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  1. God... it really saddens me that most of my fellow atheists (At least on the internet) believed in climate change. Remember when the atheist community wasn't despicable? Pepperidge Farms remembers. :(

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    2. Lightning Cloud

      Lightning Cloud

      Climate Change is real. Just search for university research about it. There are DOZENS of studies that back up the fact that the world's climate system is warming. Humans are the reason why it's changing too, with the pumping out of significant amounts of Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide. Just go read some of the research, because climate change is going to continue to happen as long as we continue to pump CO2 into our atmosphere.

    3. Bolt Number 42

      Bolt Number 42

      It's not a matter of whether it is real. The issue is the government will use it as an excuse to do whatever they want. I don't trust the "science" when it comes from the UN or other politically motivated people.

    4. Once In A Blue Moon

      Once In A Blue Moon

      Atheist or not, my impression is that most (?) people* accept that humans have an impact on their environment (air quality maps show that quite well.) The warming effect seems to be contentious despite having strong scientific backing - and I do wonder if the Financial Crisis had something to do with that. I remember that there was quite a strong building of the climate movement in the early to mid 2000s, but after the Crisis the economy and austerity became more prominent topics. Still, I think there is a swing back towards the environment as a prominent concern as the consequences of inaction are starting to show (Blue Planet 2's final episode drew a lot of attention to plastic pollution.)


      *yes, yes, social bubble and so on.

      Oh, actually, some UK figures. No time series, unfortunately, but tangentially interesting as a point in time piece.