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  1. In many Japanese game series, the main character usually has an edgy, bad-ass, anti-hero to counterpart them. Mega Man = Proto Man Sonic = Shadow Mario = Wario Pit = Dark Pit Samus = Dark Samus Ryu = Evil Ryu I have to wonder, what is Japan's fascination with anti-heroes?
  2. No. For one thing, unlike the Wii U, the Switch isn't clumsily slapped together or badly designed. There are flaws sure, but as a whole, it feels like a well made, and attractive product. Another thing, is that Nintendo is making sure they avoid the Wii U's mistake of front loading the Switch with too many games at launch, and instead, has a major first party release lined up for almost every month this year, to maintain interest and reduce software droughts. Nintendo is also doing a much better job marketing the Switch, way better than the Wii U. Them getting a Super-Bowl commercial was somet
  3. The use of the Wii Remote in Galaxy was integral to many aspects of the game. Pointing at the screen to collect out of reach Star bits, or guide Mario with pull stars makes much more sense than fumbling with a second analog stick. Sure, it's not outlandish use like Skyward Sword or Red Steel 2, but it didn't have to be. Galaxy takes advantage of the Wii Remote, without abusing it.
  4. The NSMB stagnation didn't start until The Wii U/3DS with NSMB 2 and U, both of which mind you, came out 3 months apart from each other, and added nothing substantial to their DS and Wii counterparts. At least NSMBWii was released a good 3 years after the DS game. Also, what about the other games I listed? Punch-Out!!, Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, Endless Ocean, Rhythm Heaven Fever, Xenoblade? I understand if you felt series like Smash or Paper Mario changed for the worst (Super Paper Mario was a fine game in it's own right, but not what many fans wanted. Sticker Star and Color Splash
  5. 1. Have you played many Wii games? Because while there were a lot of games that used gimmicky waggle for gimmicky waggle sake, There's also games like No More Heroes and Red Steel 2 which use it in much smarter, more tasteful ways that can really add to the game. Shooters, conceptually at least, were superior with the Wii Remote due to it's IR pointer. So it's unfair to write the motion controls off as a gimmick based on the effortless shovelware, when there were games that did try. 2. While Brawl, Skyward Sword, and Metroid Ohter M were disappointing for some, they were more the exception
  6. Let me clarify, I mean an anti-FiM that's actually good.
  7. Understandable, I see why people wouldn't want this style as a TV show, even Mighty Magiswords has better production values. Still, as a web series, I find it alright.
  8. Cartoon Network recently has stealth premired a new mini-series on it's digital platforms called Get Em Tommy. The show is created by Victor Courtright and can be found on Cartoon Network's App and YouTube channel. The premise, stick with me here, is about a naivé pink-haired boy named Tommy, who uses different fighting moves by jamming VHS tapes into his head. If this sounds completely stupid, well... it is, but it's actually a charming kind of stupid. No, the show isn't "funny" per-se, rather it's got a distinctive charm that makes it quite amusing. As a web-series, I think it's okay. Howeve
  9. Nope. It's about a show that's a good "anti-FiM". Something that has the same basic concept of a small enable of characters playing off eachother. But with the show being executed in reverse. So instead of an innocent, upbeat, educational kids show about cute ponies teaching friendship, It'd be a cynical, demented show about jerkass characters firing satire and social commentary at the viewer. Actually, I think South Park could qualify as a Reverse FiM.
  10. Think about all the things you like or liked about Friendship is Magic. The warm, inviting art style, the upbeat, optimistic tone, the idealistic nature, and the likeable characters who can serve as strong role models as they learn positive lessons about Friendship. Now imagine the complete opposite of that. A rough, nihilistic world filled with sharp outlines, bleak undertones, protagonists who are narsasistic assholes to eachother, as they engage in social commentary and depressing, philosophical messages. What show do you think, does a great job taking the same basic concept (grou
  11. Recently, Microsoft has been trying to make the Xbox brand more agnostic and floating. First, it started with the Xbox app of Windows 8/10, then it continued with them releasing their games on PC, specifically, their own Windows Store. Now, they've basically merged the Windows 10 and XB1 Xbox ecosystem's together, making it so that all games can be played on both PC and console, with the Xbox One even getting UWP apps. Is Microsoft trying to turn the Xbox brand into more of a gaming client ala Steam? Granted, Microsoft has said they'd develop Steam versions of some of their games before, a
  12. The seventh generation of gaming was very... Divisive among gamers. There were some amazing games last generation, plenty. But it didn't come without some problems. Game budgets exploded with the rise of HD development, so much so, that many developers went under because what was considered successful in generations past, wasn't enough to make back a budget today. New features like Downloadable Content and Software Updates were abused by publishers, looking to squeeze every cent out of their games as much as possible or cut corners to rush a product to market. But most notably, full retail gam
  13. It's called homogenization. Disney's success with wish-fufillment style kid shows in the mid-2000s changed executives perception of live-action kids shows. Shows like Hannah Montana came on to the scene and took the world by storm. In executives eyes, down to earth single camera shows like Lizzie McGuire, Surrealist live action cartoons like Pete and Pete, or Adventure shows like Alex Mack were no longer profitable. To get kids attention, you needed to flashy, grandiose gimmick with a laugh track and teenie boppers. Nickelodeon was hit by this, and their Live-action became less and less memora
