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  1. Everytime I recognise someone from a few years back I click their profile and see those dreaded words "Banished" and keep wondering what happened its sad to see so many older faces go ;3;

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    2. Handsome Changeling

      Handsome Changeling

      Maybe inactivity is it that would make sense, and thank you I'll stick around longer this time I promise Widder.

      I am doing great thank you I hope the same applies to you Blitz.

    3. Blitz Boom

      Blitz Boom

      Yeah, it's going alright, no worries there. :) Hope you're doing fine too.

    4. xX_PinkDragon_Xx


      I haven't been active on here lately, either. Still, there's still some of us on here. And I hope you're doing okay. :)

  2. Everyone highly overrates Charizard, like everyone, I love the guy, he was, like most people my first starter as a Charmander, but Blaziken and Infernape both exist and are very underrated simply due to Charizard existing. Underrated is a pokemon who was once KING of the pseudo-legendaries and that is Metagross the multi-limbed super computer, even after being given a mega a few years back, having one of the coolest shiny forms, being a steel psychic type which is GREAT typing, AND having some great abilities like Clear Body while having impressive stats to boot no one ever talks about him, plus his design is great.
  3. Luckily all my teeth grew in perfectly, I think I got that from my mum considering she never needed braces when she was younger. But I had two friends who got braces and they both had them in for WAY too many years, complained of pain every time they saw their Orthodontist, got food stuck in them all the time, kept having their brace removal date pushed back due to problems completely out of their hands, honestly sounds like an obnoxious hell to deal with them. OH and years and years of having to avoid chewingum, chewy sweets and tough foods also sounds horrible.
  4. As someone who very recently turned 20 and lost my teenagehood, and someone who likes track suits, uses slang sometimes, I gotta say I ain't a nasty person or was a bad teen, I mean stereotyping a massive group of people as 'gangster angry teens who know no better' is pretty silly whenever I see people do it, being young in general just leads to actual Boomers (I do mean the literal baby boom people) just blanket statement attacking ALL young people and up voting and liking the most stupid comics, like the 'Teens these days don't know what colour the sky is' crap.
  5. Right where is the damn film camera and how am I gonna be murdered here? Better make it flashy I don't wanna be remembered for a bad death here Mr Krueger.
  6. Oh god that is a fair few years, if I recall it was three people around the same time, some may remember MrBrunoh1 the artist, I have zero clue if he is still activate sadly, RaritySparkleArtist was another very early friend but again, sadly I have zero idea if she is active too, Back Slash the avid RPer was the third, who I am still in contact with at the very least.
  7. Oh that's a pretty damn good question, gotta say I have quite a few, some funny some unpleasant, my fondest was at my mates 18th birthday two years ago, it ended with me necking well over a bottle of vodka over the space of an hour, I think it was a Smirnoff 1 litre, and according to my friends I refused to tell them where I lived cus I found it funny, what was funny I have zero idea but anyway they rung me a taxi since one of them remembered where I lived, so I ran away from the taxi laughing constantly once it got to his house and I apparently 'expertly' leaped over neighbours garden walls before running on flat pavement and face planting, gashing my eyebrow open, somehow, I hopped over like 5 walls to be defeated by the normal pavement.
  8. I have a hybrid Northern British accent, so I was born in Manchester and raised in Lancashire, my accent is genuinely amalgamated into one that doesn't fit a Mancunian or a Lancs raised person, quite messy.
  9. Oh, hey there! I just wanted to say hello, and that, though you're still apparently a fan of the old ways, that you're always welcome at the hive! If you'd ever like to talk I'm always available, I want all changelings to have the opportunity to live in the hive.

    1. Handsome Changeling

      Handsome Changeling

      Late reply my apologies! And yeah of course, I prefer the old ways, wonder if that's a shame on that one, I guess it depends on the point of view of the perceiver? It's great to hear that though!

  10. In my opinion, nothing will ever be cooler then boss crossovers... I mean come on Ridley, Bowser, M.Bison, Sephiroth, baddies like that working together is so satisfying...

    1. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      Plus, if you're a fan of Captain N: The Game Master, you can finally play a game with Simon, Mega Man, and Pit in SSB Ultimate 

    2. Handsome Changeling

      Handsome Changeling

      On top of that, Ridley and K.Rool were announced too recently if I recall? Finally as proper parts of a Smash game... Only took Ridley two decades to be playable... :lostit: