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  1. Its more the code of honor that hes sentimental about lol. Its more the code of honor that hes sentimental about lol.
  2. Steelhide took a few moments to absorb this information. "I am greatly honored, though I feel like I have not done anything to deserve such a position..." Steelhide trailed off and then thought for a moment. "If you believe I am worthy for such a post, I am willing to assume the rank and all responsibility that comes with it. I know I am different then others in my view of the world, but my personal feelings will not take priority over any duty I am assigned to. I only hope that I do not bring dishonor to myself or the title in which you offer. With that being said..." Steelhide took a breath.
  3. Is there supposed to be any cons to this? Because all I am hearing is pros XD Like no sacrifices whatsoever. Prepared for ultra humble response from Steelhide XD
  4. Heheh. I'm not sure what choice Steelhide is being offered. Can you clarify as in Choice 1, 2, 3 etc. Like Choice 1 : Become super powered Dark Knight Choice 2 : Don't become super powered Dark Knight. XD
  5. S'all good. I just graduated HS too lol. My diploma is in the mail cause I didn't attend the ceremony. .3. Maybe steelhide's rival is now gone from the RP forum and any threat will be gone XD
  6. I think most bronies would pick Luna because she was the outcast of all the ponies and most bronies generally feel like outcasts. So basically picking Luna because it resembles themselves. Sorry, that was my psychoanalytical side. In all honesty, I go with the herd and pick Luna. She is given a lot more character development in the show then Celestia. Shes undergone so many changes, more then Celestia and it seems like in most of her quests that she will undertake them herself or have someone else do it while teaching them a valuable lesson. I have no problems with Celestia. Its just
  7. (You're loving those rhymes, aren't you? XD) Rainbow Dash came to, still rather dazed. "Argh... what happened? Why does my head hurt?" She asked no one in particular. She then remembered everything. "Wait, wasn't there a monster or something, where are we?" She was very confused and getting just a tad bit worked up. She remembered something about a monster. That was probably what had knocked her out, if so, where was it and were they safe? Were they in its belly, and what was Zecora doing in the monster's belly that looked a lot like her hut.... Rainbow Dash's thoughts trailed off there as
  8. Steelhide looked at Dusk, he had turned a slight red shade at the realization that Dusk had been watching the entire encounter. He decided to try and change the subject off the last bit of the 'fight'. "I fight with honor. It is not in my training or nature to use dirty tricks to win fights. I don't need to rely on dirty tricks to win. If my strength fails, my Willpower will take its place." Steelhide responded. "Er... My apologies for ranting. So, what are we to do now and er... umm where is Princess Luna?" Steelhide asked tentatively. He knew she would have royal duties to attend to.
  9. The Shadow Stallion

    Private Silent Hill - Pony RP

    Arrival of both... This sounded ominous to Shadowknight. He frowned a bit, his quick mind already deducted that another would appear soon. His curiousity did have him at what was in the two boxes. Though his caution took over. He had to wait for the other to appear before he tried anything, lest he trigger some sort of nightmarish scene again or even worse.
  10. The Shadow Stallion

    Private Silent Hill - Pony RP

    Shadowknight was deeply disturbed by this nightmare he had experienced. The green door remained and he was more hesitant to approach it after what he had just witnessed. Either it would be better than the blue door, or it would hold even greater horror. Shadowknight couldn't begin to imagine what would be worse then what he had just witnessed. He got up slowly, shaking off the cold cloak of fear and slowly started making his way to the green door. He was nervous, but his heart was stalwart, he reasoned that this was some twisted nightmare and not actual events he was witnessing despite how rea
  11. The Shadow Stallion

    Private Silent Hill - Pony RP

    Shadowknight's unconscious form crashes into the ground. He 'awoke' in this strange otherworld with two doors. He wasn't exactly sure where he was at or why he was here. Those doors were important though, an important choice perhaps? These strange futures. It made no sense. Shadowknight decided to move toward the blue door. Something felt off to him about the green door. He wondered if this was some strange nightmare or perhaps a very important decision. He didn't know as he neared the blue door....
  12. The Shadow Stallion

