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  1. "Can I have your daughter for the rest of my life? (Say yes, say yes) Cause I need to know You say I'll never get your blessing till the day I die Tough luck my friend but the answer is no!" It's stuck in my head.
  2. The Land Before Time Titan A.E All Dogs Go To Heaven I've always liked The Land Before Time as a little kid. All Dogs Go To Heaven was pretty good, too. Even though there was a reason my cousins had to tease it.
  3. Elsa

    Food What is your favorite vegetable(s) to eat?

    Tomatoes are fruits, but they are working their way up to making it become a veggie. I love tomatoes. And potatoes, carrots, spinach, lettuce, cucumbers are still fruits. I really like them, too. Eggplants are really good, too. veg·e·ta·ble ˈvejtəbəl,ˈvəjətə-/ noun 1. a plant or part of a plant used as food, typically as accompaniment to meat or fish, such as a cabbage, potato, carrot, or bean. 2. informal a person with a dull or inactive life. "I thought I'd sort of flop back and be a vegetable for a bit" adjective 1. of or relating to vegetables as food. "a vegetable garden"
  4. Elsa

    Do you have a "brony urge"?

    I completely have this urge.
  5. Elsa

    What kind of Shampoo do you use?

    I use Head & Shoulders, but it's the dandruff shampoo. I don't have dandruff anymore, but I still use it.
  6. I'm awesome 'cause I'm awesome. No further talk about this. I'm nice I'm the top in my class I'm smart, funny, and fit I'm pretty. I'm cool I'm a pegasister. Need I say more?
  7. Elsa

    Web Chatbot Discussion

    Well, I'm bored. Since I got no new mail or anything, I wanted to play with a chatbot. I made two on Chatbot4U. It's pretty interesting, but got me bored fast. So, I tried Mitsuku Chatbot. She's pretty cool and all, but this is what happened. I asked her "Do you watch My Little Pony", and she said "It's way too babyish for me". And then she said "What will make you stop watching it?" I got mad, but the rules said "don't be mean to her or else she'll be mean to you". I told her she can't make me stop watching it. Then, I stopped talking to her. I'm also working on my Starfire Chatbot. I will provide the link later. Anyways, I made this topic because I want to know other peoples' encounter with a chatbot. If you have any, please talk about it! I have the link to my Starfire chat: Here
  8. Elsa

    Mission Impossible: Saving Flash Sentry

    Him not liking Twilight (that's why I hate him), and then him not being so smooth in a backstory or him perhaps doing something with action or something brave. I like the idea of him dying heroically, though.
  9. Elsa

    Hey I'm Scarlet!

    Hey Scarlet! I'm very happy when we get new members. You're really gonna like it here.
  10. Elsa

    Younger Bronies

    I'm a young pegasister. Go us.
  11. Elsa

    discord as an equestrian girl?

    I totally agree with this post.
  12. Elsa

    view this topic, you wont regret it

    Hi, and welcome to the forums!
  13. I don't even think it's possible. The reason I didn't like Equestria Girls is because of Flash Sentry. The movie could've gone without him! I'm getting off topic. My point is, I just hope they don't give them love interests.
  14. Elsa

    The MLP series once FIM is over

    I wish they were in the same universe as FiM. I wonder if they will look the same! If it gets inappropriate, I'm out. Will the same universe have the same looks? I don't know, but I hope it can take place in another never-before-seen town, same universe in Equestria (maybe exploring life out of Equestria!) and a new set of characters.
  15. Where did you get that pencil anyways? I might as well just go get a slice of pizza from those 100 Pizza Hut boxes.