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  1. NASCAR/Auto Racing Discussion

    *throws hat onto the floor* Someone please tell me what happened to Brad's car? He was doing great, then the car just died on him? Tire, something break? Radio didn't say. Was hoping #17 Ricky could pull it off near the end. ah well.....
  2. Good Morning @nx9100. How are you?

    1. nx9100


      Good afternoon!  (1pm here at the moment)  doing alright, just waiting to go home for the weekend!

    2. JustAnAmatureWriter


      Same here.


  3. NASCAR/Auto Racing Discussion

    I don't think Hendrick would switch. Doesn't Rick Hendrick own a Chevy Dealership(s)? Too good of a marketing tie-in. Welcome Brother! You are not alone! Man, I wish I found this thread months ago! I used to do a NASCAR blog here after every race, didn't get it started this year.... While I will admit that adding stages has made the races more exiting to watch, the points system is starting to get way to complicated. different formats for different races and such. Personally, I think they should go back to the old point system, no playoffs/chase crap. But keep the stages and stage bonus points.
  4. First, sorry for the delay. was preoccupied with things. I like her, and sounds like a good fit. Do you want to have an actual plotline, or more of day-in-the-life sort of run? Just start things out and see where they go?
  5. Thank you! and what OC are you going to use?
  6. kool! so gangster/mafia eh? what oc would you like to use? And any specific scenario you want to start with?
  7. hey, sorry for not getting back till now. left work, and was playing Star Trek Online the past few hours. Yeah, we can do something like that. day-in-the-life of pony gangsters, eh? and to be honest, i'm not a big fan of anthro. i mean, i'll do it, but always preferred RP's (and fanfics) of ponies. if... that's ok with you......
  8. OOC Eternal Night OOC

    prob did. lost to the endless abyss that is the internets..... can do a new one if you want
  9. OOC Eternal Night OOC

    no prob. I added you to our message list that has some more details about the RP, so you can get up to speed.
  10. OOC Eternal Night OOC

    @dosey doe, @Star48955, @Maple Bat, @Techno Universal, @We. No problem, good to see you again! for anyone who missed it, this is Natural Beauty, from the old RP. Have you had a chance to read the new one? any idea how you'd like to join in?
  11. Welcome back @SmokeSong! i started a new rp, and you'd be welcome to join in! Check it out, and let me know!
  12. Private Eternal Night

    @Maple Bat Nova nodded in agreement. "I too have after wondered if the Adepts' tales of her power were overblown," he said. "I mean, how else could the Changelings almost take over? Or even Discord, for that matter?" He looked up and the sun above them, refusing to squint his eyes in the bright light. "We are left with two possibilities. Either her power is far less than is believed, or," his cobalt eyes focused on her own, "she really IS as powerful as they say, and she's been letting others do her work for her. Perhaps her powers, while strong, have limits. Or else she just enjoys watching others do her work for her." By now, their walk had taken them closer to the castle itself, and they past a squad of Royal Guards on patrol. Nova watched them out of the corner of his eye, but they didn't give the two outsiders a second glance.
  13. OOC Eternal Night OOC

    All, sorry for vanishing again. had to run home last week to take care of my mom, who fell and broke her wrist. was helping dad take her to surgery and help her recover. doing fine now (loves those pain pills, lol). i'm back home, so give me a bit to sort things out and i'll reply to the rp!
  14. Merry Birthiversary!

    1. nx9100


      Thank you! :pinkie:

  15. Private Eternal Night

    @dosey doe Starshine shook her head. "I'm sorry, but I don't know," she replied. "I've seen her there before, always visiting with Princess Twilight about some important matter or some such." She thought about it as the train started moving. "I usually see Twilight and her friends around town, and would suggest introducing yourself, but they are away at the moment. An important royal visit to Saddle Arabia, I believe."