    Private Silent Hill - Pony RP

    Shadowknight noticed that the dark world had faded back to a less dark world, but still a dark world nonetheless. At least the creatures and monsters were gone now. Now that Shadowknight had time to think he began to process all the strange events. He wondered if he should go toward the enthralling eyes or try to find that one pony again inside that broken down house. He was unsure, but decided he would slowly start flying to the cathedral. He was... drawn to it. Though it looked like a bad place to go, something persuaded his mind to believe that it was safe. Only time would tell if S
  13. -hugs Octavia's Bow- (If um... thats alright, I mean. -Fluttershy) We believe in you! : D
  14. Its hard to read that via the text on the internet. add smilies and stuff XD also not berties. That bogey flavor is horrid. Replace the pills with jolly ranchers....or tic tacs. and bouncing back to competition. Let it begin! But good luck.... I took both pills! XD sorry, I bounce back and forth between subjects. I'm like a rubber ball .3.
  15. It seems rather arrogant to make assumptions. Plus hes not a soldier. He is a justicar/knight. Currently in her service. Also, it does not help if the advisor is rather sociopathic. -raises eyebrow- Which actually makes me pose the question, why would he be going for Luna if he exhibits sociopathic tendencies? .3.) What about the green and purple pills? Oh woops had colorblind setting turned on. XD I just wish there were more pill options. Sheesh. Only get to choose between a blueberry and cherry (Though those are great flavors and colors, I want my options!) It seems rather arrogant to
  16. I'm still here.... By the way to Orion...Challenge accepted! -narrowed eyes- Also, to your signature. Why not take both pills? It'd be one crazy trip XD Like so much of a paradox. Universe would explode. But it'd be a wild ride til then.
  17. Dreams would be realized if this happened. I hate the real world, equestria seems like a way better alternative despite some reoccurring hypocriscies. It would be great for me.Not afraid in waking up, I'd be happily freaking out. I mean having hooves would be hard at first, I'd just have to rap my mind around the fact that I can pick things up with hooves which seems almost impossible. Dreams would be realized if this happened. I hate the real world, equestria seems like a way better alternative despite some reoccurring hypocriscies. It would be great for me.Not afraid in waking up, I'd be ha
  18. Dash at this point had been knocked rather senseless. When Pinkie had asked if she was okay, Dash responded rather strangely. "Yes...I will join.....the wonder....wonder thingy....something birds." Dash wasn't making any sense, the fact she was being drug by her tail and bumping her head against the ground every so often didn't help. "Wheres my.....medal for saving....the thing..... look at the.....pink stuff...." Dash then hit her head against the ground hard as she was drug behind AJ. This time it knocked her out. (Almost made her sound kinda drunk I think XD)
  19. The Shadow Stallion

    Private Silent Hill - Pony RP

    Shadowknight took all this in. He was curious now as to what eyes had been watching him, however he didn't have long to think as he saw the grey fillies come towards him. "By Celestia, What cursed world am I in?" He asked himself out loud. He flapped his wings really hard, creating a shadowy cloud as he spun around and took off flying at a quick speed. He hoped that the shadow cloud he had created would disorient the creatures that were chasing him. Ordinarily, he would stand and fight, however, he didn't think he could beat these creatures, whatever they were. The strangest thing was
  20. Rainbow Dash had been caught offguard, having been lost in her own thoughts. She just noticed that Fluttershy had shouted 'MONSTER!' and the rest of her friends had taken off at a full gallop. "HEY! WAIT FOR ME!" Dash shouted as she chased after her friends. She beat her wings and easily managed to catch up to them. "Whats going on, what monster, where?" She asked quickly, looking around as she kept pace. She didn't see a branch though and was closelined by it, falling and hitting the ground. "Argh!" She muttered as her back hit the ground. She groaned in pain.
  21. The Shadow Stallion

    Private Silent Hill - Pony RP

    "Blast." Shadowknight muttered at the sudden strange change. A part of him realized he wasn't as frightened as he should be at that moment, but the rest of him was in survival mode. He flapped his wings and flew up, hopefully just out of reach as he glanced around quickly. He saw a nearby window and charged at it, breaking through and flying a little bit higher into the sky, glancing back below. His heart was beating quickly, but again, not out of fear, but out of some other strange feeling he had. He wasn't sure, but he thought that he felt.... excited.
  22. The Shadow Stallion

    Private Silent Hill - Pony RP

    Shadowknight turned at the sound of the cloaked pony. He thought the voice may have sounded familiar, but he couldn't place it. "Wait, please." Shadowknight said as he got up from his sitting position and followed the pony. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you. I woke up outside and then I saw some strange mutated creatures and I came here." He said out loud.
  23. Give me a Viking Sword or Bastard sword any day (Shields included wooo!). If we're speaking of my melee preferences. (I'd even take a Spartan sword/shield combo), but Viking Sword and Bastard Swords are my first two choices. They give off the feeling of power and utter brutality. They are practical and are weapons of war and slaughter. They simply state "Back off, or you'll have to pick your rolling head up off the floor." I'd also take War Axes and such because they just ooze with brutality. Gun-wise though, I'd stick my AK-47 or M-16/AR-15. Assault rifles, so you can spray the field with
  24. I agree with most of your choices except for Rainbow Dash. Her element of Harmony is Loyalty unless Im mistaken. Her loyalty to her friends should not be forgotten in this, So I'd boost her up to Neutral Good or even Chaotic Good. (She doesn't follow rules, I'll give you that lol)
  25. The Shadow Stallion

    Private Silent Hill - Pony RP

    "What the-?" Shadowknight said as he shook his head, standing. He looked around and took in these sights and wondered again. 'What the?!?' Shadowknight ran towards the dilapidated farm house, unsure about the mutated vampire bats or cloaked ponies. He didn't think a bunch of ponies avoiding him would be very welcome and if he tried to converse with them they might turn hostile. He wasn't the most friendly looking alicorn in the world. Shadowknight went inside the farm house and pushed a table against the doorway. He needed to gather his wits. First, he had woken up from a strange dream of
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