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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Whelp .....Its been a few since i been on here XD
    few years now lol

    been minding my own stuff on furry stuff but who cares XD


  3. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great time :)

  4. Woah its been a minute since i been on here

  5. and the hate beings HA

  6. yeash...its been soo long

  7. Whelp updating my profile lol...since this is the only about me page i can do this on...hope no one minds

  8. Yeash its been sooo long since i have seen this page before......*sighs* #Furry

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    2. ShadowPony


      i have been doing alot of other things

      school, new fandom, leaving this one, better freinds in seid new fandom, working on my radio station, got sponsor, number one in the us XD yea been busy


    3. FFF


      Okay that does sound like you've been busy well good luck in your new fandom ^_^

    4. ShadowPony


      you can always follow me on twitter and check out the website or join our discord that's

      about it :3

  9. Okay Shadow is sooo cute in that picture :3 next year ill get the foal version of him in there :3
  10. okay soooo Zootopia was amazing

    1. Tiddly Fee

      Tiddly Fee

      Zootopia is an amazing movie I agree completely

  11. i am so using this thanks :3
  12. Your a Pony in Equestra and Zecora approaches you. She offers you a choice Red Pill: You are evil to your core, but everypony adores you and you can't seem to do anything they'd find evil ( evil plans don't go according to plan because of this) Blue Pill: You are a kind and benevolent ruler incapable of 'evil', but everypony hates you and you can't seem to do anything they find good. ( good deeds are met with cruel eyes and reactions) What do you choose Good or Evil? Why?