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  1. all, i know i haven't been on the past few days. my dog has taken a turn for the worse (kidney failing), and honestly just haven't been in the mood. he's getting treatment, and will see the vet again on monday, so I should be back going then. (will need the distraction).
  2. hey everypony... I was wondering if you all could do me a favor. I started a fanfic story a few years ago, but never got around to finishing. I want to get back to it, but was wondering if any of you would like to give it a quick read and let me know what you think. I'd appreciate the feedback!
  3. After flying through the portal, Ravage landing in a heap against the desk in the middle of the office. He shook his head to clear it, just as the portal closed behind him. Getting up on his hoofs, he mentally checked himself over, not noticing any major wounds, and noticed Ennex slumped over the desk. "Master!" he shouted, leaping over the desk to the other's side. Ennex was unconscious, and surrounded by a scattering of papers and scrolls....
  4. While the remaining guards surrounded Woody, Ravage watched from his hidden position as Techno captured Maple. With a little luck, he wouldn't have to reveal himself, and the reprogrammed android would do all the work....
  5. More scrolls were scattered, as he lost his concentration. This is growing tiresome, he thought to himself. The information he had gained from Techno's mind was part of a puzzle, and now he needed to find the remainder. I have other things to do, let Ravage handle this. He took a deep breath, and sent a message back to Techno: Fine, do whatever is necessary. Give the leaders to Ravage, and eliminate the remainder.
  6. @Techno Universal, Papers and maps, some new, some old, some very old, littered the floor surrounding his desk. Others were piled on the desk, scattered around in no particular order. Off to one side of the room, he was hunched over a chest, tossing random scrolls and more papers over his shoulders. "" he keep muttering to himself. Suddenly, a random voice filled his mind, throwing him off track: So Ennex what should I do next? It took him a moment to realize it was Techno, still communicating through their link. Capture the rebels! he thought back. Bring me their leader, eliminate the rest. Knowing his message was sent, he resumed his search. "No...."
  7. The changlings all looked to Ravage, as he watched the rebels and Techno. Feeling that the time was right, he flicked his hoof.... With a shout, all twelve changling guards rushed out of the bushes and charged at the three rebels, coming at them from three sides... (ooc: I don't care what happens to the changlings...)
  8. Ravage watched from where he and the changlings were hidden behind some thick bushes, as Techno called out to his friends. Now we will see is my master's faith in this criminal is justified, he thought. Suddenly, two of the rebels, the bat-pony and the dragonequus had emerged from their hideout. He tensed as she greeted Techno. A quick wave to the guards, and they spread out, ready to leap in and seize the rebels....
  9. @Techno Universal, @Contrast, @Maple Bat, @MaryxMelody, @~Natural Beauty~ We're at our destination. Awaiting command input. Ravage studied the area, the thick forest brush keeping most of their surroundings hidden from view. He signaled his twelve guards to spread out, and waved at Techno. "Call to your comrades, so they come out. Then we'll capture them all..."
  10. Ravage and the reprogrammed Techno stepped out of the elevator back into the tunnels below the city. They had a squad of 12 changlings with them, all wearing armor. This time, Ravage intended to let them loose on any rebels they found, regardless of if they were in a village like Ponyville or not. He looked to Techno. "Lead the way," he ordered... -------------------- Ennex had left the empty floor where he had faced Techno, and had returned to his office on the top floor of the tower. This was his public office, where he met with the various officials that ran the city, his businesses, and his criminal operations. He had received a large amount of data from his link with Techno, and needed time to process it....
  11. sorry, got busy at work. leaving now, will reply once i get home.
  12. @Techno Universal, that can work. my original idea was to use him as a spy, but can work with that...
  13. @Techno Universal, assume Ennex pulled some other data from Techno during the link. Honestly, I haven't decided what it it yes but wanted to leave it open for future use.
  14. Ennex grinned. "It would appear that I was successful," he commented, watching Techno. "Ravage, I want you to go with him. Grab a squad of changlings on your way out." "As you wish," Ravage replied, and followed Techno into the elevator. As the doors closed, Ennex grinned. "Now we will see if it really worked, or if this is a trap. Either way..." random binary code flashed in his eyes, "...I have much to think on..."
  15. @Techno Universal "Ah, that is much better..." Ennex said, as they returned from the pocket universe. "Now, what shall we do with our friend here?" "Let me destroy him," Ravage said, "He is dangerous, and cannot be trusted." Ennex thought for a moment. "No, I have a better idea." Concentrating, he tried to focus his mind on the link with Techno. "Let us try an experiment, and see just how far this control goes." He closed his eyes, ears folding down as he concentrated. "I will try to implant a command to return to the rebels, and send us their location." "You don't seriously believe that will work?" Ravage questioned. "No, but it will be interesting to try," Ennex replied. He remained silent for several minutes. "There, I think I got it...."