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    Great Britain, Lancashire
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    "I have one of those very loud, stupid laughs. I mean if I ever sat behind myself in a movie or something, I'd probably lean over and tell myself to please shut up"
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    Animals in general
    Changelings of course!
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    More Tanks!
    Anything involving the colour pink...

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  1. Which animal would you like to become?

    A Salty or a Green Anaconda, who wouldn't wanna be an Apex predator with no worries besides others of your kind. Being a Saltwater Croc or Green Anaconda means I can just relax for days while waiting ambush for prey, that already appeases to my predisposed ideals of being a lazy munter.
  2. General What's a anime you like?

    I have only watched ONE anime in it's entirety and that is Parasyte: The Maxim version of course, honestly never been an Anime fan but Parasyte was somehow able to capture my interest.
  3. Last thing you googled?

    "/Biz/ Pink Wojak" Everyone knows the best Wojaks exist on /biz
  4. Make an excuse to not attend the above avatar's party

    We're not all bad ya know!
  5. Make an excuse to not attend the above avatar's party

    I uhhmmm... Well... Damn... Have a beard allergy? Yeah... Those really common beard allergies D:
  6. How much exercise do you do?

    I go to the gym on average of 6 times a week for an hour to an hour and a half, been doing that for abouuuut 7-8 months it's incredibly good feeling, helps with some... Serious stress and issues I had about 6-7 months back. But yeah, the average is 6 days a week.
  7. Out of 10, how sexy is your name?

    I mean... Keenan isn't a very... Hot name? It just sounds weird being said, kinda dislike my name to a degree yet like it at the same time cus it's unique. I guess 4/10?
  8. Things you do to release anger?

    I drink. Sounds bad I knooow but I drink in a good way. Lightly and just for fun, and well anything fun stops anger to a degree.
  9. The USER above you is naked in your bed. Your reaction?

    Oooh heya, deja vu Rising~?
  10. What would you do to the avatar above you?

    I'd slay them and make leashes, can always use a few horses.
  11. What Accent Does The User Above You Have?

    I would have to assume a Phoenix, Arizona accent... *Chuckles*
  12. What kind of drunk person are you

    I start out giddy, jumpy and really clingly and slowly devolve into an angry violent person. Not the best drunk but I am usually fine. Usually.
  13. Who is the most handsome forum user?

    *Looks at own name, goes silent then simply grins*
  14. I started up poetry again recently and have this... I guess you could call it a beta test poem? It's split poetry or free verse, not fully rhyming and not fully with rhythm but I think it works... Wondering what others thought of it? It's kinda bad buuuuut... I can work on it! ^^

    A painful sap
    Sticks and burns
    Eats and traps.

    A beast of no form
    A creature of no flesh
    A monster of no return
    A demon of no rest.

    A thing that is nothing
    A wicked wisp of a nothing.

    For this one nothing beast
    The innocent shall kneel
    The weak shall keel
    The skin that binds two shall peel.

    It rots within the essence of life and saps away the loving
    Leaving nothing but unrest and stout devotion to scarring the kind of notion
    This one nothing
    This one nothing
    This one nothing.

    An emotion.

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    2. Handsome Changeling

      Handsome Changeling

      I looked up Doki Doki and now my poetry looks like a hype train jump on! -0- I coulda done this sooner XD
      I guess the undertone was dark, the meaning is lost love and depression soooo I shoulda maaaaybe done something more positive. XD

    3. The_Gobo


      Meh, it's more the expression of emotion than it is conforming to what you think *should* be written o3o
      That's what I got from The Dead Poets Society, at least



    4. Handsome Changeling

      Handsome Changeling

      That's exactly why poetry is good ^^ It's what the writer wants from it and what the reader would like to interpret. Hence why it's such a broad spectrum, one poem can have a thousand meanings and help a thousand people somehow. 

  15. *boops the changeling*

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    2. Sylveon


      Just removing some people i dont talk too, adding people i want to talk to.

    3. Handsome Changeling

      Handsome Changeling

      Ahhh that makes sense, I did that with Discord and Skype awhile back

    4. Sylveon


      But im good. Well, okayish