and together e=with family on the holidays! No, too cheesy. I can't really pick a favorite for past Christmases.
  6. Also, how about we play A Christmas Story (1983). It's just a hilarious classic.
  7. Really, this episode didn't have much to offer at all. All it seemed to do is attempt to give a character more screen time, I guess since Applejack hasn't had enough appearances this season? It ended up just being kinda... bland. There was nothing that was annoying, disgusting, or offensive or anything like that, all I can say is that it was lacking and just plain slow. It's a candidate for the most okay episode of the series.
  8. Yes. I was sick for the entirety of last week and now need to catch up on all of it over the course of the month. It gets hard when you get to high school.
  9. My eyes are kind of a teal color, which is pretty much classified as blue.