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  1. That's kind of what this is. A plea for help. If anyone can make these plushies for a decent price I'd love to buy them. I don't have anyone savvy in artistic things other than computer software engineering.
  2. When the demand went up for good quality but big companies won't make every pony every wants because there are a lot. So customs cost more because people take time and resources to make them by hand. I found a rainbow power Apple jack that was only 12" but it's as $600 and I was like nope. Only two sombra exist that I saw one was a chibi $95 on and a $300 one with almost real freaking hair. It looked really good but I can't spend that kind of money.
  3. Hello everyone! Christmas isn't right around the corner for most to be worrying about getting gifts but the gifts I want I need to look really early. It seems some ponies only care about mane characters when it comes to plushes. If anyone can make plushies or know where I can get them at a decent price I need Sombra, Mane-iac, and Sunset Shimmer as a pony, and Fluffle puff before Christmas. Any help is appreciated. Thank you every pony!
  4. Just to see flutterbat again would be sweet. And Ironwill in a spa would make my day. I can imagine his horns getting buffed by a sander. Seeing discord at the begining of season 4 finally beginning to trap tirak made me giggle with excitement. Just seeing him makes me giddy. But then he was convinced to fall back on his friendship with fluttershy. But after twilight demanded her friends released.... all of them released it makes me feel like the magic of friendship got to him. He will always be a prankster but I feel he will be a main asset in the future not as a prankster that is looking for fun, but as a friend to all of the main six. I hope at least.
  5. I was curious if anyone was hoping to see Discord in a more reformed statise where he may actually be a good friend and please please see more of him. I want to see him angry for someone hurting fluttershy. Anybody in? XD
  6. I became a brony when a friend of mine, zen, introduced me to the card game. It was around April of 2014 so I'm still a colt when it comes down to it. Looking to make my very own OC soon and my very own cutie mark. I'm excited to diver further into the brony society and make new friends. :3
  7. I never doubted you for a second. But what I was most curious about was his medallion you gave twilight for that last key and said it meant true friendship when it was a token of betrayal.
  8. Where can I find a picture for my avatar at? I can't seem to find one that meets the requirements.
  9. I have a question for you discord. After tirek convinced you to abandon your friends and after achieving the power he needed abandoned you, how did you feel about twilight gave all her alicorn power to save her friends. You included?
  10. Thank you all very much. It means a lot to me. But I am very u sure of where to begin in this forum. Any segestions?
  11. Hello! My name is Aura! My favorite pony is, duh, pinkie. I heard of this site just by the power of google. Looked up mlp forums and this was first on the list. I got into the bring swagg because of the card game. I'm normally a yugioh player but at tge time I didn't care for the meta so I wanted to try a new game. Magic? People where too impatient with new players. Vanguard? Too.... Vanguard... But I met a guy named Zen and he introduced me to the card game. Its different and that's why I liked it. No killing of opponent. I'm also looking to find other bronys in the Indianapolis indiana area looking for more people to fight in mlp. If you are interested friend me and check out my other post for more details. I hope to meet some new great friends! With love, Aurabullet10
  12. I understand. We need more players out there doing these things to initiate a better local tournament instead of having to go to con's to fight other decks. If you have a local card shop let them know that the game exists so enterplay will have to support more than a couple local card shops. The more we pester them the better chance we have.
  13. Hello! My name is Aura! I am hosting a mlp CCG tourney on Sundays at/around 8pm on sunday nights and I am looking for more players. If you have a deck but nobody to play against or if you want to get into the game head over to Midwest Gamez at 3924 west Washington street Indianapolis, IN 46241. The entry is $2.50 but as long as you have a deck you can play. I can't wait to meet all of you!