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  1. So, Halloween was a while ago, but I figured I would share this 4 hour struggle that I had to learn to eat around... Aand, a picture with me in the background: And a picture of me sitting in a pentagram: Enjoy.
  2. To write, or not to write. That is the question.

    1. Snow


      just... DO IT!

      (with guest appearance: snow) :D

    2. Babyyoshi309


      I am the East! And writing is the Sun!

  3. So there's a bunch of kids from France at the school for a foreign exchange program. Pretty neat.

  4. With a 6 month hiatus until Season 7, I'm looking forward to seeing what some people are going to do with that time. I for one am going to keep on writing.

    1. Babyyoshi309


      I am going to freeze myself and preserve my body until the future... (when season 7 starts)

    2. Night Visions

      Night Visions

      That's a good strategy, but are you sure that science has developed far enough in order to put you into cryogenic stasis?

    3. Babyyoshi309


      Don't worry, I have had an entire warehouse of scientists working on it since the season premiere.

  5. You met THE Matt Smith? Dang, you're pretty lucky. Hats off to you.
  6. I've gotten into the mood to start singing without warning. Almost like a musical..

  7. Last night, I was volunteering/working at one of the best haunted houses in town: The Slaughterhouse. I played a part in the clown haunt (I cannot legally tell you the part). It was slow business, but it was very great.
  8. Ever just...want to lay down and cry for no reason?

  9. I try to be a pleasant person. Doesn't always work.

  10. So... How to put this.. I was at a friend's house, and he told me to make a "sandwich" out of a double-chocolate chip cookie, a Recess(?) cookie, and a large slice of chocolate cake. For lack of better term, it was perfect.
  11. Trying to find motivation to do the simplest of things is hard.

    1. Kyoshi


      Know this feeling all too well. Anxiety makes simple things become so complicated.

  12. Woo! I'm going in for a job interview here in a bit! Kind of excited, kind of nervous, 100% confident.

    1. Varrack


      Awesome! What job?

    2. Night Visions

      Night Visions

      Just a simple clerk at a local grocery store

  13. Word Art: My ONE weakness

  14. Motivation eludes me. I want to finish these Pokémon, but I just can't bring myself to finishing them.

  15. So I nearly wasted $45 just to have data on my phone. Luckily though, there's this great thing called Customer Service.

  16. Random chest pains and I'm having difficulty breathing. This is new.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Night Visions

      Night Visions

      It hurts like hell. I may be alright. If denying, the waves did something to me (I was at the beach for a while today).


      I don't know... It just hurts.

    3. Night Visions
    4. BlackWater627


      Ah, I see. :/

  17. Lazy Nighty strikes! More like waddles in... Just booping in to say how stunned I am just watching you progress with your art. It's truly an amazing thing. Every time I either pop in here (never) or watch you stream, I'm silently admiring your art. Yes, even when I'm talking about butts. Puckst, your art is definitely something else. It's something I've come to admire and it's definitely something I've come to both look up and look forward to. Your talent continues to grow. It continuously expands, and I'm just awestruck watching it happen. You're still my favorite Dutch pone artist. Stay awesome Puckst. Keep doing your thing and don't you ever quit being good at it, please? Lub ya. - Nighty
  18. I was searching the vast depths of the internet. The outcome? 100+ tabs of things that I may or may not look back to in order to reference for art.
  19. Gotta love the new avatar.

  20. And the show, painstaking process of creating an 8-bit RPG has begun. Hopefully, this'll be fun.

  21. Trying to get 15 requests done in two days... It's a little nerve racking..

  22. Okay, I'm going to be as easy as I can possibly be here because you're just starting out with this kind of art.. For starters, the body is too... elliptical. Think of it more as a series of circles: one for the torso and one for the hind quarters. There should be a small dip (indicating a spine line) connecting the two circles such as the image attache. The forelegs and hindlegs should be proportionate to the body. The skinnier and longer, the thinner and lengthier the legs going to be and vice versa. Think of the pony's body as a peanut with legs, a tail, a neck, and a head. Also, continue drawing. I've been doing it for twice years now (ponies for two) and look how far I've come along both point and non-pony ((see other attached files)). Don't be afraid to mess up, you will. I go through like... Five papers per drawing if I'm lucky. But hey, keep practicing and remember, peanuts, not basketballs.
  23. Trying to get Pucksterv-senpai to notice me enough to smuggle me to the Netherlands is proving a challenge. Not that I'm trying anyway...