  14. The Loud House? That's pretty much the best thing on Nick right now.
  15. Like I said, Nick needs a balance of both good Cartoons, and Live action shows. I'm not asking for every show to be great, hell, I'm not even asking them to stop spamming SpongeBob and The Loud House on the Schedule (Times have changed and streaming apps have largely taken over scheduled television for kids). All I'm asking for, is a little more variety and quality control in the programing the network produces. Animation has always been a big part of Nickelodeon, but people seem to forget that Nickelodeon's success wasn't just built on the Nicktoons, it was also built on shows like Clari
  16. Recently, Nickelodeon has been stepping up it's game in regards to the quality of their animated output. Starting with the cult favorite, Harvey Beaks, and continuing with the recent break out success of The Loud House. And if some of their upcoming Cartoons like Welcome to the Wayne and Pinky Malinky (which believe it or not, looks much better than the original Cartoon Network pilot) are an indication, good things might be ahead for Nick's animated lineup. Such cannot be said about their Live-action shows. Unlike Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon didn't just produce animated series, they also
  17. Video streaming apps are slowly overtaking traditional TV networks. They have the benefit of being both on-demand, and multi-platform, allowing viewers to take the content anywhere. However, several of the most popular ones, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are all subscription only. While that is an attractive option for those wanting to avoid commercial interruption an get a few other perks, not everyone has the budget to add yet another streaming subscription to their monthly bill. In that context, should more video streamers offer free versions? YouTube, Crunchyroll, and Twitch all come
  18. Remember that image that leaked on Toonzone with what looks like, a finalized version of the Twelve Forever cast? That tells me they're doing something with it. As for OK K.O., well it's been semi-leaked to have a show in development from the voice of KO. Ian-Jones Querty also isn't working on Steven Universe anymore. Cartoon Network has also talked about introducing new properties through means other than a straight to TV series before, that's how Mighty Magiswords got greenlit. So the mobile game and the shorts are likely part of that initiative.
  19. It's too early to say that now. It feels that way because a lot of pioneers of this decade are ending or have ended (Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gumball, Gravity Falls). There will always be good and bad cartoons in every decade. Hell, even the fairly lackluster 2000s had some diamonds like Avatar and Phineas and Ferb. As for Cartoon Network? Well, I won't call it doomed, rather, it's future is in limbo. Most of their shows are entering their final seasons, and very little has been said about future shows. There's still time for them to pull surprises, but it does paint a questionable f
  20. I think I came up with a good Toronto cast now. Here it is Twilight - Taja Isen (Atomic Betty) Rainbow - Jodie Resther (Francine from Arthur) Pinkie - Melissa Alto Fluttershy - Holly-Gauthier Frankel Rarity - The one who played Luna in the of Sailor Moon DiC dub Applejack - Stephanie Morgantown Spike - Tracy Moore
  21. That's another problem. Saban, unlike 4kids is pretty inconsistent with their practices. One minnute, you get Digimon, which keeps the Japanese setting and culture, as well as the Japanese names, anyone with a hard to pronounce name is simply given a nickname. I commend them for this... But then you get Glitter Force (AKA Smile PrettyCure) which gives all the characters English first names, but for some reason, they don't bother to localize their last names. Never mind the fact that they're doing this in 2016, the fact that they lack consistent practices for adapting anime is a big reason why
  22. My problem with Saban was that most of their dubs were just... Meh. Most of their licenses came and went, and left almost no impression on the anime community. And the corny jokes that added to Digimon came off as more cringey than funny more often than not. They were a company that did their job and were serviceable in their trade. But none of their dubs were particularly good or great, or even noteworthy. Even today, recently resurfacing as Saban Brands, the anime they currently dubbed aren't particularly infamous or attention grabbing. 4kids on the other hand is a company I can't help but
  23. The now defunct 4kids Entertainment was one of the most infamous and despised companies amongst the anime community. Known for importing Anime, and needlessly and mercilessly hacking them with a Cuisinart, the firm became known for outlandish censorship, bad voice acting, and shameless pandering to young children. But a very similar company existed years before 4kids' infamy came up, another company known for importing and/or adapting foreign material for an American audience, and ironically, also ran Fox's children's programing a long time ago. Saban Entertainment, formally a subsidiary/c
  24. TheMisterManGuy

    Animation Thoughts on Mighty Magiswords?

    Well, you can still watch them online through outlets like iTunes and Hulu. Besides, I don't mean to force you to like something, but I think you're letting Nostalgia blind you a bit too much. While many of the shows you listed are indeed quite good, I don't think you've given some of Cartoon Network's other newer shows a fair chance. Aside from Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Seven Universe, there's We Bare Bears, Uncle Grandpa is basically the modern day Cow and Chicken, Gumball is still going, and even Clarence isn't too bad either.
  25. TheMisterManGuy

    Animation Thoughts on Mighty Magiswords?

    Uh... What dark age? This is the same network that houses Adventure Time, Regular Show, Steven Universe, We Bare Bears, Gumball, and it's somehow in a dark age? Even Uncle Grandpa and Clarence aren't even that bad. Aside from Teen Titans Go to hell and Diet Powerpuff, there's nothing on CN currently that's objectively bad.
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