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  1. I can't make up my mind about the Aurora ones. But that Luna looks pretty nice.
  2. My family used to have a few, but not anymore. We had a little Shetland pony and a few others of different breeds.
  3. Depends on what you're looking for. They do carry 'em, at Walmart, but the manes are felt strips. The Ty ones are usually at bookstores (Barnes and Noble maybe?) or craft stores (Michael's). You'll probably have to go online for a Luna plush though.
  4. No posts? I really need to get my comp sorted out. I have a ton of flutterdash, but am being lazy
  5. It's all about motivation... and that is some serious motivation
  6. Winter is coming! Got a couple fun things planned for fall DragonCon, Sonoma Valley trip (visit aunt & uncle), Caribbean cruise (got lucky there!), Halloween, Winter Solstice funtime! Don't forget Talk Like a Pirate Day! Winter on the other hand... In my area we don't get winter, we get Fall+. It is as bad or worse than it sounds. Cold enough for snow, but not enough for it to stick. It is wet ALL the time (a few years ago we had a drought and ambient humidity of 80-90% on average). If it does snow, everyone loses their damn minds. Think Hyperbole and a Half's simple dog. "What is this magical white stuff from the sky? IS THIS THE END OF DAYS!? I'M SO HAPPY!!" EDIT: that turned me into a squirrel! yay!
  7. I like dragonflies well enough, nothing wrong with them. This one is red! There are worse things than dragonflies. Like scorpion candy
  8. For me it depends on how I'm feeling when I make the character. First, I usually just toss something together and beat the game. Then I pick a specific "class" I want to play around with. I usually make a few of those. Then I go for 100% everything in one run. That style depends on the game. In fallout sneak and a rifle make for a massive combat advantage. Computers and locks and speech are usually next. I don't much care for bloody mess, I like having bodies for storage and easy looting
  9. squid: mmm, lunch starfish: those things are weird, right? dogfish: fun Of those, starfish are my favorite. They're so strange. Radial symmetry is pretty uncommon in animals.
  10. I can appreciate your stance against meat. I still say that dissections are useful. The argument that animals are harmed by dissection is not really true. While many animals are used, most of them are waste products destined for the landfill. Some estimates place the number of animals killed for dissection around 1%. That's not to say I advocate animal abuse. Rather I believe that, when done properly, dissection helps to instill a greater understanding of and respect for our fellow beings. Hearing that all mammals begin life as female until testosterone kicks in is one thing. Seeing the transformation halfway through is something else entirely. Seeing the nerves and blood vessels in an earthworm may make you think twice before "playing" with one. After all, you have the same things yourself.
  11. I love science of all kinds. MIT has an OpenCoureWare program where they make many of their classes available freely online. Not accredited, but you can learn the info for free. I don't think they have any marine bio, but they are a great place for general sciences. Get those bio classes under your belt before you even start. What aspects of marine biology do you like? micro-organisms? aquatic mammals? deep sea creatures? maybe just cephalopods or echinoderms.
  12. Dissections are important in biology. Even if it's just earth worms. I know a doctor who did some of his cadaver work on a professor of his that died. It's a bit messed up, but it's also very important. Take fetal pigs for example. They are a by-product of the pork industry. We can use them for science or we can toss 'em. They aren't specifically harvested. Being against dissection only make sense if you are against meat, imo. I think that the discomfort from doing dissections is in itself beneficial. That's my two bits on that. I think learning styles are less important when to comes to learning. Knowing what helps you is good, but it's thought that using all of them helps you to learn the knowledge better than any one alone. Taking the same information in different ways helps to reinforce it. Knowing some techniques is more helpful. Interestingly, some classic techniques are less useful than others. Highlighting, for example, is not seen as favorably as it once was. Neither are rereading or summarizing. The cram session is frowned upon too. Spreading the learning out is good though. As are practice tests or flash cards. Anything the encourages you to pull the info out of you mind. Example flash card: integral calculus 1: the area under a curve 2: 3: 4: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0LA0WBM0mTY (audio) By putting the information in several forms and then trying to recall the answer, you can increase your ability to remember this fact.
  13. rofl... ... ... no really, wtf? that's hilarious. What browser are you using? Is it up to date? Ditto the OS. Maybe try an alternate browser. Or delete you cookies / cache. I will defer to anyone who knows more about the forum itself, as my knowledge on that particular subject is limited also the dot is killing me
  14. Have a botfly How about one in your eye? http://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/nsfl-botfly-removal-5-year-old%E2%80%99s-eye
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