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  1. I actually can't modify the original post, since @Queen Chrysalis Servant made it. He's just letting me act as a moderator for the rp when he's offline.
  2. @Star48955, @Maple Bat, let's wait a bit for some of the others to react to the sudden teleportation. Also, I think one person was about to attack the village, so i'll wait to see what he posts.
  3. From a distance, Ravage watched as the dozen guards, a mix of corrupted ponies and changlings, headed towards the hill. The one that was in that magic bubble was now out of his sight, most likely back on the ground. He scowled, not liking this situation. The guards here are pathetic, he thought to himself. If my master wishes to seize control of this village, will have to replace them with better trained units....
  4. Ravage had just finished inspecting the small guard team (What a bunch of losers, he thought), when a bright flash caught his attention. Looking up, he saw a golden bubble surrounding what appeared at that distance to be a large Pegasus. His head whipped around to the guards. "Get over there and find out what's going on!" he ordered, his voice deep and heavily (Russian) accented. The guards looked confused for a moment, but a glare from the black-clad pony's red eyes sent them galloping towards the hillside.
  5. sorry, just got back to my laptop. was making dinner. give me a moment to catch up.... @Star48955, was it in the village, or just outside it?
  6. Normally I always keep them together in the same post, just thought this would be a good way to get Ennex into the story, since nopony's in Manehattan yet.
  7. As he walked down the streets of the village, Ravage wondered yet again why his master, Ennex, had sent him here. They had enough trouble keeping order in Manehattan, much less worry about some outlying village. He signed, watching the poor villagers go about their lives. Ennex was only Governor of Manehattan, but he was trying to extend his reach beyond the city. Perhaps he will challenge the new rulers themselves, he thought, heading to the small guard post in the center of the village... @Strong Copper
  8. Everyone... Just and FYI, when I RP with Ennex, I also usually use his bodyguard, Ravage. I promise I don't god-mod with them. Ravage is the brawn, Ennex is the brain.
  9. @Queen Chrysalis Servant, so can Ennex be the governor of Manehattan, or do you have another role in mind for him serving the new king and queen?
  10. Sweet. Than allow me to formally submit him... Name: Ennex Age: 31 General description: Male Earth Pony Ocean-blue coat, with black-brown mane and tail. Wears black-rimmed glasses. Grey delta-shaped arrow-head. Smart, cunning, and mischievous. Likes to be in control of everypony around him. Enjoys plotting schemes and wants you to know it was him who outsmarted you. Loves flaunting his hi-life living over others. Doesn't like to get his own hooves dirty, but will when necessary. Family: Parents are deceased. Only family is a twin brother, Random Action Likes: Power, control, music, pasta Dislikes: being weak, stupidity, being defeated Fears: failing Best Friend(s): his brother, Ravage (bodyguard), Sakuya (lieutenant) Friends: none Rival(s): anypony who stands in his way Other: Works as supporter of Sombra and Chrysalis (possibly their governor of Manehattan?)
  11. With a *ding*, the elevator came to a halt, doors sliding open with barley a noise. Ravage followed his master out, stepping into a large room. It was colder in here than the floor they had left, but that was the difference between the top floor of the Manehattan tower verses several stories underneath it. How his master had this room built, he had no idea. But it wasn't his place to question. As the doors to the secret elevator closed, lights automatically came up bathing the room in dim light, and revealing the various display cases and stands scattered around the four support columns. Each display was a different artifact of some sort, all different kinds, all different shapes.... and all sharing a lunar motif. Ravage stepped over to a small table in the center of the room, and pulled the bag from across his back, placing it on the table. "Excellent!" his master said, eagerly pulling the bag open. With care, he removed a small stone artifact, placing it down under a spotlight. "Finally, after all this time, it's mine." He glanced at Ravage. "Once again, Miss Yearling has proved worthy of my investment into her research. With this, I can finally gather all the power that I need." His eyes narrowed. "Now, to find that alicorn...."
  12. I started, but have to run to lunch. Will post more soon!