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  1. I'd say go ahead anytime. Might help get the others moving again, lol
  2. hello! If you're still looking, i wouldn't mind doing a casual slice-of-life rp. Perhaps Random Action, just moved to Ponyville, makes a new friend in Dosey Doe.
  3. @Star48955, @Buck Testa, @Maple Bat, @WiiGuy2014, @Techno Universal, @dosey doe just checking that everyone is still alive. If not, let me know.
  4. Austin, where my sister and cousin live. Oh, and I'm home now, so ready to continue if everyone else is.
  5. Last time was back in 2003, visiting the same family as this weekend. And before that was sometime in the 90's. That time, flew on TWA, if anyone else remembers that airline, lol
  6. so i;m here in hotel in Texas! luckily the wifi is working, lol.
  7. @Maple Bat, @Techno Universal, @Star48955, @WiiGuy2014, @Buck Testa, @dosey doe not much activity lately. I know, i'm one to talk, lol. just wanted to check in with you all. also, starting Wednesday night through sunday night, i'll be away visiting family for thanksgiving. will have my laptop and will check in hopefully once a day to post. Just wanted to give a heads-up this time, instead of just disappearing, lol
  8. I like the scarves for the reformed changeling idea. what do you think @Techno Universal? The full capes could just be for the hero-main characters.
  9. @Maple Bat, which element did I get ahold of again? @Buck Testa, feel free to have Sombra encounter Ennex somewhere outside the palace. I've got a little fun in mind.... Roll with it, I PROMISE it won't be OP!
  10. Ennex bowed to her. "Of course, my Queen." He waved behind him, and a hooded pony stepped forward from the shadows of the throne room. It picked up the element and followed Ennex back out into the adjacent hallway. He cast one last wicked grin at the Queen as the doors closed with a *thud*. Once outside, he turned to the hooded pony. "Take the Element back to my tower, and begin the program to decipher it. I will join you shorty, after running a small errand." The other pulled back his hood, to reveal yet another Ennex-copy. He also grinned, and began to trot out of the palace. Ennex himself concentrated all his energy....and moments later vanished in a flash of light....


    1. Eccojams Vol. 1

      Eccojams Vol. 1

      Shame that Teresa still has the rights for the #8 itself. That's why you don't see the #8 much in it. :/

  12. @Maple Bat, @Techno Universal, @WiiGuy2014, @Star48955, @Buck Testa Yes, i'm still alive. yes, i'm still in this. i want to personally thank you all for putting up with me. I get into these super-depressed moods, and just block out everything for a few days at a time. (go home, ignore roommates, stay away from internet, etc). that's why sometimes several days go by without any replies from me. and no, Buck, it isn't very professional/sporting/fair for the other RP'ers. I know that. All I can ask is to bear with me. Oh, and as the unofficial/official DM of the RP, @dosey doe consider yourself accepted! Find a nice place in the current story and jump on in! Now, to get caught up and post my own reply....
  13. yeah, i was kinda vague on what happened. wanted to leave it open-ended, in case we wanted/needed to bring him back. i wouldn't mind you playing as him, since @Maple Bat is also doing Chrysalis. just gotta figure out exactly what happened to him so you can take over him. give me a few to think it out....
  14. @Maple Bat Ennex shrugged. "I was unaware that they possessed one of the Elements. It was my understanding that they had all vanished with their original bearers." He scratched his chin thoughtfully. "I wonder how such things would interfere with my..." he broke off. "This was obviously an oversight in my intelligence network. I assure you that it will not happen again." He took a moment to watch the Queen. I could simply assimilate her. But no, now is not the time. Perhaps later. Instead, he bowed. "If you would grant it, I would like to take the Element for a few tests. Perhaps we could use it to our advantage. Do you know which of the six Elements it is?"
  15. I still need to figure out how to sever or block that... lol