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  1. Strawberry kitty sounds cute and sweet :proud::rarity: .

  2. Thank you so much! <3
  3. Just a little update on my two recent commissions done on dA!
  4. I've finished your commission~ I hope you like it! <33
  5. Hey there! So if you are to commission me, I would prefer to discuss what you'd want done through messages. Then once that's all sorted out, you'd go here: to order what you'd want (exmaple: headshot), and then you'd add it to your cart and check out!
  6. Hello all! I am back after being inactive for a while! My artwork has REALLY improved since I've been here last, so make sure to check out my dA in the first post! In the meantime, why not watch a speedpaint showing my process~? <3
  7. Thank you! <3 Appreciate it
  8. Thanks! <3 It takes a bit of practice xD! I'm still learning a lot myself.
  9. Heyy! It's been a while since I've posted on here. Just wanted to show my progress! This is my OC, Icy Crystal. She's the spirit of the mountain. She peacefully watches over those who have to travel over her dangerous paths, and helps those who get lost in the storms. She leads them to safety with bright, warm crystals that can be seen through even the heaviest of blizzards. But on this picture: I was actually using line art for once ! Usually I don't. I'm not a huge fan of line art and I feel constricted when I use it. But I feel like I surpassed that "constriction" I feel while doing hair/fuzzy bits in this picture! Posting the speedpaint incase anyone wants to see the process <3
  11. I'm really happy you like it! Thank you for commissioning me! <33
  12. Hey there! I've finished up your commission! I hope you like it! <33
  13. Thank you! I've sent you a message >__< !
  14. Yep!