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  1. I feel like the balloon pony is actually just the shows version of one of the lego movie master builders.. With balloons.. Just me. OK Anyway I liked the episode and I'm expecting Starlight to return for the finale!
  2. This took me almost 3 hrs (Inbetween two pictures so the time isnt very accurute anyway.. that didnt make sense did it?)... BUT I am really pleased with it :3
  3. BreezeRunner

    Younger Bronies

    Woo im 12 I joined the fandom 2 years ago..
  4. I use SAI when i have a ton of inspiration, if not i use mypaint.. They both turn out nice. ^^ MyPaint is free though ^^ But i'd still reccomend both of them.. Also, i'd try to stay away from pony creator.. . When i have a large project with a ton of stuff in it with most likely a group of ponies i like to sketch it out on paper until i have a picture that i like and then i sketch out the final picture i chose digitally, Then you've gotta do lineart.. base-colouring...Shading, background colour, and then if im really pleased with it i get exited and run it through some photoshop filters to
  5. Hai Breeze :) I is the LOOP GOD

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      okai i made an account :3


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      okai I admin u and eat kfc

    4. BreezeRunner


      Okai nice plan i will sit here and think about cats

  6. Thank you, Kothen! I'm happy to hear you like my 'art'
  7. Thank you Thunder dash! ^w^
  8. Thank you! I'm glad you like them! ^^
  9. Thanks everyone! (Didn't expect this many people to comment so fast..) Yeah, The larger wings were intentional in the first one.. I was mainly practicing less boring wing positions and all the body anatomy on that one but i decided to finish it and give it a background ^^
  10. Hehe i try to draw them but i always fail ;-; I guess its since i love to draw scoot.. She's so cute ^^
  11. Uh ok. So, here are some(3) of my drawings. There are more on my deviantart... Critisism is encouraged! :3 .. Bye! ...
  12. BreezeRunner

    ..Hi.. :)

    Hehe thanks guys! And its nice to know that there's other people like me ^W^
  13. BreezeRunner

    ..Hi.. :)

    Thanks everyone! I'm sure i'll be able to meet awesome people really quickly here ^^
  14. Hi. Welcome to the forums, Scoots fan. Hope you enjoy it here and PM me if you have any questions. Bai :3

  15. BreezeRunner

    ..Hi.. :)

    My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Fluttershy How did you find MLP Forums?: The power of Goooogle How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I cant remember... :c Uhrm.. Hi I'm really shy when i join places so sorry..! ;-; When i meet some people i'll be fine though.. Then i'll start acting random o-o Uhh.. SO. Anywayyy, I really loove to draw ponies, traditionally and digitally.. I dunno why but i almost never like my drawings though... T-T I also draw anime, not as good as ponies and i cant really draw it digitally.. :/ My two favorite Brony artists are... KnifeH and Tsit
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