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  1. Well, I don't know if this counts as a "paper", but once for Mythology we had to write a "boast" in the style of Beowulf. In other words, we had to write a poem about how were were somehow epic people of noble lineages and were going to accomplish something amazing. And then we had to read them. In front of everyone. And it was horrifying.
  2. Phoenix Flair

    What are you dressing as for Halloween?

    I would like to be Emily from Corpse bride, but the lazy person in me thinks that's too ambitious, so maybe I'll throw something else together last minute.
  3. Phoenix Flair

    What features of some OCs do you really dislike?

    Whenever I see an OC like this: I always think of this:
  4. Phoenix Flair

    What features of some OCs do you really dislike?

    - cutie marks that are WAY too detailed and too vague - insanity - all powerful villains - all powerful heroes - personalities that are ripped off from the mane 6 (generally RD, sometimes Fluttershy) - ponies that are or try to be friends with everyone or otherwise exhibit a lack of self-interest/actual personality Just to name a few.
  5. Phoenix Flair

    What's the longest time you've been awake?

    Around 40ish hours, I think. Pulled an all-nighter to write an English paper (which I got an A on ), and I didn't want to sleep again until a reasonable time (9 or 10 PM, I think).
  6. Phoenix Flair

    Is New Justin Bieber better than Old Justin Bieber?

    I never been a fan of Bieber, but at least kid Bieber didn't spit on fans, pee in buckets, or get his friends sent to jail. He was grating then, but he's a hell of a dirt bag now.
  7. Phoenix Flair

    Are Alicorns Overrated?

    As far as Alicorns go, yes, they are overrated. I mean, when was the last time Celestia did anything useful? A long dang time ago, that's for sure. I'll bet Pinkie Pie has saved Equestria more times than her, and she ain't been alive for one twentieth of Celestia's life. I wouldn't mind a few more Alicorns, but I'd kinda like to see one who can break from the pack. A punk kinda Alicorn whose intentions don't pretend to be so noble, maybe shirks responsibility and stuff. I doubt it will happen, because Alicorn's gotta keep their reputation as pure-hearted and snooty, but I can still dream.
  8. Phoenix Flair

    How To Be Weird o-O

    Dress up like a total hipster and put on full makeup to go out and read a book at a nice restaurant all alone. It is incredibly refreshing, and gets me a lot of weird looks. Or you can start writing a story about bizarre fantasy/sci-fi worlds where people have evolved into panthers. Or start building a tree house in a bush so that little fairy children can have really cool sleepovers.
  9. I don't cut my hair often at all. When I was a kid, my mom always forced me to cut it short, so when she finally decided I was old enough to choose for myself, I wore it as long as possible. I got trims every six months or so, and then when I graduated high school, I didn't even do that for a year and a half. I finally donated thirteen inches of hair and got it real short, and though I love being able to put up my hair in a ponytail or bun, I'm thinking of cutting it again. It looks better on me, even if it isn't as functional.
  10. Phoenix Flair

    Do not sculpt without a reference

    So I've been wanting to do an Apple Bloom Sculpt for a while. I love her bow, and I thought her flat, whorled mane presented an interesting challenge. As I was about to attempt this project, though, my computer informed me it was low on battery. I was too lazy to get the charger, and I figured "Hey, I know what Apple Bloom looks like, it will be fine!" It was not. Somehow my brain got completely confused on the actual appearance of the original CCC, and ended up creating these bulgy dread-lock things instead of the actual gorgeously pooled mane I was going for. The tail is also similarly affected. I don't hate the sculpt. I actually think it looks kind of nice. It just doesn't look like Apple Bloom very much. And it could have all been prevented by just having a picture of the pony at hand, instead of getting cocky about my clearly inferior memory. Note to self: do not sculpt without a reference.
  11. Phoenix Flair

    Movies/TV Shows You Wish Would Get Canceled

    First of all, since when is Doctor Who on Disney? Secondly, heck yes TTG. I remember watching the original TT when I was a kid and loving it to death. It was like an introduction to nerd media for kids, and it was epic. TTG is a pathetic and insulting copy with bad jokes and no purpose. Also, I agree with everyone saying Family Guy. That show pisses me off.
  12. Phoenix Flair

    Mega Thread Count to a million

  13. Phoenix Flair

    Should Spike be written out of FiM?

    Nah, man. I ain't the biggest Spike fan, but I like him from time to time, and would like to see him become a more developed and useful character. I think Spike oughta finally grow a pair of wings and step up to become one of a new Mane 7, rather than just a static chime-in character, which requires a more concrete definition of his personality and actual self-interest. I doubt that will happen, though. He'll probably just languish in the role of Twilight's exotic pet and mailman from now until the end of time.
  14. Phoenix Flair

    Do you call her Minuette or Colgate

    I have never seen this pony before, but I will now call her Colgate until the end of my days. Even though I'm pretty sure Colgate is a brand of toothpaste, it just makes me think of the words "cold" and "stargate" combined, which seems to mach her color scheme very well.
  15. Phoenix Flair

    What is your opinion on "Human in Equestria"?

    I am personally opposed to the concept. I like MLP because I like the pony characters in the pony world doing pony things. To me, Equestria is so complete and developed there is no reason for such a self-indulgent crossover. Besides, most fanfics and such along these lines end up just theorizing about initial reactions, and are superficial and stereotypical. Beyond the "Oh my god, what are you?" and the "Oh my god, where am I? How did I get here?", these plot lines make no sense and usually go nowhere. Still, I ain't judging if that's something you're in to. *shrugs* It's whatevs.