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  1. Sorry guys, been busy. "Holy shit that hurts." The medic gets the bleeding to stop and tells the commissar to try not to use that leg. "As I was saying...CAN YOU TASTE THE SWEETNESS OF VICTORY?!? ONWARD!" The team joins the other soviets on the roof, and starts to pick off defenders. "Who has that flag?"
  2. 36 hours? Holy shit man, get some sleep! "Remember, the enemy will be most dangerous when they are cornered. Do not let your guard down for a second!" The Russians move up to the balconies, engaging in small fights now and again. "This is it. One final push, and this will all be over. Can you smell it, my friends? Can you taste the sweetness of victor......" A shot rings out from a German handgun. Commissar Blaze looks touches his left fore-leg and notices that he is bleeding. He turns and dispatches the German, and then sits up against a pillar. "Medic!"
  3. After several of the defenders are killed, the remaining Germans throw down their weapons. Commissar Blaze has the POWs line up, and asks, "Who is your leader?" None of the prisoners speak up, so the Commissar takes out his sidearm and executes one of them. "WHO IS YOUR LEADER?" Two of the Nazi POWs point to a German Colonel, who is immediately executed by Blaze. The Commissar orders two men to stand guard over the remaining POWs. "To the roof, Comrades!"
  4. "Let's finish this." Commissar blaze reloads his MP-44 with a smirk on his face. "A bottle of vodka to everypony who survives! And Ice, I'm putting in a good word to Colonel Trixy for you." "After we secure the area, I want to get to the roof as fast as possible. We shall raise our glorious crimson banner over all of Berlin."
  5. "Outstanding! Move! Up the stairs and into the Parliament room!" The Commissar slings his rifle onto his shoulder and picks up a MP-44 from a dead German. The group moves up the stairs and encounters a hallway filled with Nazis. Blaze screams, "DIE YOU NAZI SWINE!" and unleashes his newly acquired assault rifle on them. Side-note: sorry everyone, its been a really busy day for me
  6. "Copy that Red Bolt." "Hmm...I'll have to draw his attention." Looking around, Blaze sees some barricades 20 feet to the left. "Ah, f***k it." Blaze starts sprinting to the barricades and screams, "AAAAAHHHH MOTHERLAND!!" Blaze dives behind the barricade, and tries to recover his breath while checking for wounds. He finds that somehow, he managed to make it with only a few scratches...at the price of a rather nice trench-coat which he finds is riddled with bullet holes.
  7. Upon seeing that Red Bolt made it to the door, Blaze greets him saying, "Comrade Red Bolt, good to see you again!" Meanwhile, Bullets start to tear away parts of the Commissar's cover. "Shit! We can't afford to be pinned down much longer." "Rainbow Dash, (who I assume will be here eventually) flank that machine gun. SUPPRESSING FIRE!!"
  8. "Cannon to right of them, Cannon to left of them, Cannon in front of them Volley'd and thunder'd; Storm'd at with shot and shell, Boldly they rode and well, Into the jaws of Death, Into the mouth of Hell Rode the six hundred," Commissar Blaze though to himself. He smiled and said, "Except, we will win." Taking cover behind a box full of some sort of German supplies, Blaze started to take shots at the German defenders in the lobby. "It won't be long now...won't be long until we wipe every single one of these fascists from the earth." Just then, Commissar Blaze noticed a new sound comin
  9. The one with the light bridges?
  10. "Excellent! Comrade Dead Aim, report!" "Comrade Dead Aim?" "...Damn...I hope he took ten of those sukas with him. Sergeant Read Bolt, see if there is a way to get to the roof, so you can provide fire through the skylight. Also, if you can, find out what happened to Dead Aim." "COMRADE ICE COLD, BREACH THE DOOR!"
  11. Lol I know that feel. Hang in there.
  12. Comrade Ice Cold, it shall be your honor to lead the charge. Show no mercy! The team makes its way to the entrance, killing every fascist dog they see. Commissar Blaze yells into his radio, "COMRADE RED BOLT, COMRADE DEAD AIM, We are about to enter the Reichstag! What is your status, over?"
  13. *returns salute* Sergeant Red Bolt, take Dead Aim, and find a good vantage point. Provide covering fire, and move up when you need to. You have five minutes to get into position. The rest of you, check you weapons and equipment. You wouldn't want your rifle to jam in front of a Nazi! (later) The time has come, comrades! NOT ONE STEP BACKWARDS! Commissar Blaze, takes up the rear in order to catch any traitors. He checks his weapon and thinks to himself, "We must not fail. I must not show any weakness if one of them desserts." "It seems like so long since Stalingrad...I have lost so man
  14. Alright, comrades! Today is the day we shall take the Reichstag, and crush the fascists! See how the dogs run from the great might of the red army? We shall push forward with all our might, and remember, as our great comrade Stalin has commanded, "Not one step backwards!" There will be no mercy for traitors or cowards! Forward! To victory!
  15. I got 122 on the test you linked. Feels good. Not sure if it's accurate, but feels good.
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