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  1. nx9100

    Planning Equus

    None necessary! We all know how life can get in the way of things, lol.
  2. nx9100

    Planning Equus

    I'll have to dig it out, and re-upload. give me a day or so!
  3. nx9100

    Planning Equus

    Life tends to get in the way, lol. And I just realized something. Didn't I make a car for you in Forza a few years ago? Delorean, wasn't it?
  4. nx9100

    Planning Equus

    If that's the case for the Everfree Republic, maybe I should re-write my OC's bio to place him there. Since it looks like many of you are leaning towards the Midnight Empire, might be good for me to go to another nation. That could give us a built-in power struggle between not only the nations, but our OC's as well! more interesting rp'ing, i would think.... will wait for @Buck Testa to post more info on the Republic before I decide....
  5. nx9100

    Planning Equus

    I was thinking that the black market ring would focus on more....common artifacts and items. Zebra potions, for example. Getting a hold of Magitek items would be a much harder task, one so difficult that it could prove a major plot point...... Thanks for the vote of confidence! You set up a nice challenge for me that I look forward to with great excitement!
  6. nx9100

    Planning Equus

    @Buck Testa, amazing work on the Empire's history! You've really put a great deal of thought into this! Honestly, it would make for a great fanfic by itself! Well done! Btw, did you get a chance to review my character's updated bio? And if you can think of any way he could somehow be working for some evil and/or dark plot, please let me know!
  7. nx9100

    Planning Equus

    Character sheet: Name: Ennex Gender: stallion Race: Earth Pony National Affiliation: Republic of Everfree (kinda) Personality: Intelligent. Cunning. Mischievous. Arrogant. Smooth. Cultured. Evil. Flaws and quirks: Likes to be in control of everypony around him. Enjoys plotting schemes and wants you to know it was him who outsmarted you. Doesn't like to get his own hooves dirty, but will when necessary. He usually acts all kind and friendly in public, to maintain appearances. Enjoys both classical music, as well as more, modern flavors from a certain DJ.... Biggest flaw is his own ego and arrogance. Believes his intelligence is unmatched, and that he has planned for everything. Biggest weakness, and only truly good part of him, is his love for his brother, the only pony he will never harm. Goes out of his way to take care of his brother and keep him safe. (this could be exploited) Specialties/talents: His biggest strength is his intelligence. Is skilled at manipulation and controlling others. Always has plans within plans within plans...... Wears magic glasses that allows him to 'see' the darkness in a pony, made from illegally-obtained Magitek. Bio: Ennex was born in the Republic of Everfree to a poor family. His father was an earth pony that worked in a steam plant, while his mother was a unicorn that fled from the Empire. Through some twist of his mother's magic, he and his brother ended up as two sides of a split personality: his brother the kind and lovable side, he the more twisted and darker side. After loosing his parents to an accident, he struck off on his own, not satisfied with a simple life underground and desiring more power for himself. After wandering the borders between the nations, he encountered a unicorn that abandoned the Empire due to her broken horn. The two became smugglers between the Republic and the Empire, and eventually formed a large criminal organization, specializing in black market goods and stolen Magitek and zebra artifacts. Rumor has it he even has plans for Equus itself.... Physical description/image:
  8. nx9100

    Planning Equus

    @Buck Testa, actually, when I updated his bio, forgot to change his affiliation to Everfree, lol. Take the following part from his bio: "After loosing his parents to an accident, he struck off on his own, not satisfied with a simple life underground. He became a smuggler between the Republic and the Empire". Was going to mention in the rp at some point that he has an accomplice in the Empire, my other OC Sakuya. but figured i'd get to that later. Heck, let me just re-post the updated bio here....
  9. nx9100

    Planning Equus

    @Buck Testa @Lektra Bolt Buck, don't be too hard on Lektra, was just pointing out a few flaws in my oc's bio. I have updated it, please let me know what you think!
  10. nx9100

    Planning Equus

    @Lektra Bolt, I understand what you are saying. Updating character sheet now, give me a few minutes......
  11. nx9100

    Planning Equus

    @Buck Testa @Lektra Bolt, Wait! I have a much better idea!!!!! One that fits my oc's original intent, yet also changes him to fit this new world! Give me a few to update my character sheet above then let me know what you think....
  12. nx9100

    Planning Equus

    @Buck Testa, ok, that makes more sense. I re-read your original post, and guess I didn't take the entire length of time into account. If you're ok with the rest of my OC's bio, then I'll just change his home-city. btw, what IS the capital of the Empire? Would it be Canterlot(name?) or a different city?
  13. nx9100

    Planning Equus

    Personally, I would have it as Ponyville being an abandoned, ruined town. That way, when the Mane Team from Prime Universe show up, they have somewhere to start out at that is drastically different. Manehattan should exist, but a more run-down and crime ridden, like Gotham City. I would have it as a city that, while under Unicorn Empire control, is populated with a mix of species, perhaps the only place where they live together, though still separated by class. The Unicorns live in the towers in spender, the Earth ponies in the slums and working the labor, while the few pegasus ponies are somewhere in the middle. Being on the coast on the Empire's edge is what gives it this mixup. Would also allow a point where characters from both sides could potentially encounter each other. If you don't want Manehatten like this, let me know so I can update my OC's bio.
  14. nx9100

    Planning Equus

    now THIS looks like a great story! I just need to figure out where I can fit in. never was much for playing cannon characters...but if needed I think I can give it a try. Might be able to pull off Starlight or maybe Fluttershy...... And if there is any way that Ennex can be a servant/adviser/etc for Midnight Sparkle, please please please! lol I know he's technically an Earth pony, but perhaps his intellect and evil nature somehow won him a place in her court?
  15. nx9100

    NASCAR/Auto Racing Discussion

    And I've still got all three Team Penske drivers in the NASCAR Chase: Brad Keslowski is 4th in standings, Joey Logano 6th, and Ryan Blaney 8th. not too shabby!