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    "An author places some of themselves in a book, but the reader withdraws some of their own percpetion as well. I wondered what I might see in the book; a child believes a lie because they know no better, an adult sees through the lie because it fails to line up with experience. In this way, a childs story could be so many different experiences. With enough subtext a thing made for a child can be an entirely different world to an adult" - Princess Celestia, Rainbow Dash Presents: The Star in Yellow
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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. I've come back for one night only to suggest Looney Tunes: Back in Action!
  3. when did we upgrade to ipb4

    where is my picture

    where are my 500 unread notifications

    why is eqtv running separate threads for polls now

    i don't like this

  4. Undertale fad is long over and it's high time I get back to being a chicken

  5. let's watch wargames: the dead code or maybe not cause I hear it's not very good
  6. why is poniverse partnering with all these small-time cons. I want a bronycon tab ;-;

  7. i was gonna post something to the lounge, then decided to post it on reddit instead because my posts get locked less :C

  8. my experience with feedback sections on most forums is it's really just a black hole for ideas to go into