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  1. Happy birthday, Handsome

  2. I remember you. We used to roleplay back in like 2016 and 2017.

  3. "You ever felt the undying urge to punt a kangaroo? Just like right on the nose?" (Punt meaning to hit something)
  4. @Blitz Boom Up in the highest beams toward the roof, avoiding sight through the darkness the roof gifted a single pink eyed Changeling donning magenta carapace armour was musing while staring at the work that had gone into the saving of this theatre, the slate grey bug admiring the bile, goo substance reinforcing done, giving it a small amount of Changeling charm that the insectoid clearly was appreciating as they listened in on the performance. The spiny ears of the bug twitching at specific lines in the song, the most prominent reaction coming from, "Always seeking our place. Too scared to show our face." The stark hot pink eyes of the Changeling looking confused as they now began to focus fully, taking in the performance, even if it was a rehearsal. The clear conflicting emotions on the pink bugs face kept creeping across from corner to corner of its dimgrey muzzles lips. Once the performance was finished and the cheering died down enough the almost crimson pink featured bug clapped its tough, chitin hooves riddled with holes, the hoof clapping at a pretty loud, audible level. "Well well! That show was pretty damn good for a rehearsal I assume?" The male changeling uttered rather loudly from its high up perch, his coarse and strange voice matching that of most non royal Changelings but with a more goofy sounding undertone. "So are you guys for real? I heard there was a hive going open and stuff but actually doing it. Crazy bugs, ponies probably still fear ya!" His words may have come across as taunting, but it seemed to be riddled with guilt more than anything as the neon pink bug lit a small pink flame alight on its curved horntip to make it easier to see him. Likely to avoid awkward confrontation and allowing vision.
  5. Well your start does seem to fit the bill I desired too, starting in Las Pegasus is obviously a better option
  6. Based on that the other hive you have would be a great thing to interact with RP wise! It not only lets me utilise Void on his home turf in Las Pegasus but the idea of two hives, one being exceptionally secretive and the other wanting peace it seems like a good balance especially if I had Void leave the hive already and just show up to check on them only to find out another hive existed after his leave. Two opposing thought processes is a nifty idea though. Obviously Void would be moving around in his pony looking state and doing the ol' secrets and spies stop the cries of the hive n all that. Oh yeah here is the ol pony form of his too for future reference.
  7. "If you go to A and shove your lightsaber up their asses, I'll go to C and I'll abuse their dads trust me"
  8. Sorry sorry for not responding right away I was moving back home from uni! Yeah I was wanting to join as my boy Void in the signature, maybe I'll throw the mothpony in later, usually Void is just following any chaotic events for fun in his ponyform so setting could literally be anything! I have made Void a lot less edgy and strong too after rewriting his story if you wanna know if anything changed bar that personality wise Void is same old same old since reading a backstory is sometimes effort heh.
  9. Hmm, if I actually watched High School Musical I might be more invested in the songs and stuff, they aren't bad but I ain't gonna listen to it so its a 5/10, its passable and not bad but its not my thing. I'm stuck on a Dave vibe you feel me.
  10. If I just ignore you and sleep again... You gotta promise I don't get sleeping punched and die instantly.
  11. I don't really like getting blown up at parties I attend personally, I know I know, that is very nitpicky but what can I say.
  12. "Free balloons? I didn't realise the child rates here were so high!"
  13. Well. I dropped out of uni of Liverpool today and I thought I would stop feeling horrible cus of uni but coming home has just made me feel like a failure at life.

  14. Hey if they utilised the good guy comic King Sombra from the IDW series, assuming he still has access to his dark magics or he had just absorbed the evil Celestia and Lunas magics but retained some good inside him, I think he would make a damn good Dream Guardian, he's gone through nightmares to help Equestria by absorbing dark magic in an alternate realm, whose to say the current King Sombra wasn't good to begin with just like the alternate comic Sombra and that benevolent King Sombra isn't just hidden inside that shadowy form! (Honestly I prefer seeing Sombra this way, its the only way he seems to actually come off as a good villain otherwise he's generic cackle and bad)