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  1. AveryGamerDude

    Why does Fluttershy and Cadence wear eye shadow?

    I've never seen Fluttershy wear eye shadow in the show. She does it wear it in EQG, though. Maybe I'm just stupid and she does in the show.
  2. No one deserves to be vilified for simply being an atheist. How is this not obvious? :unamused:

    1. A.V.


      Nor do they deserve to be vilified for simply being a theist. :unamused:

    2. Kyoshi


      Logic is not this country's strong point.

    3. A.V.


      @Kyoshi Now it's... cigol! :derp:

  3. Honestly I think MLP is so good it's bad. What I mean by that is that I love it so much to the point to where it's the only reason I live. If it disappears, then I no longer have a purpose. Which is... REALLY bad. :(

  4. AveryGamerDude

    Season 10?

    I hope so. I don't know what I would do without FiM...
  5. I guess I shouldn't be TOO surprised that Tara Strong is 45. My mom is 43 and she looks younger than 43.

  6. AveryGamerDude

    Words you trivially dislike

    Whenever "thick" is used to describe somebody's body. I always associate that word with the crust of pizza, so I imagine that they wanna... eat their flesh. Is cannibalism a really popular fetish? Is it something I am not supposed to find utterly repulsive?
  7. Honestly I am so baffled that the internet went from moderate liberal to extremely alt-right in less than a YEAR. And SJW Tumblrinas existed then. What changed? The only thing that changed recently is that Trump was elected. Trump's speeches must be some potent stuff. I don't think it's as potent as Christians' faith, though. :unamused:

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    2. AveryGamerDude


      @JonasDarkmane Sure because it isn't like the right uses identity politics. Well, they halfway do. They only believe in identity politics for the left. They think the right is this broad spectrum completely filled with moderates, whereas they believe in the opposite for the left. According to them, there are NO moderate liberals. They're just all millennial feminist/soyboy ANTIFA BLM transgender otherkin college-attending CNN addicted SJWs. All of them. Every single one. Besides, I don't think ALL Republicans are white Christians. Just most of them, because that's what statistics say, and you can't argue with that.

      As for Trump, I literally see no appeal to him other than his beliefs. Unless you're a white conservative straight non-millennial non-transgender theist, (Except Muslim) there is literally no reason to vote for him over Trillary. Trillary is pretty bad as well, but compared to Trump, she's Bob Ross.

    3. JonasDarkmane


      I know fully well that they do and I don't find it any less idiotic. 

      But why the hell do you feel such need to point at those exact statistics? That says far more about you then it does about them. 

      And again, identity politics being the way to vote for people? Not a world that I want to live in. 

      I am going to leave you with this, perhaps it can help, or perhaps it is just pointless 


    4. Kyoshi


      I'll tell you one thing, Trump sure didn't get elected because of the popular vote. Regardless, doesn't matter either way, Trump is so far a total disaster, a beacon of national arrogance and pettiness. A testament to appealing to the ego of people.



    NOOOO!!! DON'T SKIP!!!


    Ggggh!! *chokes and dies*

    #diabetes #shyabetes #deathbyadorableness


  9. I swear to god if Twilight came to me IRL and did THIS, I think I would literally die from type 1 diabetes.


  10. AveryGamerDude

    Mega Thread What game are you playing right now?

    Fallout 4. It's fun as Hell with mods.
  11. AveryGamerDude

    Things we need to see before the show ends!

    I wanna see the return of KIng Sombra, another episode involving Queen Chrysalis, and another special about Tirek. I'll remember what else I wanna see at some point.
  12. AveryGamerDude

    General Anyone Feel Born in the Wrong Time Period?

    I was born in the right century and decade, just the wrong year.
  13. Honestly, yes. I would want to live long enough for FiM to be put into the public domain and then I can just create my own interpretation of it.
  14. I Can't believe Tara Strong is 45. She looks 28! :O

    1. A.V.
    2. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      Wow. She looks great for 45.

  15. AveryGamerDude


    I hope not. Yaoi fangirls are cancer.