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  1. Nine years. It seems like a long time, doesn't it? I mean, I grew up with Star Trek Voyager, from age 9 to 16, and that was only seven years! It's still amazing that our show lasted so long... But we all know why it did. It was us. Our love for 'some little girl cartoon' that no one else (heck, not even us sometimes) understands! MLP:FIM affected us all is many different ways, to many to list here. I can only tell you about my own experience. I didn't start watching until sometime late in Season 2, ignoring the internet 'brony' craze. Then I watched a clip on youtube out of curiosity, and it made me laugh. So I thought, "you know what? I'll give it a try." Watched the first few episodes and, while a bit put off by the kiddy stuff, it also made me laugh. And it was well written, animated, and acted. Reminded me of the cartoons from the '90s, (Pinky Pie was based on the Animaniacs, change my mind!). I kept watching, and after about a year my roommates were like, "dude, you're a Brony!" Yup, I was hooked! Fast forward to summer of 2017. I had been enjoying the show for a few years, and having all sorts of fun here on the forums with RP's, fan art and music, and making new friends both online and in person (call-out to Canterlanta!). Then, I lost my boy. Welcome depression, loneliness and a cloud of darkness that hovered over me for two whole years. I didn't care about pretty much anything, and just kept to myself. My friends here on the forum will probable remember how I just up and vanished. Then earlier this year, my new roommate suggested that we go to Bronycon2019. I met him in a local brony community and we became fast friends. I had never been to a MLP con before, and since this was the last one i thought "why not?" We arrived Wednesday afternoon, and the next few days were amazing! I honestly had never been surrounded by so many happy, friendly, and welcoming people in my entire 33 years of life. Heck, there were spontaneous sing-a-longs while waiting in line! You could go up to anyone and start a conversation. I arrived really only knowing my roommate, but left with over a dozen new friends that he introduced me too. They welcomed me into the group without question or judgement. Later, at a panel with the comic artists, I made a few Star Trek jokes that Andy Price (a Trekkie himself) instantly called out! He even (jokingly) yelled at me for liking the wrong Star Trek series! Love that guy! But the biggest moment for me was at a community meet-n-greet, where I got to have a few minutes to meet an amazing person, who voiced a character that, as mentioned above, make me laugh and basically turned me into a brony, Jesse Nowack. Now, I've met Star Trek actors, the (former) Illinois governor, NASCAR drivers, and even got to sit in the SPEED TV trailer with Kenny Wallace! But NONE of them made me as nervous as meeting Nowacking and asking him to sign a custom CD I made filled with Vinyl Scratch music including tracks he did voice work for. It was an amazing experience, and my new friends will tell you that the CD didn't leave my hands the rest of the night!! Why am I going into all this? I awoke in the hotel room Saturday morning, went to brush my teeth, and basically started crying, having relived the memories of the past few days and realizing I hadn't been that happy since loosing my boy. Two whole years. I had such a wonderful time with such wonderful people at Bronycon, and it will be a trip I will never forget. Yes, the show is coming to an end. Tears will be shed all over the world. Yet, we still have Gen 5 coming, and FIM Season 10 will continue in comic form. Many have said that the fandom may die off after the show. But this isn't the end! MLP:FIM may be over, but it will continue forever right here, on this forum, as well as other places all over the world and net, from Fimfiction to Derpiborru. From Youtube channels to our personal headcannons. Keep creating your wonderful and amazing art, music, animations, stories, plushies, figures, and everything else! FIM will live on with us! This isn't the end, just another chapter. So many wonderful memories, friendships, and relationships all happened thanks to the wonderful group of people called Bronies, all brought together by a little children's show called 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic'. Thanks for listening, and for all the happiness. Your friend, -Tim p.s. Thank you Jesse! This is meant as a letter to the entire community on mlpforums.
  2. Jellico looked at the ops officer. "The channel's been cut off sir," the officer said, tapping at his controls. "I'm not receiving any signal." Just then, the turbolift doors opened, and Master Senotho and most of his party entered the bridge. A moment later, the other turbolift also opened, revealing Jenna and the rest of the Rangers. "You wanted to see me Captain?" Senotho asked. "We just had a call from Minister Layton," Jellico told him while sitting in the captain's chair. "The Rangers' base was attacked, and your droid was seized. He said it was taken to that large ship we encountered, the Excursion I believe." He frowned. "The message was cut off at the source before he could say any more. We're just a few minutes out from Arrgar, but how would you like to proceed?"
