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  1. NASCAR Duals starting on Fox Sports 1.  Let's Go #2 Brad K!!!!!!!!!

    1. nx9100


      Well.... fudge.   At least teammate Joey #22 won the second dual.

  2. Another small section of the forum I didn't know about, lol. My mistake, and thanks for the correction! (as i originally posted this in the 'general' section)
  3. nx9100

    NASCAR/Auto Racing Discussion

    Guess we'll have to agree to disagree on this one, lol. In my opinion, Menard did move to block, but Johnson still didn't give enough clearance. Rubbing is racing, I guess.... Onward to the 500!
  4. nx9100

    Who's your favorite WWE wrestler.

    Back in high school, when i watched wwe (attitude era), loved the Rock and Stone Cold. Hardy Boyz were favorite tag team. Started watching again last year, missed a hellava lot of time, lol. New fav is deff Bobby Roode! His entrance is simple.....GLORIOUS! Jeff Hardy, Auska, Finn Balor, and Nikki Cross are others.
  5. Hello everypony! I'm starting a new project, and was hoping to get some suggestions from the various creative minds around here. As you can see in the attached photo, I've got the beginnings of a model train layout. It's built on four 6'x30" tables arranged in a square. Each table will be a different theme, with a small divider between them. Here's where you can help. One table (back corner of the photo, will post better pic later) features a figure 8 pattern of train tracks. I was thinking of building a MLP-themed village there, inside the loops. Will populate it with blind-bag figures from my collection. My issue is I'm not quite sure how to make buildings/structures that would look like those from the show. I know I could just create my own and call it a never-seen-before town (as the show likes to do), but I wanted to have it recognizable to other MLP fans. Never made buildings from scratch before, so if anyone here has some suggestions for them, or other ways to make an MLP-theme table, please share! I mean, I could just buy the playsets, but wanted something a but more.....creative, lol. All suggestions and ideas are welcome! For reference, the other three tables are going to be: 1. Car Talk Plaza: themed from the radio show 'Car Talk' (table with large building) 2. Industrial area with a Transformers battle scene (right-hand table in photo) 3. Gundam factory (far back table in photo) 4. Pony-theme (back left, darker colored wood) And for those of you model railroaders: Layout is using Lionel O-27 tubular track. Power from a vintage Lionel ZW transformer, running TMCC (original, not Legacy). O-27 is the only size that will fit a full circle on a 30" wide table, which is why no FastTrack, as it's smallest radius is 36".
  6. nx9100

    NASCAR/Auto Racing Discussion

    Personally, I agree with what one of the commentators (don't remember which one) said, in that Johnson mis-judged the distance he was trying to clear Menard by, and ran into the #21. Menard barley moved, and Johnson got into his bumper and turned him. We saw plenty of side-draft passes yesterday and no one else made that mistake. My belief that it's Johnson's fault, not Menard's for a possible block attempt. Also, was disappointed that they didn't just wait out the rain. Daytona's got lights. Guess NASCAR wanted to give a win to "7-Time the Third", since he hasn't won since spring of '17. Hopefully a good sign for Team Penske's performance this Sunday!
  7. It Begins.  We are one week away from the 61st running of the Daytona 500.  I am really excited for this season!  If the Clash at Daytona yesterday was anything to go by, the Fords are gonna be strong this Sunday!  

    Paul Menard was the pied-piper for nearly the entire Clash race, leading 51 out of a rain-shortened 59 laps (normal distance is 75 laps).  He had all three Team Penske Ford Mustangs working together with his Wood Brothers #21 Mustang to dominate most of the race.  However, a late caution shuffled the field, and Menard was left alone at the front with Hamlin, Johnson, and Kurt Busch.  Johnson, running second, attempted to make a pass for the lead on the inside.  He knew rain was coming, and wanted to be out front in case the race was called.  However (and he didn't admit it at the time), he misjudged the distance to pass Menard, and ran into the 21, turning Menard around and collecting nearly the entire 20 car field.  Only 3 cars, not including Johnson, escaped without damage.  The race was red-flagged for cleanup, then the rains came, and Johnson was declared the winner, as he was in the lead when the caution flag waved.  This ended his winless streak that started in spring of 2017.

    Here's hoping the 500 has a better ending.




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    2. Eccojams Vol. 1

      Eccojams Vol. 1

      I honestly don't think Johnson should have won that. He and McMurray are the biggest wreckers at plate tracks. Also this is the third plate race that Johnson has wrecked Menard (Talladega 1 and Daytona 2 last year)

    3. nx9100


      @Eccojams Vol. 1 I completely agree.  Johnson was playing the 'poor me i'm supposed to win i'm 7-time champion!' routine.  I also get annoyed how they talk like no one's won 7, calling him 'Old Seven-time'.  He should be called 'Seven-time the 3rd'.

    4. Eccojams Vol. 1

      Eccojams Vol. 1

      Yeah not the first time he made a boneheaded move (Charlotte Roval) :laugh:

  8. What does the quote on your profile banner say. It's partly block by your picture.

    1. PoisonClaw


      "That's the problem with heroes, really. Their only purpose in life is to thwart others. They make no plans, develop no strategies. They react instead of act. Without villains, heroes would stagnate. Without heroes, villains would be running the world. Heroes have morals. Villains have work ethic." 

    2. nx9100
  9. I'm still alive!  Just haven't been RP'ing much lately.  Been alot of stress with home life and work and such.  But now i've moved to a new place with new people, and work seems ok, so hopefully the stress will calm down and i can focus on more fun things, like active here.  If anyone wants to chat or RP, just let me know!  I'll be checking messages here daily from now on!

  10. nx9100

    Planning Equus

    None necessary! We all know how life can get in the way of things, lol.
  11. nx9100

    Planning Equus

    I'll have to dig it out, and re-upload. give me a day or so!
  12. nx9100

    Planning Equus

    Life tends to get in the way, lol. And I just realized something. Didn't I make a car for you in Forza a few years ago? Delorean, wasn't it?
  13. nx9100

    Planning Equus

    If that's the case for the Everfree Republic, maybe I should re-write my OC's bio to place him there. Since it looks like many of you are leaning towards the Midnight Empire, might be good for me to go to another nation. That could give us a built-in power struggle between not only the nations, but our OC's as well! more interesting rp'ing, i would think.... will wait for @Buck Testa to post more info on the Republic before I decide....
  14. nx9100

    Planning Equus

    I was thinking that the black market ring would focus on more....common artifacts and items. Zebra potions, for example. Getting a hold of Magitek items would be a much harder task, one so difficult that it could prove a major plot point...... Thanks for the vote of confidence! You set up a nice challenge for me that I look forward to with great excitement!
  15. nx9100

    Planning Equus

    @Buck Testa, amazing work on the Empire's history! You've really put a great deal of thought into this! Honestly, it would make for a great fanfic by itself! Well done! Btw, did you get a chance to review my character's updated bio? And if you can think of any way he could somehow be working for some evil and/or dark plot, please let me know!