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  1. My great uncle (he's about 92) owns a DOS computer which was a gift given to him by my dad in the 80s, and the only two games he has on it is Solitaire and Tetris, so when I ever go to his house which is in a very rural part of Australia with all the koalas and stuff I play Tetris.
  2. I'm going to agree with everybody else. The storytelling is phenomenal in Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Gravity Falls is absolutely gorgeous and also has very good writing and clever jokes. But when I was younger I recall watching a lot of Ed, Edd and Eddy, Dexter's Lab, Animaniacs, etc. And those shows are definitely ones that I can come back to and appreciate them after 10 years of leaving it on the shelf. You tend to notice and pick up on the jokes as you grow.
  3. I eat my Oreos with grapes. I take a bite of the Oreo, making sure I don't chew the piece. (This is important because I need to mix the chocolate taste of the Oreo with the sweet taste of the grape), and I put a grape in my mouth. And at the same time, I bite both of them, unleashing the juices of the grapes, and the chocolate and creamy taste of the Oreos. This method can also be used with apples, strawberries and generally anything that goes good with chocolate. I'm weird, I know.
  4. Your signature is the also the bomb it's so cute and so deserving of Fluttershy!
  5. I consider myself bisexual with a heterosexual lean. I prefer male over female bodies, however I do occasionally get attracted to female. But it wouldn't be a stretch to call myself straight.
  6. I'm not picky with my food, to be honest. I'd probably ask for a large jaw breaker and make sure that they wait for me to finish it before killing me, giving it slow licks. Wait, I should rephrase that. It sounds sexual.
  7. Thank you so much. You're a very kindhearted pony
  8. i'm in a pretty crummy mood lately so I feel like giving compliments. I didn't see this game, so I'm going to start it now. Um, there's nobody above me so I'll compliment myself. You have a really cute cat!
  9. I've been all around Equestria, but somehow I've never seen one outside of a zoo before! Evenso, penguins are adorable. I do prefer bears though.
  10. Hello everypony! Crystal Ball is my OC for my story on FIMFiction (Here is the Link to it if you're interested, I may redirect my questions to that story so this is not just mindless advertising. It kind of is, but at least I'm doing it to help you) and also on a roleplay which I will probably link to later. Feel free to ask her anything you like, she's also very happy to tell your fortune! Hello! I'm Crystal, but my friends call me Cryssie. I'm not good with cameras, and even worse with words so if I can't answer anything about cameras or words, don't blame me because I never went to school.
  11. Okay, I've been advertising my new story everywhere, but I haven't put it in an update so it isn't official. Go read my story, okay? Thank you. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/257161/telling-the-future-with-a-crystal-ball

  12. "No, no! You don't need to buy beds for yourselves. You're the guests, and you need to be treated as such. She looked at the kettle as it began to whistle loudly. It was done boiling. She put in the water into the teacups and put in tea with a vanilla stick in each of them. She put milk and two sugars in hers, and brought the milk and sgar to them. "Er, I didn't know if you liked milk and sugar in your tea, so I just put in a vanilla stick. The vanilla stick makes the flavours burst. I accidentally dropped a vanilla stick in my tea, and since then I've never gone without it. I brought the milk and sugar anyway, if you do like it in your tea." She smiled at Grell and Suki, sitting in the lounge chair, taking sips of her hot tea every so often.
  13. Basically, I got into MLP when Portal 2 was out, or at least some time when this was released. So about March of 2011. I've been on and off in terms of the community, but its one that I definitely always come back to.
  14. I think that you're so brave to post it here to be honest! Public speaking is not something that I fear, so I can not relate to you, but I do understand your fear of death. I get squeamish thinking of death, and I find myself breathing heavily and getting nervous afterwards.
  15. I have a fear of ankles. If I recall, it's called Astrogolophobia. Ankles just look unnatural and disgusting and if there was a way to remove them without facing some sort of consequence I would. What makes it worse is when my ankles just randomly start hurting after I think about them for a while, or when my ankles touch together. It's just the feeling of them touching together that makes me squirm. That's why I always stand with my feet apart. Ankles are the death of me and I don't even care if anyone judges me because it's the gospel truth.