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  1. I've come back for one night only to suggest Looney Tunes: Back in Action!
  2. when did we upgrade to ipb4

    where is my picture

    where are my 500 unread notifications

    why is eqtv running separate threads for polls now

    i don't like this

  3. Undertale fad is long over and it's high time I get back to being a chicken

  4. let's watch wargames: the dead code or maybe not cause I hear it's not very good
  5. why is poniverse partnering with all these small-time cons. I want a bronycon tab ;-;

  6. i was gonna post something to the lounge, then decided to post it on reddit instead because my posts get locked less :C

  7. my experience with feedback sections on most forums is it's really just a black hole for ideas to go into
  8. So i'm writing a post right, all I really need to send is a link so I wrap it up in a nice little message. I go to post it and I see that the character count is, apparently, one. Apparently text inside tags doesn't add to the character count of a post. Now I'm not talking about the actual link, i'm talking about the actual text that the link is embedded in, the text that would otherwise be okay to post were it not in tags. So instead of embedding the link in the text, which @Jeric actually prefers, I have to write it like this: Which I think we can agree doesn't look as nice as this: