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  1. @Maple Bat, @Techno Universal, @Star48955, @WiiGuy2014 They marched through Canterlot, away from the palace and heading out towards the road that lead down the mountain. Several rows of Changlings marching shoulder to shoulder, five across each row. They moved in perfect sync, eyes forward with blank stares. The citizens cowered back as they passed, not having seen a display like this since Sombra and Chrysalis first came to power. At the head of the troop, Ravage followed Ennex as he lead the way out of the city. He was pleased that his master finally seemed to have pulled himself together and was taking charge of things again. He was looking forward to a rematch against the rebels, and they made where way in the direction of Ponyville....
  2. @Star48955, @Maple Bat, @Techno Universal, @WiiGuy2014 Once again (no thanks to me, lol) things here seemed to crawl to a stop. Is everyone still interested and wants to keep going? I had another post ready, but was waiting for everyone to comment first before I continued.
  3. Ennex entered the courtyard and approached Ravage and the gathered changeling guards. He waved the bodyguard into silence, and concentrated on the guards. Now, to see if this works, he thought, and concentrated on them. Nothing happened for several moments and the guards glanced around at each other, not sure what to do. Suddenly, Ennex's eyes flashed silver, and at the same time so did all the eyes of the guards. But the silver glow remained in their eyes, as they all stood rigid. Good, I have control, he thought. Now for a test. He focused on them again, and as one they all took a step forward, moving in perfect sync. He smiled wickedly.....
  4. @Techno Universal As he approached the castle entrance, suddenly he froze and looked around. "I felt something," he muttered to himself. "A presence...." Not being able to pin it down, he shrugged and continued outside to meet with Ravage and his squad.
  5. He bowed to her. "Thank you, my Queen. Now, if you will pardon me, I have some matters to attend to. I will keep you informed as to my campaign against the rebels." With another nod, he turned and left the throne room, heading back towards the courtyard outside the castle. He was grinning to himself. Now, for the next phase of my new plan, he thought. Once we return to Manehattan, I will force the rebels to confront me. Chrysalis will not care about the population of the city, so I should be free to operate as I please....
  6. thanks! I really need to finish the primary story, lol.
  7. sorry to hear that. and truthfully, I wouldn't have gone if my roommate and her daughter (who both love MLP) went with me. And we ended up dragging her husband and toddler son alone, lol. but i wouldn't have gone by myself......
  8. so, just got back from the movie theater. Loved the movie! You all have to see it! Funny, entertaining, and everything you'd expect from MLP!
  9. @Maple Bat While the Queen's glare might have been intimidating to other ponies, it had no effect on Ennex. He was used to such tactics, having used many of them himself. "I simply require their usage," he replied to her, "as I have a new plan on eliminating the resistance. I know I already have authority to give them orders, but what I need is more, direct control." He grinned again. "Therefor, I request that you relax your mental control over a portion of the hive, so that I may utilize them for this new plan..." As he was still discovering the extent of his new abilities, he was unaware that Techno was watching....
  10. @Maple Bat, @Techno Universal, @Star48955, @WiiGuy2014, so at this point, Ennex is going to attempt control over the changlings using those powers he got from Techno. Chrysalis shouldn't notice at first as he gradually mentally takes control of them from her, little by little. Oh, and him using them like the way I have planned will give Will Guide a reason for fighting to save them.
  11. He waved her off. "Please, I do not require the 'King' title. You may continue on as a single monarch. I will settle for 'Lord'." He stepped up to stand next to her throne. "With me by your side, your reign is assured. And as for the rebels," he grinned, "I do have a request to ask of you, concerning your changlings..."
  12. He continued towards her, stopping just below the thrown. "Forgive me, my Queen," he said, bowing his head in respect, "but that will not be necessary. I have already been to the King's chambers." He eyes flashed with silver-blue energy for just a moment. "As of now, consider him...resigned. I trust that you do not need the complete details, but rest assured, Equestria belongs to us now....."
  13. man, this week has been crazy... for the story to work, assume he did something to Sombra that can't be reversed. That way we don't need to worry about RP'ing sombra, and can move on.
  14. @Maple Bat The doors to King Sombra's private chambers opened, and Ennex stepped out, a sense of authority around him. The two changlings guarding the door looked at him, as if expecting trouble. After giving them specific orders to keep the room sealed, he walked off, this time heading to the thrown room, where he new he would find Queen Chrysalis. Now that Sombra had been removed, it was time to inform the queen of the new order of things....