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  1. I like Disney, a lot. I want a Disney themed wedding. I'm collecting all 53 Disney Animated Classics on DVD, and have 16 so far. I like drawing manga, even though I'm not that good. I'm from England, but I really want to live in California. That pretty much sums me up
  2. Playing Octodad, and laugh a lot in doing so. Then watching a Disney film. Not the most romantic, but a very fun time would be had by all.
  3. A vulture. They're so lazy, because other animals just kill their food for them and they eat it. Sounds good to me
  4. I got a sewing machine , my inner Rarity has been unleashed. I got other cool stuff too, but that was the best
  5. That's really good! Keep practising and I'm sure you'll be amazing in no time
  6. Pikachu, just because it's the face of the original anime (and basically Pokemon for those who have never played/watched it), doesn't make it that good.
  7. Wow! It's amazing! I wish I could draw like you! The colour scheme really works with it too, you're super talented
  8. I told my friend once how much I liked the show, and she went away and watched it. The next day I asked her who her favourite pony was in which she replied "Rainbow Flash". Fair enough, she had probably only seen 1 or 2 episodes, and she was my friend so I overlooked it. A couple of weeks later she said she had finished all 4 seasons so I told that my favourite pony was Cheese Sandwich and she looked puzzled, but said "I like her too." Okay, he is only in 1 episode, I can see why she didn't know who he was, and that he was a dude. So I said my favourite princess was Luna. No comment. This is when I started to get annoyed, so I decided to see how far she would go. I said I think I'm most like Rainbow Flash (and I'm actually nothing like Rainbow Dash) and she replied with "Oh my gosh, you are exactly like her!" So she was the most annoying brony I met.
  9. Contribute to a Disney movie in any way possible. I also just read through everyone else's and it was all friend and family based,
  10. It annoys me when people know what it means because it is stupid, I don't see why being gay is a bad, or something you should say to make fun of someone. But when a little kid says it and they don't know what it means, it isn't as bad, as long as they're told why they shouldn't say it etc.
  11. Cheese Sandwich! How awesome would that be?! I would have a super duper party with the super duper party pony!
  12. Thomas-Brodie Sangster just melts my soul Plus he's the voice of Ferb Fletcher, and who wouldn't love that!
  13. His name is Cheese Sandwich , but seriously two of me would be too crazy! I would just watch Disney movies with him till the day is done