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  1. OOC Eternal Night OOC

    possibly. what kind of role would you like? and which OC? give me an idea, i'll bounce it off the others, and we'll see. @WiiGuy2014, I assume you're back from Disney? how was it? All, sorry, hectic week, lol.
  2. Private Eternal Night

    @Maple Bat @dosey doe Nova stood by the windows in the main room of the suite, watching the Manahattan citizens scurrying by on the streets below. Perhaps I should explore this city, he thought, learn a bit more about the ponies that live here. Maybe there are others who would welcome Nightmare Moon back. After several more minutes, he made his decision. "Maple Bat!" he called out, "let's go for a walk!" Using his magic, he pulled a black cloak from his room, and wrapped it around his body. A male alicorn would be easily noticed, but with his wings hidden, he would appear like just a large unicorn...
  3. Private Eternal Night

    @Maple Bat @dosey doe Swirls of magic energy moved slowly around Nova as he stood in the middle of his room, eyes closed in concentration. In his mind he could see his target hovering above.... His eyes opened in a flash, glowing with energy, as a pulse of dark magic shot from his horn to scorch the ceiling. Another moment later, and parts of it started to crumble away, revealing an very startled mare shaking in the remains of the servant's kitchen. He sighed, and headed out into the main room of the suite. Suddenly, a voice spoke into his head: "Since it will be a day and more before I arrive, Lord, please use this time to find out more about Ponyville from Maple, if you can. I should especially like to know if Celestia has ever been seen speaking with anypony in town on a regular basis. I shall make small talk with other passengers on the train and discover what I may." Recognizing the voice as Force's he turned and focused his magic on the sending stone in his room... "I will discover what I can and let you know who to study. Perhaps there is somepony there that Celestia cares enough about that she'll come if they're in trouble" His message sent, he released the stone from his magic and went looking for Maple Bat....
  4. OOC Eternal Night OOC

    No problem! All, obviously things will slow down a bit while he's gone, so don't worry. @WiiGuy2014, have fun in Disney! My mother worked at Epcot for a year after she retired from teaching (wanted to escape Chicago winter, lol). lot's of fun to be had when hanging out with the Mouse! EDIT: almost forgot, if you/your family orders a disney photo disk of your pictures during the trip, it will get printed by the company I work at! I won't see it personally, too many, lol, but it will come from here! just a fun fact!
  5. OOC Eternal Night OOC

    sorry everyone, kinda crazy weekend. give me a few to catch up and i'll reply
  6. Private Eternal Night

    @Maple Bat @dosey doe Nova smiled at Force's transformation, and took her sending stone with his magic. "Nicely done," he said. "Blend in with the local ponies and get all the information you can about Celestia's visits to that town. Prepare a plan to draw her out, and contact me once you are ready." He turned to face Maple. "In the meantime, return to your training. I will also be practicing with my dark magic. Unless you have any other suggestions?"
  7. Private Eternal Night

    @Maple Bat @dosey doe Nova started pacing again. "I assume you don't want to be recognized by anypony. Very well." he stopped in front of Force. "What do you think? This town sounds worthy of investigating, but would you be up to the task alone? Or do you have an alternate idea?"
  8. Private Eternal Night

    @Maple Bat @dosey doe "I have had visions," Nova told Maple, "and I see Celestia going there. Tell me, does she appear there often? Is the town of some importance to her?" He started to slowly pace around her room. "If something were to happen there.....would it draw her out?"
  9. Private Eternal Night

    @dosey doe @Maple Bat "Very well, then we shall ask her," Nova replied, and headed straight for the door, opening it with his magic. A few moments later he opened the door to her room. He didn't knock, as Nova had a bit of an arrogant streak in him. He was just used to getting his own way, as the Adepts had rather spoiled him as they raised him and taught him dark magic. "Maple," he said, "I understand that you have information about a town called, Ponyville...."
  10. OOC Eternal Night OOC

    @Maple Bat @dosey doe my bad! It's Manehattan. sorry, should've mentioned that....
  11. Private Eternal Night

    Nova turned to Force. "I have been seeing visions of a small town near the mountain where the sun-witch lives." He started pacing again. "It seams that whenever the town falls to crisis, she appears to restore order, or some such." He stopped pacing and faced her. "I am not familiar with this town. Do you have any knowledge?"
  12. Private Eternal Night

    @Maple Bat @dosey doe He floated among the whisps of air, nothing around him but emptiness. Concentrating, a world slowly formed around him, and he found himself hovering just below the clouds. "What is this place?" he asked, looking around at the rolling hills and forests. A mountain was just off to one side, a castle built into its side. And below it, almost at his hooves... ...a village. His eyes narrowed as he floated towards the simple hoof-built structures. "Why show me this place?" he questioned. "I must see her. I must see the castle, not some quaint little town!" But he continued to float downwards into the village... and he watched as a chariot carrying Princess Celestia came down from her castle to land in the square. Six ponies came out to greet her, including one he was told was the Princess of Friendship. Then Celestia returned to her chariot and flew back to her castle. The sky filled with light.... And Nova opened his eyes. He had been trying to meditate, to focus on Celestia and Luna. But all he got was the same vision as he had the past several days. Each time he saw that town, something would happen, and Celestia would appear...and leave just as suddenly. What did it mean? "Wait," he muttered, thinking. "Each time, she comes. Each time something happens there, she comes down. That town must be important to her for some reason." He started pacing, trying to decide what to do. "I can't reveal myself too soon... but..." he stopped, and a grin crossed his face. "Force Magnitude! Come to me!" he called, knowing she would hear either his voice or his thoughts. "I have an errand for you!"
  13. OOC Eternal Night OOC

    @dosey doe, love the pic! It looks like she's ready to break into a disney-villain-song! @WiiGuy2014, don't forget about @Techno Universal. He had a reply to Will in the RP, gave you a cape too i believe...
  14. OOC Eternal Night OOC

    plot point/plot device. potato po-tah-to.
  15. OOC Eternal Night OOC

    you're definition is correct. just setting up something that @dosey doe and I talked about....