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  2. nx9100

    Searching Life in Canterlot Castle OOC

    sounds interesting. just gotta decide which oc to use and how....
  3. nx9100

    Private 1x1 with nx9100

    Random had just closed his eyes when..... SLAM!!!! He jerked up and fell off the couch. "What the hay?!" he shouted, scrambling to his hoofs. A few quick head turns later, he noticed the closed door. "But....I.....how....." he stammered, slowly moving over to the door, eyes searching the room. Suddenly, he felt.... his ears perked up, head slowly turning around. He couldn't see anything, but felt......a presence. He gulped, trying to figure it all out....
  4. nx9100

    Private 1x1 with nx9100

    (OOC: glad I checked this. never got a notification....) The door creaked open, and Random trotted into his home, leaving the door open as he frequently did. He moved over to collapse on the couch, rolling over to look at the picture frame on a small table. It showed him and a pale-green pegasus mare with a yellow mane laying on a grass field. He winked at the picture, "I can't wait till you get here!" he said with a laugh, and rolled back over to stare at the ceiling. "It's been a long two months. Gotta talk to Bro about getting you more time off." Talking to Starshine's picture had become a habit of his, and though others might think him crazy, he didn't mind. "Maybe just a nap," he said, and rolled onto his side.
  5. Well, Sunday was an interesting night...... Best moment for me was watching Strowman throw Owens off the cage! But the rest of the matches left me dumbfounded.... ah well
  6. nx9100

    Private 1x1 with nx9100

    It was another lovely day in Ponyville, and Random Action was trotting through town, a silly grin on his face. He had just left Sugarcube Corner, having placed an order for a special cake for a special pony. His grin widened, thinking about when Starshine was going to come visit him in a few days. I'm glad she got some time off, he thought to himself as he turned a corner onto a street lined with houses. We haven't seen each other in almost two months! Starshine lived and worked in Manehatten as an assistant to some business partner of his brother. But Random didn't know too much about it, not being involved with his brother's dealings. He preferred a more care-free lifestyle, and with a little financial backing from his twin bro, he was able to live it. He neared the end of the house row, and headed for the last one, with an odd-colored green door. It was like that when he moved in, and Random never bothered to have it changed. Still with his grin, he trotted over to the house....
  7. @Vocal Analyst, The Alexa/Nia match will be interesting..... with Ronda Rousy sitting ringside and NO DISQUALIFICATIONS, lol....
  8. @cpl_dixon, Smackdown Tag Team Championship.... I dunno. Kane, though with Undertaker, took on the Bludgeons, plus Strowman and Whayt when those four were a group.... and destroyed them. Though Kane seems tamer now, and matched with Daniel Brian instead. Kane's return the other week made me jump outta my chair! gonna be good, that's for sure.... Be great if US Championship match involved ladders, lol. My money's on Asuka too. Will be fun with James Ellsworth suspended over the ring in a cage! And maybe we'll all end up celebrating Rusev Day, who knows?
  9. With the WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view this sunday, I was wondering who else here besides myself is looking forward to it? Going to be some exciting matches! Personally, I'm hoping that Asuka and Nia Jax both take the Women's Championships. And can't wait to see Kevin Owens trapped in a cage with Braun Strowman! That will be fun to watch! What do you think will happen? Who's your favorites to win the championship matches? Art by hells-edge And yes, I know it's all scripted. No more real than any other "reality show". Please no responses about 'how fake it is' and such. Let us enjoy our fiction!
  10. nx9100

    NASCAR/Auto Racing Discussion

    So, i'll be honest. I was there at Chicagoland (home track for me) and at the time we all boo'd Kyle Busch. But after thinking about it, and watching the replay, I don't think Busch meant to spin Larson. Looked more like was trying for a bump-and-run, just hit a bit too hard and Larson couldn't hold onto it. And let's all admit if Dale Sr. did that we'd all be cheering, lol. Cryle Busch (love that nickname!) is a whiner, but I gotta give him that one. He and Larson were racing hard...
  11. Kool. Then if you don't mind, I'll use Random Action and maybe his marefriend. Brother Ennex could make the occasional appearance. Feel free to start a RP thread, and I'll jump into the pool!
  12. Sweet! And thank you! Is there any particular way you'd like to go? Slice-of-life and just run with it? Any specific OC details?
  13. nx9100

    Im new

    That has to be the most creative welcome I've ever seen! Love it! Sorry, just had to reply to that!
  14. Good Morning, I wouldn't mind doing a character-development RP myself. Doesn't have to be a specific storyline unless you want to. And believe me, I know full well how much real life can get in the way of rp's, lol. As an example, here's an excerpt from a past RP of mine, with my OC interacting with an NPC....