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  1. MyLittleNeckbeard

    Derpy Hooves or Ditzy Doo?

    Ditzy Doo sounds better to me. It fits the show. Or we could just call her Muffins. Muffins is probably the best name for her.
  2. I could help manage things. But then again, maybe Twilight Sparkle would be better for the job. I could help manage things. But then again, maybe Twilight Sparkle would be better for the job.
  3. MyLittleNeckbeard

    New to mlp

    Yeah, storylines and whatnot. My two favorite episodes so far have been One Bad Apple and Magical Mystery Cure, both from season 3, I believe.
  4. MyLittleNeckbeard

    Hey, I'm new. Just finished Season 3.

    See all of these cute new emoticons? I made a suggestion thread for more emotes and this is what we got, so make sure to use them!
  5. MyLittleNeckbeard

    Emoticon Suggestions, Thoughts, and Feedback

    Hey, I helped do a thing! Yay!
  6. This happened a bit ago and went away when I refreshed the page, but I thought I should do my part and report it anyway!
  7. MyLittleNeckbeard

    Rarity Fan Club

    Yeah, I know what you mean. I need to head to bed, anyway. Got a job interview tomorrow morning. Play nice while I'm away, my little ponies.
  8. MyLittleNeckbeard

    Rarity Fan Club

    Here, I made this just for you.
  9. MyLittleNeckbeard

    Rarity Fan Club

    I love Rarity, as you can see. Even though she can be a bit dramatic, and seem a bit greedy, we all know someone like her, or are like her ourselves. I am like Rarity. I like to give to others when I can, but I also like to get things in return. I can freak out about the little things, but in the end, anything is all in good fun, if you make it so.
  10. MyLittleNeckbeard


    Drugs are bad, mmkay? 10char
  11. MyLittleNeckbeard

    Gaming The Official League of Legends Thread

    I'm on NA, playing Jungle primarily but I can also play support. Summoner name is Phishitx, just add me as a friend here if you want to play sometime.
  12. MyLittleNeckbeard

    Gaming Anypony play League of Legends?

    I am unsure of what you are getting at. Elaborate.
  13. MyLittleNeckbeard


    Rarity tho. I haven't seen season 4 yet, but I used to just think the show was meh. I didn't like it, but I didn't dislike it. And then I watched it. It's my favorite show of all time. I have a job, but I'm not in school. I'll go to college eventually. And I'm a complete Rarity IRL. Perhaps we can be friends, yes?
  14. MyLittleNeckbeard

    Gaming Anypony play League of Legends?

    If ya doooo we should totally exchange summoner names and talk about our favorite champs! Mine's Soraka because I just love being able to support someone and tank hits if I have to. Soraka can take a nice chunk out of someone with her silence, too.
  15. MyLittleNeckbeard

    Rename each episode of F.i.m

    Too Many Pinkie = Too Many Pinkie. I am not a clever colt.