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  1. Raspberry Swirl was still staring at the horde of oncoming enemies. "Raspberry, we have to go." Warrior said as he tried to pull her away from the mound of dirt. "I-I recognize the leader of the group." Warrior looked back to the horde to see a large dragon at the lead. "How do you know him?" Flare asked, who was listening on the conversation. "He was the one that tried to take my brother from me." Warrior and Flared just starred at Raspberry for a second. Trying to figure out what was off about that sentence. "Wait," Warrior finally said, "you said that your brother was dead. How could he have tied to kill Dawn?" Raspberry gave a long sigh, "Just go to the hospital tent and look for a bat pony." They still looked confused. Raspberry gave a little whistle and Cherry flew out of her mane. "Raspberry don't." Warrior tried to pull her away but she had spread her bat wings. "I need to kill him here and no-" "Can at least tell us this dragons name! Maybe then we can try to find a book about him or something." "His name is... Rthyin." They both went pale, recognizing the name. "Your kidding me right?" Flare asked. "Nope, that is Rthyin the scaled bird. And fierce as Terik himself."
  2. Watching Skyfighter having a conversation with Dawn Furry. Raspberry Swirl walked towards the barrier, but being stopped by Warrior. "Oh hey...what's up?" She asked, looking down at the ground. "Luna is sending us on a mission. Apparently an enemy group is coming closer to the barri- you ok?" "Um yes I am fine. So we are going on our first mission?" "Apparently." Raspberry gave a small sigh. "When do we leave?" Warrior looked at the night sky, the moon just setting. "Daw-" "DON'T SAY HIS NAME!" He looked very confused, "What's wrong with the word dawn?" Raspberry gave another sigh, "Nothing. Its just that..." "Its just what?" "My brother...that's what's wrong..." Warrior still looked confused. Shaking his head, he seemed to push the thought to the back of his mind. "Just be ready to go in around 30 minutes or so, ok?" Raspberry nodded as she headed towards the exit while Warrior trotted off in the opposite direction. Around 30 minutes later, Warrior and Flare walked towards Raspberry. Who was pacing back and forth. "Finally!" Raspberry shouted. "Yeah, yeah be quiet." Flare responded. Warrior rolled his eyes as the three ponies walked through the barrier.
  3. Raspberry Swirl walked slowly to the barrier, and taking a seat against the shield. She started to think about her day; That conversation with my mother could have gone better, but I had every right to be mad at her. I still thought I could have at least let my anger be a little more secret. Pushing her thoughts to the back of her head. Raspberry started then to think about the offer from Princess Luna. The pro is I get away from this place, but the con is I could be putting my life at higher risk. "Hey Raspberry." Raspberry turned around to see Flare walking towards her. "Oh hey, what do you need?" "I was just seeing how your doing." "I'm fine. Just thinking about stuff." "Ok... ok." Flare walked off towards the barracks, Raspberry just stared through the purple barrier. A shadow ran across the battlefield. Raspberry stood up, watching the figure run across the blood-stained sand. She ran to the towards the opening in the barrier. The guards let Raspberry through. She grabbed her bow and arrows, and her sword and charged after the pony. Cherry flew out of her mane and after the shadow. Taking to the sky, Raspberry shoot a arrow at the target. Hitting on the ponies hoof. Landing right in front of the...bat pony? The shadow pony was actually a dark yellow and bright orange bat pony. "Please don't hurt me!" He stumbled, pulling out the arrow from his hoof. Raspberry just stared. He looked up at her, starring as well. They both knew each other. "Raspberry?" "D-dawn Furry?" Dawn started to smile, while Raspberry's expression stayed like stone. Raspberry helped her brother up and over to the barrier. The soldiers opened up the small door, eyeing Dawn closely. Walking him over to the hospital and placing him onto one of beds. "Rest Dawn, I need to talk to Skyfighter about your sudden appearance." One of the nurses walked towards him as Raspberry trotted out. Finally arriving at the Kernel's tent, "Can I come in?" Sounds of falling books and scrolls filled the room. "Sure come in." Entering the tent, to see Kernel Skyfighter sitting at his desk. "Sorry for bothering you at such a late hour. But it is very important." "Let me guess, another letter from your mother." "No, its about Dawn Furry." His seemed to just become interested at the name Dawn Furry, well he was one of his best. "Don't kid around with his name." He said very sternly, standing. "Why would I?" "Where is he?" Raspberry took a deep breath. "Follow me." The two trotted fairly quickly towards the hospital tent. Taking a few steps inside, Raspberry pointed towards a bat pony stallion who was sleeping. And his hoof bandaged.
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  8. Raspberry Swirl, Flare and Menace walked through the rift as Warrior was closing it. "Wow this place had changed since I was here last." Raspberry grunted, still trying to get over the anger part of her emotions. "That is true. I forgot you couldn't see the barrier from here either." Warrior said once he had closed the portal, staring at the sky. "So where did this mare want to meet you?" Flare asked as she trotted in front of them. "My moth- Crimson Dualwing said to meet her at the Grand Oak Library." Raspberry said, pointing to the giant tree. "Then lets go, it should be around 6 now." Warrior took the lead as he led the small group towards the Library. Approaching the library, a gray and crimson bat pony came into view. "That must be her." Flare said. Raspberry took a deep breath. "Three stay here," Raspberry ordered, "I need to speak to my 'mother' alone." The tree took a seat on the ground, knowing this would take a while. Raspberry trotted up to her mother, her face full of anger. The bat pony saw Raspberry coming, and a smile grew upon her face. Crimson Dualwing did not move. Only stared at Raspberry Swirl with a joyful expression. Raspberry made her face show no emotion, only showing her 'mother' the letter. "Is this you?" Raspberry asked as the mare looked over the letter. "Yes it is." She answered, without even needing to look at the letter. "Now what did you need." "Why would I need something to see my own daughter." "Well heres a thought, you didn't need to take me and Dawn to the orphanage. Why did you do that anyway. Didn't we mean anything to you!" "Yes you di-" "Oh i'm sorry we "did" mean something to you"! Raspberry interrupted. Finishing her sentence. Rage flared inside of her, almost making her explode into ashes. ?"I wasn't going to say did!" Crimson argued back. "Then why were you going to say it? I came all this way from the barrier, abandoning my duties as a solders to see you. What if when I get back we have lost? And we would have lost because of your letter, do you even know how angry I am? Her mother just nodded. ?"Where's your brother." she asked in a slow, sad voice. "Hes dead, not like you would have known." A expression of pure sorrow appeared on her face as she started to cry. "Now if you excuse me," Raspberry started, turning away from her mother, "I have a war to fight."
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