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  1. Sir Galleth Cooper

    Movies/TV What movie makes you laugh the most?

    i like south park the movie ,the show , and the game :3
  2. Sir Galleth Cooper

    Most hated pony?

    i like all ponies i dont hate any of em :3
  3. Sir Galleth Cooper

    Can Ponies See Magic?

    maybe it depends on the spell :3
  4. Sir Galleth Cooper

    Tea or Coffee

    well i dont really like either. but i chose tea over coffee anyday as long as it has tones of sugar in it XD
  5. Sir Galleth Cooper

    How often do you use profanities?

    i always swear when talking wiht like friend but other people i try not to swaer same as online i try not to swaer
  6. Sir Galleth Cooper

    Movies/TV Opinions on Anime

    well im not a big fan of most animes but i do enjoy some :3 like pokemon and yeah thats it. lol also some others look cool but dont wanna read subtitles
  7. Sir Galleth Cooper

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    i am thinmking about minecraft and what to build where to find somone to play minecraft with me and soo one im alos thinking of things to draw
  8. Sir Galleth Cooper

    Skype/Discord/PSN/XBL/etc Exchange Masterthread

    im sir.galleth.cooper add me .3. i like to roleplay if u ever wnat to roleplay
  9. Sir Galleth Cooper

    What are you going to be for Halloween?

    ima dressing up as a killer
  10. Sir Galleth Cooper

    Five Nights at Freddy's

    omg love that game but i suck at it cant make it past night 3
  11. Sir Galleth Cooper

    My OC Crème brûlée

    awesome oc i really like her desgn
  12. Sir Galleth Cooper

    General Media Which fictional universe would you go to?

    sly cooper unvervese XD
  13. Sir Galleth Cooper

    If you could change anything about the series, what would it be?

    i would bring back sombra and make him a better charater instead of the cool looking charater taht says roar crystals or what ever the heck he says
  14. Sir Galleth Cooper

    Where did the bronies liking Dubstep come from?

    i dont know i dont like dubstep. i guess its prob casue lots of bronies like dubstep
  15. i dont think they should discuss mlp but instead about not steroptypeing males and females. And to stop givivng children about gender roles . so not only does it help men that like my little pony it helps women who might like "mascline " things.