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  1. Mainly online. It's ad free, and of course, free! DVD is just a pain because you have to wait for the season to be over to watch it.
  2. Welcome to the forums! If you like art and other creative works, check out Octavia's Hall under the forums list. Have a wonderful stay!
  3. Probably my favorite S1 episode by far. Just the way the story interacts with itself and just goes together. But I do see the frustration with the fact that RD was the basic cause of all of their cutie marks to appear. Now, I love Rainbow Dash, but that makes her way more popular than the other ponies. Her and Twilight, in essence are the two main ponies, being the ponies who are the main protagonists in so many episodes. Anyone else notice that they're the ones with the most episodes starring them? And yes, maybe. It helped six other ponies get their cutie marks, so why not a ton more? Did you see how much Pinkie smiled when she saw the Rainbow?
  4. cool avatar :^)

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      Thanks! Yours as well!

  5. I just think it's all just a piece of s*it since most of them haven't even watched the whole first episode. Just my opinion...
  6. Hi Moosh! Hope you enjoy MLP Forums and have a nice stay!
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    Hi, Maukali! Welcome to the forums! I just joined a few weeks ago as well! And I'm like you. I cant decide between Rainbow Dash or Princess Luna. Have a great time! @Maukali Oops! Forgot to quote this. The notifications wont tell you replies to your topic unless you quote the person (at least for me)!
  8. It's great that there's actually a topic like this on MLPF!
  9. Its a pretty amazing mustache! And thanks everyone for the warm welcome!
  10. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Rainbow Dash How did you find MLP Forums?: When I was watching MLP, I felt like I was the only person my age and probably older who watched a show about ponies, unicorns and friendship. I looked it up and found out that there was a whole community of people exactly like me, so I decided to join MLP Forums! How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Honestly, I started watching the show when it first came out and I was like ten. I decided to start watching it again from the first episode, and I got hooked (again)! All of the characters and animations were just so bright and happy and I've been watching it ever since! Hi! I'm a simple 13 year old living in the small city of Concord, NH. I started watching MLP when I was 9 or 10, and I've been hooked since a few months ago. My favorite of the Mane 6 would have to be Rainbow Dash, but just between you and me, besides the Mane 6 my favorite character is either Octavia or Luna! Shh...