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  1. banned because you understand my joke, good on you
  2. banned because if you are going to "love" it, then you had best be ready to "suck" it
  3. i see you noticed apparently someone managed to imbed music to the site
  4. look at my avatar for my answer to this question im also the only one here who can't be killled by the so called "badasses" you guys are summoning to the field ps. i learned how to summon three blue eyes white dragons in one turn
  5. yay *looks at Siren, then uses Raiden magicite to pwn everyone*
  6. banned because nothing is impossible, and you are failing at it
  7. banned because you are suppose to ban people, you are losing at this game
  8. banned because you failed to ban, and fail to see the reason of my post
  9. banned for no musical knowledge you need to google harder and the music has stopped.....just as planned
  10. finally we get the realist thankyou for posting legit though, i can bet that nintendo will be making a handheld with cell phone service as well, because thats just how the market will be selling things in the next 20 years
  11. banned because its jokuc he used an external link that stays invisible in posts upon entering the page the link is on, it plays music its a rather simple procedure i know its simple because im in webpage design class, and have already attached music to a site
  12. the only reason wii u sales are low is because its current game library is low, as i said "who else thinks that wii u will sell twice as much as the xbox once some new games come out for it"