  3. Jellico waved a hand across his throat in a slashing motion. The ops officer tapped the controls to mute the comm channel. "Get Master Senotho up here on the double!" he ordered a security officer standing at the back of the bridge. With a nod, the man entered the turbolift. Jellico waved at the ops officer, who tapped the comm channel again.
  4. The doors to the ready room slid closed behind him, as Jellico stepped onto the bridge. "Report," he said. Jenna stood from the center chair. "The signal's not on one of our usual channels," she said. "Luckily, Mr. Faron was monitoring all frequencies he could detect, as part of his study on this galaxy." "Smart man," Jellico said with a smile. "Let's hear it." Jenna nodded at the ensign sitting at the ops station, who pressed a control. โ€œThis is Pendrew Layton attempting to contact the Righteous Indignation. Master Jedi, Captain Jellico, anyone, come in!โ€ "Layton?" Jellico said in surprise. "What could he want?" Jenna shrugged, unable to offer any suggestions. "Very well," Jellico sighed, "match the frequency and open a channel." he caught Jenna's eye. "And better notify Master Senotho." "Aye, sir," she said, and headed to the turbolift.
  5. Shantra frowned, antennae twitching. "Sounds almost....religious," she said at last. "'Guardians of peace and justice', we could sure use someone like that back home. Maybe they could help end the war before it gets even worse..." --------- Meanwhile, Captain Jellico was in his ready room just off the bridge reading various Star Fleet regulations and Federation laws, trying to get some clue as to how he should proceed in this new galaxy. He was well aware of the Prime Directive, but still new interaction, possibly hostile, was unavoidable. Giving up for the moment, he sat back and rotated his chair to view a model of an Excelsior-class starship sitting on the shelf. "What would you do, Admiral?" he asked the model. His uncle was a former captain of an Excelsior-class ship, and now serves as an admiral at command. "They did attack us, but does that give me the right to get involved?" He turned to star out the window, still pondering....
  6. Shantra crossed her arms and gave him a skeptical look. "You mean anyone here can develop powers like that? No specific race or energy fields or anything?" She frowned. "That's something I've never heard of. We may not have explored our entire galaxy yet, but I'm pretty sure there isn't a large race or group with abilities like that back home anywhere."
  7. He was met with a blank stare from Shantra. "The 'force'?" she asked, antennae twitching. "Never heard of it." Her eyes drifted towards the lounge entrance. "Some sort of telekinesis, I assume? There are a few species that have those kind of abilities....but not many." She scratched her chin. "Can't think of anyone in Fleet that does, either. There was an incident a hundred years ago with a small group of aliens....something Captain Kirk encountered, if I remember correctly." She shrugged. "But that's old history. I guess its more common in this galaxy than ours..."
  8. Shantra looked between them, then shrugged and tapped the controls once more to return them to default status. "Suit yourself," she said, "I can't find anything wrong here anyway. But if it gets worse," she pointed at the ceiling, "just ask the computer to call me. I can send someone over." She plucked a tricorder from the air as it floated past, unfolded it and stepped back out into the corridor. There, she started to scan around the area. "Still a bit strange," she muttered to herself, "no gravity anomalies or power fluctuations...." She tapped away at the tricorder....
  9. His voice had startled her, and after a moment she regained her composer. "Not at all, Master Senotho," she replied, still studying the controls. "Just checking on a minor system glitch in the gravity controls." As if to punctuate her statement, a coffee cup floated between them. "I should be the one asking if you're having any difficulty with the gravity here. Should have it cleared up in a few minutes." She glared at the panel. "As soon as I find the problem...that is...."
  10. Lt. Cmd Shantra walked towards the Observation Lounge on Deck 3 (port side). Two crewers tried to enter, but left quickly after seeing objects floating around. They reported it to engineering, and since their guest's quarters were on that deck she figured she'd check it out personally. Stepping out of the turbolift, she approached the lounge...and paused as a tricorder floated past her face. Antennae twitching, she walked past, and near the windows she noticed Senotho sitting on the floor facing the windows. Beyond one could see the other catamaran hull, with the bridge between them, stars streaking past in the background. Studying him, she realized he appeared to be meditating. Not wanting to disturb him, she slowly walked past to the far wall to inspect the room's gravity controls. "Hmmmm," she muttered, tapping the screen, "everything looks normal...."
  11. All eyes turned to Jellico. Lt. Cmd Shantra gave him a nudge. "Well Captain?" she teased. He ignored her, focusing on Senotho. "For a culture to join the Federation," he began, "there is a lengthy application process. Lots of legal issues to sort out. But one important milestone must be met." He waved a hand at the warp core. "Faster-than-light travel. The Prime Directive was originally intended to prevent exposing cultures to life among the stars until they are ready for it. Later, it was adapted to also include keeping out of other races politics and such." He frowned. "As for being unworthy....said applying culture would have to have a law structure similar to our own, or be willing to adopt our structure. Dictators, slavers, hostile species, just to name a few, would never be permitted. The Federation stands for peace and freedom....and we will fight to defend our principles." "You said it, Captain," Shantra grinned, then turned to Rita. "To answer your question, or sensors operate on subspace wavelengths, which since they also travel FTL, let's us see what's ahead in plenty of time. We can scan several light years in all directions, and can navigate around any obstacles. Smaller particles, such as dust, get pushed out of the way by our navigational deflector." She thought for a moment. "The blue dish you saw under our saucer."
  12. A short while later, after assigning his guests to quarters (all on Deck 3, Starboard), Jellico took Senotho and a few of his companions on a tour around the ship. Having already seen the bridge, they skipped that and visited sickbay, the security complex, and the stellar cartography lab. Next was the main landing bay, where the six remaining fighters were kept, along with an assortment of shuttlecraft. Following that, he lead the group into Main Engineering. The doors slid open, revealing the warp core running down the center of the room. Rings of light traveled down the blue-tinted section above, and up the red-tinted section below. Twin columns stood on either side of the core, while various engineering crew wandered about. "And now," Jellico said, waving them in, "welcome to Main Engineering, the heart of the ship!" He pointed to the core. "This is our matter/anti-matter reaction assembly, commonly call the Warp Core. Deuterium is pulled down from above, anti-deuterium from below, all contained in magnetic fields. They mix and annihilate each other in the reaction chamber you see in the center. That reaction produces warp plasma, which is routed through those conduits to the two nacelles, which generate the warp field allowing FTL travel." As he spoke, Lieutenant Commander Shantra came over to join the group. "Any questions?" asked Jellico.
  13. Jellico sat back, thinking hard. He agreed that they needed to keep a low profile, and his ship would easily stand out against any local traffic. On the other hand.... "Arrgaw it is," he said, tapping his badge. "Jellico to Bridge." "Go ahead," replied Jenna's voice. "Set course for for the star we tagged as A-115. Local system name Arrgaw. Warp 4, and hold position just outside the system. I want to be well clear of local traffic." "Understood." "Jellico out." He smiled at Senotho. "I'll keep us outside until we can peek in the windows to see who's home. We can use our shuttles to send a small team down to the surface." He held up a hand. "And before you ask, the transporters do have limited range. Surface-to-orbit, which would mean bringing the ship in closer. And since we don't have a cloaking device, I'd rather not risk it if I can avoid it." Around them, a hum started to come from the bulkheads. A flash of light from the windows gave way to the streak of stars against the black of space, as the ship jumped to warp speed. "But for now," the captain continued, "we have a few days ahead of us. I suggest we get your people settled in guest quarters."
  14. Jellico frowned. "Keep moving, yes. The question is to where." He tapped a few controls on the small computer on his desk, then turned it around so Senotho could see the screen. There was a simple starmap of the local area displayed. "My crew did a basic star scan when we arrived, but other than stellar readings we know nothing about this area. Could you recommend a place we could go for now? I mean..." he shrugged "...great as my ship is, we will need resupply at some point. Deuterium eventually, along with basic supplies and foodstuffs. As I said, the replicators only work when power is available, and I'd like to conserve energy whenever possible."
  15. "The greater evil," Jellico repeated. "It takes all forms, doesn't it? From your Empire, to our Dominion." He frowned. "Remind me one day to tell you about the Borg." A whistle cut through the air. "Bridge to Captain!" came Jenna's voice. "Sir, should we remain here or move somewhere else? The Imperial ship may be able to track us." "Stand by, Commander," Jellico replied, before looking back at Senotho. "Master Senotho, assuming you know this area far better than we do, any suggestions?"