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  1. Ravage watched the beam hit Ennex, and prepared to charge at Techno... "Hold!" The order froze Ravage in his tracks and he glanced back..... see Ennex standing normally, the beam seemingly passing through him. Looking closer, Ravage could see the beam was impacting on his master's head, but appeared to be channeled down to discharge out the back of his neck. "Do you really think I have kept that relic and never studied it?" he taunted Techno. "Please do not insult my intelligence. I would not have risked coming down here without proper, preparations." He pointed at Maple. "Like having her friends kept under threat. Like having prepared for this kind of attack." He smiled, wickedly. "Like having a fallback plan that upon my death, my associate will release untold potions upon the population of Manehattan." He glared at Techno. "Who knows what chaos those can do...."
  2. hmmm... interesting concept. If you don't mind, i'm going to run it that Ennex knows something is different, but doesn't know completely. Just enough to make him... dangerous @Techno Universal, i'll try my best as describing whats happening, but let me know if you need me to change it.
  3. "Execute you?" Ennex chuckled. "Hardly. What would I gain from that? No information, no proper example to other rebels.... no satisfaction. Death would release you from responsibility. And that is a freedom I have no desire to grant." His eyes narrowed. "And you are too modest. The name 'Reflected Sunlight' is well known to those withing the King and Queen's inner circle. At least, those who bother to pay attention." He sighed. "I admit, there are some in the Royal Court that dismiss the reports of rebels. But my years of building a criminal empire have taught me otherwise." His grin returned, as they approached the elevator. "They may ignore the obvious. But you and I know better, don't we?"
  4. The group continued down the tunnel back towards the Manehattan lair. When the prisoner moved towards Ennex, the guards moved to stop her, but he waved them off. "It is an honor to make your acquaintance," he replied to her. "I admit, when we ventured into the tunnels, I did not expect to find somepony such as yourself. This was a quite unexpected surprise." He grinned. "As for me, I had assumed that my reputation had proceeded me. I am Ennex, appointed Governor or Manehattan."
  5. Ennex nodded, and waved a hoof back the direction they came. "After you, my dear." Two of the guards moved to walk at either side of her, while the third followed Ennex. Ravage waiting a moment, watching Techno for any signs of interference, before moving to follow...
  6. sorry! totally forgot, lol. Yes, approved. only fair, since I'm using two myself, lol.
  7. @Techno Universal, i have a question. So, are ALL the ponies supposed to be computers/androids? I thought only Techno was? Can you clarify that really quick? Oh, and a follow-up: would it be alright if somehow Ennex is able to resist the 'shutdown'-beam? While he doesn't have any 'powers' or 'magic', I've always thought of him as having some sort of dark/evil energy. never used it in rp yet, but maybe make him a bit resistant? your call
  8. When Techno flew past them, the four changlings jumped into a defensive circle around Ennex. Ravage moved around him to keep himself between Ennex and Techno. He watched as the cyber pony flew off and up the elevator shaft. "It appears that your colleague has another plan in mind," Ennex said to Maple. He ordered two of the guards to move up and prepare to seize her... Suddenly, Techno returned. "WHY DID YOU HAVE TO TAKE ME DOWN!? YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT'S LIKE BUT I CAN EASILY WIPE YOUR SYSTEM RAVAGE IF YOU DERE TO ATTACK ME!!!" Ravage scowled at him. "Make all the threats you wish. I will NOT allow you to harm my master!" He prepared for combat. "Hold." Ennex stepped up to just behind Ravage, and faced Techno. "I would suggest that you stand down. It is a long way back to the city center from here. Even with your speed, you would still have to search the hospital for your friends." He tilted his head to one side. "Do you really think they are all in the same room, or even the same wing of the hospital? Come now, you insult me." His eyes narrowed. "By the time you manage to find one, the others will be finished. Not to mention your friend here. Now then," he held out a hoof, "do you really want to risk all of your lives, just to settle an old score that your opponent does not even remember?" Ravage's ears perked up. Don't remember? he thought. So I HAVE faced him before. He starred at Techno. But where? Or when?
  9. I assumed that Maple would escape at some point, lol.
  10. Ennex smiled warmly at her. "Of course, my dear. Upon return to my office, I will issue the orders to release your... friends. I give you my word." He half turned and held out a hoof, pointing back the way he had come. "Shall we?" The guards moved back to form a ring around him once again. Ravage kept his eyes on Techno.. (ooc: heading to bed....)
  11. @Maple Bat, @Techno Universal, I don't care what happens to the four guards, fyi.
  12. "Walk away?" Ennex replied, scorn leaking into his voice. "Walk away? My dear..." The changlings slowly moved forward to form a line between Ennex and Ravage and the rebels. "...I am afraid you do not understand your situation. Although I know you believe you can handle yourself, with your friend's assistance," he nodded towards Techno, "I am the one giving the orders today." He straightened up, all the casualness gone. "You will surrender to us now. And while I know you rebels would prefer to go down fighting, keep this in mind. My lieutenant in Manehattan has instructions that should I not return," a wicked grin flashed across his face, "your friends in the hospital will suddenly find themselves with a lack of life support." He tapped a hoof. Ravage and the four guards tensed. "Consider your next move carefully..."
  13. As the newcomer came to a landing, Ravage leaped in front of his master, taking a defensive stance. "Hold!" Ennex ordered once again. "And you must be the android I have heard so much about. This really is turning out to be a surprising day." He glanced at Ravage. "Come now, Ravage. You remember your old adversary?" Ravage focused on the newcomer. He did appear familiar, somehow, but he couldn't recall from where. "I don't remember you," he said, "but I don't care. You are a target, nothing more..." Ennex was grinning....
  14. The moment Maple revealed herself, Ravage was ready to attack- "Hold." The guards and bodyguard froze. "Ah, the famous Reflected Sunlight," Ennex replied, casually stepping around Ravage to face her, but keeping two changlings still between them. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance. I have be looking forward to this meeting." He waved a hoof in dismissal. "And you can drop the 'Follower of Chrysalis' title. It would not be entirely accurate, in any rate. But to your question. They are still alive, if that is what you wanted to know." He shrugged. "They simply participated in a... public demonstration, and can be found in Manehattan General Hospital." He caught Ravage's eye and blinked twice. The bodyguard's eyes slowly began to scan around them, as if looking for something... or somepony. "But we have more important matters to discuss, such as what shall I do with you...."
  15. They group was still marching down the tunnel, when Ravage suddenly froze. Ennex and the guards noticed a moment later, and stopped. "Report,"ordered the governor. "Somepony is near," Ravage said, eyes slowly moving around the dark tunnel. He couldn't spot anypony, but his instincts told him he was being watched. His legs tensed, ready to leap the moment he had a target. The guards formed a loose circle around them...