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  1. It Begins.  We are one week away from the 61st running of the Daytona 500.  I am really excited for this season!  If the Clash at Daytona yesterday was anything to go by, the Fords are gonna be strong this Sunday!  

    Paul Menard was the pied-piper for nearly the entire Clash race, leading 51 out of a rain-shortened 59 laps (normal distance is 75 laps).  He had all three Team Penske Ford Mustangs working together with his Wood Brothers #21 Mustang to dominate most of the race.  However, a late caution shuffled the field, and Menard was left alone at the front with Hamlin, Johnson, and Kurt Busch.  Johnson, running second, attempted to make a pass for the lead on the inside.  He knew rain was coming, and wanted to be out front in case the race was called.  However (and he didn't admit it at the time), he misjudged the distance to pass Menard, and ran into the 21, turning Menard around and collecting nearly the entire 20 car field.  Only 3 cars, not including Johnson, escaped without damage.  The race was red-flagged for cleanup, then the rains came, and Johnson was declared the winner, as he was in the lead when the caution flag waved.  This ended his winless streak that started in spring of 2017.

    Here's hoping the 500 has a better ending.




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    2. Eccojams Vol. 1

      Eccojams Vol. 1

      I honestly don't think Johnson should have won that. He and McMurray are the biggest wreckers at plate tracks. Also this is the third plate race that Johnson has wrecked Menard (Talladega 1 and Daytona 2 last year)

    3. nx9100


      @Eccojams Vol. 1 I completely agree.  Johnson was playing the 'poor me i'm supposed to win i'm 7-time champion!' routine.  I also get annoyed how they talk like no one's won 7, calling him 'Old Seven-time'.  He should be called 'Seven-time the 3rd'.

    4. Eccojams Vol. 1

      Eccojams Vol. 1

      Yeah not the first time he made a boneheaded move (Charlotte Roval) :laugh: