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  1. Hey Hey Everyone, The project is still up and running, it just had some setbacks due to my school work.
  2. Hey everyone. I know it's been a good while since I last updated on here. So, I'm gonna let you guys know what's going on. Short and simple: This year of school has been kicking my butt. However, we're still moving forward. The transition to a new setup has made things editing wise much quicker. I'm still waiting on a few lines, but even with that, we're still moving right along on Chapter 2.
  3. Here's visual update I've been promising you guys for a while. Editing has begun and we currently stand at 34% will all production aspects taken into consideration. I have most of everyone's lines, we still need to cast Applebloom, Mrs. Cake, Dinky, and the three masked ponies.
  4. Hey everyone. I bet you're all wondering where that visual update is. It's coming, don't worry. The reason I've been busy is partly due to school projects, but also, I re-recorded all the narration for Chapter Two, using the recording studio here on campus, which had better quality. So, currently, I'm putting it all in as I continue on editing the lines I have in. I just need to get some lines from some people. We're making good progress guys. We're currently 30% done. ^^
  5. Update: Hey everyone, hope you've all been well. ^^ Sorry I haven't been keeping the constant updates like last time. College just started up again and it's kicking my butt really hard. However, despite this, progress is being made. I'm collecting all the lines from everyone as they come in and I'm 3/4 done with the narration. Hopefully, by next week, I can have a visual update for you all.
  6. Sorry for the lack of updates these past few days, guys. I've been busy with work and a project for a local theatre. But don't worry, we're still moving forward! ^^ Speaking of which... ATTENTION: ALL CHARACTERS MENTIONED FROM THIS POST ONWARDS WILL BE CHARACTERS THAT WERE LEFT OFF THE CAST LIST DUE TO SPOILERS REASONS. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For Chapter 2, Applebloom (Doctor McCrimmon) Big Mac (Applecore) Mr. Cake (Brian Random) Mrs. Cake Dinky (Doctor McCrimmon) Granny Smith (Minty Snowflake) Masked Earth Pony Masked Pegasus Masked Unicorn (Same process as last time, guys. Send or link me to your audition and we'll take it from there. ^^)
  7. Happy birthday =)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)

  8. Happy birthday! :D Hope you have a lovely time~ ^w^

  9. Yeah, I was rereading it and yeah. He does. Sorry, dude. < : (
  10. ATTENTION EVERYONE Production of Chapter Two has officially begun. ^^ For everyone, here's a link to Chapter 2: Those who already recorded their Chapter 2 lines already and sent them to me during Chapter 1's production. I'm going to be double checking that I have them and making sure they are secure in the Chapter 2 lines folder. If it appears that I've misplaced them, I'll be contacting you guys about them. Also, we're starting to get into more characters being introduced. So, if anyone wishes to audition. Go right ahead. ^^
  11. ATTENTION EVERYONE: We've done it! ^^ It's up on youtube!
  12. I'm currently going back through and fixing some of the audio issues you guys pointed out. Also, I've found a way to fix the cut off. So, we're making good progress so far. ^^
  13. The video is currently unlisted and I sent it to all of you. So, we can still all look over it it together or individually, depending on what everyone prefers.
  14. The total runtime of the first chapter came up to 1:34:59. ^^ It's currently 84% uploaded onto Youtube. I'll be setting it to private so we can all look it over before I make it public.