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  1. Ooh, this sounds interesting Mind if I join? Character link is in the description thanks.
  2. I grew up wwith a PS2 (about 65 games ) and a GameCube, I played the PS2 the most, favourite games being Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly, Rayman 3, Sonic Heroes and The Simpsons: Hit and Run.
  3. I'm just gonna go add you on PSN, my ID is zXsmashloganZx
  4. PSN: zXsmashloganZx (no mic) Xbox LIVE: Bogaloga (still no mic) Games I have: PS4: DC Universe, Loadout, Minecraft Xbox: Gotham City Imposters, Charlie Murder, Minecraft PLEASE PM ME BEFORE ADDING ME
  5. Electro and Upbeat Pop usually interests me I'm mostly happy, so I like to listen to those songs.
  6. 190 - 200 WPM QWERTY layout Mtn Dew sponsors me. MLT SUCKAS.
  7. I once stayed up for three days without sleep. After reading too many creepypasta. Seriously, if I read more than 3 creepypasta I go insane and can't sleep.
  8. My favourites in order of how good I am with them: 1. Little Mac 2. Mario 3. Sonic 4. Greninja 5. Yoshi
  9. Hi friend , Happy christmas :D

  10. May I join? If I can, heres my character, Lightning Blast.
  11. Frozen - This freaking movie and its fanbase is just horrible. And whats even worse, they shipped Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians (my fav movie ) with ELSA. So annoying. Call of Duty - All of the games are full of squeakers who scream about dying and trolls who start a fight over nothing. PewDiePie - He is a popular YouTuber, and I seriously don't see why he is so popular. All he does is screams at games and tells unfunny sex (plz no ban ) and yo mama jokes. Its just so annoying, I hate him. Here comes the hate. :comeatus:
  12. 3 Days! I'm hoping to get a Luna plushie :D

    1. hariyaMakusu2


      A plushie would be such an awesome present :3

  13. Welcome! There is a Pinkie Pie fan club (as Destiny mentioned his/herself) but I know for SURE that the Derpy fan club has muffins wink wink nudge nudge