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  1. this is a picture i created from the new episode. hope Everypony likes it
  2. Appledash Forever <3

  3. both i need tips and pointers to become great
  4. i want to expand my mlp channel do you guys have any tips and want videos you whould like to see on my channel.
  5. what videos should i do next comment what you think i should do next.
  6. check out my new videos on youtube

  7. Hello, how are you?

    1. Trail Blazer

      Trail Blazer

      good how about you

    2. Carl Poppa

      Carl Poppa

      I'm pretty good at the moment myself, can't stop listening to songs from Crusaders of the Lost Mark lol

    3. Trail Blazer

      Trail Blazer

      me either i made lyric videos of my two favorite songs on my youtube channel

  8. this episode was my favorite beside the 100th episode. here are my 2 favorite songs from the episode.
  9. How did you guys like the Ending to the Friendship games? Who thinks there's going to be another movie or spin-off?
  10. Being a MLP fan is awesome