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  1. Okay Shadow is sooo cute in that picture :3 next year ill get the foal version of him in there :3
  2. ShadowPony

    A Choice

    i am so using this thanks :3
  3. ShadowPony

    A Choice

    Your a Pony in Equestra and Zecora approaches you. She offers you a choice Red Pill: You are evil to your core, but everypony adores you and you can't seem to do anything they'd find evil ( evil plans don't go according to plan because of this) Blue Pill: You are a kind and benevolent ruler incapable of 'evil', but everypony hates you and you can't seem to do anything they find good. ( good deeds are met with cruel eyes and reactions) What do you choose Good or Evil? Why?
  4. Her Name is Silver Leaf one of my many OCs
  5. ShadowPony

    Station stream URLs?

    you can use my stations stream if wish just PM me and i can give it to ya ^^
  6. ShadowPony

    How strong is your bladder?

    well i can hold it while i sleep but when i wake up i wake up i have to use the restroom (i slry just got up like NOW)
  7. ShadowPony

    How strong is your bladder?

    why would you even hold it
  8. ShadowPony

    How strong is your bladder?

    what type of question is this...... i go pee when my body needs to pee simple as that holding it in can harm you more then you think... (strong has horses....wait what.....XD)
  9. ShadowPony

    Home Page

    alright the back ground is changed. any thing elts i should add
  10. ShadowPony

    Home Page

    its a roll playing based website and what background would you recommend
  11. ShadowPony

    Home Page

    hmm what should i add to the homepage any ideas...comment below
  12. ShadowPony

    ShadowPon3s Video Renders

    #4 COMMING SOON stay alert if your following this post
  13. ShadowPony

    ShadowPon3s Video Renders

    THIS FORUM WILL UPDATE WITH NEW RENDERS I MAKE Hay Every Pony showing off some renders that i made. Programs Used AdobeAfterEffects (chosen output .avi) Video Converter (conversion type .mov. or .mp4) 1st Render (IM SO A NOOB) 2nd Render (Average) (Also my favorite song) 3rd Render (Advance) Tell me what you think below i love to read what you guys and girls say...
  14. ShadowPony


    flutteryay!!!! HEHEHE out of all the mane 6 flutter shy is my favorite. when i look at picture i think shes a bit shy while holding what ever that object is in her hand XD
  15. ShadowPony

    MLP 2017 Movie Fan Poster

    im so not in the loop now i know theres going to be a movie XD btw nice poster :3