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  1. Kitty's Commissions~ (OPEN!)

    This is another commission from someone on dA, AzzyThunder (:
  2. Kitty's Commissions~ (OPEN!)

    Yes I do! However I do have some limits, as I'm not comfortable with all animals. A bit of an older example: Lion: Fish/human:
  3. Kitty's Commissions~ (OPEN!)

    I still am, yup! I'll send you a message~
  4. Kitty's Commissions~ (OPEN!)

    More from me just advertising and bumping the page~ More recents~
  5. Kitty's Commissions~ (OPEN!)

    My most recent picture~
  6. Fluttershy Speedpaint/Art

    Thank you~ >__<
  7. Fluttershy Speedpaint/Art

    Thanks so much! <3
  8. Fluttershy Speedpaint/Art

    Just finished up a little Fluttershy piece~ Have a speedpaint along with it!
  9. I'm baaaaack~ Last time I posted a little human Luna, but I really wanted to make a super anime cutesy Fluttershy xD! I gave her little bunny ears because they're cute and absolutely NEEDED to be there~ Here's a little speedpaint of it and let me know what you think~ <33 Also my dA is here if you wanna see my other works:
  10. Kitty's Commissions~ (OPEN!)

    Beep another speedpaint to show my process~ The audio is a bit sort in comparison to the video due to copyright and YouTube issues
  11. Human Luna Speedpaint!

    Ahh thank you so much! It took a lot of practice to begin to even understand how to draw my own original work and understanding how the body works (and it's still not perfect!) But it really means a lot to me~ Thanks again! I hope one day I can become a full-time artist <33
  12. Human Luna Speedpaint!

    Thanks so much! <3
  13. Human Luna Speedpaint!

    Hello~ I made a little poll on dA asking who I should turn into a human, and Luna won by far! Here's the speedpaint/picture of it! Hope you guys like it~
  14. Kitty's Commissions~ (OPEN!)

    Hello! Sorry for the late reply~ It depends on how you're looking to have the cat done I suppose? I can't say I'm purrrfect (don't kill me) when it comes to drawing them, but if you'd like I could always do up a sketch for you and we can go from there~
  15. A little speedpaint~

    A recent speedpaint of mine! I was a little less active on YouTube for a while, and it seems like my account is dead now xD. I would really appreciate it if you guys were to give it a thumbs up if you liked the process of my art! <3